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Werewolf women of the SS part 8

Post #1

Werewolf women of the SS part 81888 ParisLooking out over the canal a gorgeous black haired woman leans back in the carrage and takes a drag of her cigarette. A beautiful blonde walks up and opens the carrage door, Sasha must you always smoke says the blonde. Oh Mina you know i cant help it these things are about the only useful invention humanity has come up with since gun powder anyways, Sasha pulls the blonde close to her and kisses her passionately her eyes glowing blue. 1943 Stalingrad, As Diana awoke she clutched her head. A searing pain shot through her head, it was always the same dreams though they seem like memories but why she had them she didn't know.Ava gather everyone its almost nightfall said Diana, outside in the courtyard all 25 of her troops lined up at attention,the years of fighting had taken its toll though they originally numbered in the 100's now all but the 25 were either dead or missing, Ash stood infront of Diana as she buttoned up her shirt. Tonight we have some fun Ladies since our job here was finished güvenilir bahis quicker than expected youve earned yourselves a reward now go and hunt to your hearts content, solider or civilian, Russian or German it makes no difference just be back at dawn and if you manage to find transport bring it back I really dont feel like walking to our Final target, we are so close the Great hunt is almost here, now go forth and unleash hell. The women s**ttered in an instant Ava smiling, you know you havent told us whats going to happen once this is all over said Ava teasingly.Damn no targets guess ill call it Said a beautiful blonde sniper looking through her scope at an open plaza, then she sees a whisp of white, A long white haired woman was walking along the street as she raised her crosshairs over the womans chest she vanished as quick as she appeared. Too slow Ash whispered into the womans ear before she could even react she sees her body falling to the ground as Ash starts feasting on whats left her er neck. Your a messy türkçe bahis eater you know that but I guess that makes you endearing since Dianas a messy eater, Ava said casual as she rips the arm off of the girl and feasts, you know she was kinda cute we could of had some fun but your always quick on the trigger.Hmmm would you look at that seems our girls are really going at it, Ava and Ash look out and hear screams and gunshots their heightened senses easily picking up their sisters, you know Ive also taken a liking to you as well since your my Dianas pet it also means your mine aswell said Ava as she holds Ash from behind and kisses her neck, how lucky am I, I get to have my way with Diana and you all in the same day. She pins Ash to the wall and kisses her passionately feeling her through her uniform and grabbing her throat before biting Ash's lower lip and looking into her beautiful eye. Ashs hands running over Avas body as she pulls her closer and gives into her advances as she runs her hands through her hair.Watching these güvenilir bahis siteleri 2 gorgeous women lost in passion is another sniper sitting across the plaza he wants to shoot but he cant help but watch through his scope as Ava unbuttons Ashs shirt exposing her impeccable dd breasts as she starts licking and nursing her nipples into her mouth he can feel himself getting turned on, he starts to masterbate watching as Ava kisses her way down Ashs well toned stomach to her bare pussy, hes completely into it as he slips and drops his rifle he hurriedly tries to pick it up when a boot steps on it and snaps the rifle like a twig he looks up and sees Diana looking down at him with his pants down and grabs the man by his head and crushes his skull, Ava greedily devours Ashs pussy taking in her juices and deliciously sweet scent Ash cant help but moan out in pleasure feeling Avas tongue expertly worming around her pussy lips and clit, she grabs a handful of Avas hair as she feels her orgasm building. Ava knows Ash is getting close and slides 2 fingers inside her this sends Ash over the edge and she screams out cumming all over Avas fingers and tongue, Ava greedily savors the taste and lets Ash slide down and leans close letting her lick her juices off her lips.
27 Temmuz 2021, at 01:07


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