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GayMaker topping a Straight Man PT2

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GayMaker topping a Straight Man PT2"Cancel it," I demanded, "It is time for you to get your ass fucked.""But..." he began."But nothing, do as you're told, faggot!" I ordered. "Unless you don't want my cock anymore."Realizing my threat, he sighed, "OK, I will get out of my date.""Good girl," I responded, which I knew he hated. "I expect you to make me supper and," I paused, deciding to push him further, "I expect you dressed completely as a girl.""What?" he asked, confused."I want you in a dress, wearing a bra, panties, your wig, make-up and stockings, not pantyhose, stockings." "Oh," he answered, clearly uncomfortable with this condition."Use your Mom's clothing or whatever you need to do, but I want you looking pretty for me. Tomorrow night you are not Eric, you are Erica. Is that understood?""Yes," he answered, reluctantly.I left him and smirked, knowing that tomorrow I would be fucking his ass.*****I arrived half an hour late and was shocked by what I saw when the door opened. Eric ceased to exist and was replaced by the shockingly cute Erica. He wore a red dress, black stockings, blonde wig, made-up like a chick getting ready for a date.Once the door was closed, I ordered, "Erica, get on your knees and have your appetizer."He dropped instantly and pulled out my cock and began sucking. The smell of roast beef filled the room and I enjoyed yet another blowjob from güvenilir bahis my faggot. Like every other time, he bobbed back and forth now taking two-thirds of my cock in his mouth with relative ease. He was going rather slowly, savouring my big meat, until I demanded, "Hurry up, faggot, I am hungry."Like I stepped on the gas, he quickly shifted gears and sucked my cock like a horny slut. After two or three more minutes of fast-paced pleasure, I deposited a load inside my personal sex-toy and walked to the kitchen, leaving him on his knees.He quickly stood up and followed me into the kitchen. The table was set for two, with wine already poured. I was impressed. He offered, "Take a seat, Master, while I get supper served."I sat down and waited as he brought out the meal. He was an excellent hostess and cooked a delicious meal. Once done, I led him up to his parents' bedroom, "Bend over, Erica."He obeyed, bending over his parents' bed.I lifted up his dress and pulled down his panties and, after lubing my cock generously, I slid my cock, centimetre by centimetre, spreading, delving, ravaging and finally conquering his quivering bowel. A variety of sounds escaped my faggot's lips: sobs, whimpers, and eventually moans as I tore into his no longer virgin ass. He was mine. Once in a steady rhythm in his tight ass, I asked, "How do you like my big black cock in your ass, türkçe bahis Erica?""G-g-good," he moaned, the original pain finally subsiding and being replaced with a new pleasure."You like being fucked in your ass?" I questioned."Yes," he moaned, holding onto his parents' sheets as I thrust into him hard, buried my long shaft inside him."You have a fucking tight little cunt, Erica," I moaned, "tighter than any girl I have fucked." His moans increased as he clearly began to enjoy his first ass-fucking. I ordered, "Beg for me to cum in your pussy, princess."He moaned, obeying instantly, "Oh yes, fuck my cunt, shoot your seed in my pussy, I'm your slut."I pumped till I dumped, and fired a hot load into his intestinal fortitude. He quivered as my cum filled him and once I pulled out I ordered, "Jerk off, faggot, come for me."He instantly fell to his knees and pumped his fully erect small cock furiously, clearly horny from his utter submission to me.Smiling, I shoved my still erect cock in his mouth and said, "Happy Fag day, Erica." He sucked my cock while pumping his cock with his fist eventually coming all over himself and his mother's dress. He continued sucking my cock for half an hour, all the while my cum slowly slid out of his ass. Finally, close to shooting my second load, I pulled out and sprayed my jizz all over his pretty face. I ordered, "Don't move, princess."I güvenilir bahis siteleri quickly pulled my phone out of my pocket and took a picture of his cum covered face in his mother's dress and blonde wig. Mortified, he begged, "Please don't take pictures of me."I smiled, "These are just for my own collection, princess. Now bend back over, I want to take a picture of your pretty cum leaking pussy."He reluctantly obeyed and I got a couple of shots of his stocking clad legs and white ass with my cum still leaking out. I do come buckets with my first load of the day. Completely spent and having a late night date with Karen, I got dressed and said, "I expect you to wear thigh highs to school under your pants, princess.""Really?" he asked."Yes, I want my princess dressed to please." Before he could respond, I walked out of his parents' bedroom and headed for my heterosexual date.On Monday, as expected, he had thigh highs on under his jeans and continues to wear them under his suit to this day.I used his mouth and ass the remainder of the school year, but summer came and he went to Washington for some sort of internship. I still fuck his mouth and ass on occasion, but mostly I have used his political influence to assist me when needed.Yet, the brief taste of dominating a straight guy and making him my eager faggot was thrilling, and it started a pastime that I have to this day and now has became an obsession. That summer included two more bottom-slayings: Karen's brother in college and Karen's old school dad...but that is another story.My name is Jim and I am a bottom-slayer.THE END....for now...
26 Temmuz 2021, at 20:15


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