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Mavis flashes in the pub

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Mavis flashes in the pubIt all started off as a bit of harmless fun really.I took the wife out for a quiet drink down at our local pub and sitting in the snug, give her her due, she had made an effort, she always scrubbed up well. So there we were sitting Inthe snug, just the two of us chatting away about how pub's weren't the same anymore, we could both remember the days when on a Saturday night you could hardly move, the juke box blaring out the latest chart hits and the bar would be filled with smoke, what we called the good old days.It was then that Tony walked in, he was probably my best mate and the captain of the pub's darts team, he bought himself a drink and put one behind the bar for me and the wife, before making his way over to us. Tony was nothing to look at, short and stocky with black short hair and certainly no looker, according to the wife. Sitting down beside us he remarked how elegant Mavis looking this evening and immediately got into the conversation we were having about how times had changed from when we were k**s, no mobile phones or computers in those days and going to the local pub was the social event güvenilir bahis of the week .After about 10 minutes I emptied my glass, Tony was a great guy but he could go on, sometimes it seemed that he never even stopped for a breath, Mavis finished her drink and I went to the bar to get our glasses replenished as Tony droned on about k**s these days having no social interaction unless it was by email or text message.As I returned to the table, Tony decided he needed to use the toilet " won't be long mate " he said " then it's out into the cold for a smoke " .Sipping my drink I nodded, " good idea " I said as I replaced my glass back on the table and watched as he disappeared into the gents, as I said Tony is no looking, but I've stood next to him in the toilet and let me say this, he was hung like a fucking donkey, he put me to shame by a long way. When he was out of earshot I told Mavis as much, to which she just shrugged and said with a smile " your big enough for me " " Fancy a bit of fun ? " I asked, as Mavis took a sip of her fresh glass of red " What kind of fun ? " " When we come back in from having a smoke give türkçe bahis Tony a flash of your knickers, be fucking hilarious watching him trying to hide his hard on in those jeans he's wearing " " I'll think about it " she smiled ," as long as it's only a harmless bit of fun " When Tony got back from syphoning his python, as he liked to put it, both Tony and I went out into the back for a smoke while Mavis watched the TV , god I have watching the telly in a pub, unless it's sport The night had turned decidedly chilly and although we both enjoyed a smoke we were glad to go back inside, although I wanted to get back just to see if Mavis had made up her mind about whether to give Tony an eyeful ." Bloody parky out there " Tony said rubbing his hands together, " glad to get back into the warmth, anyone ready for another? " As Tony had got the last round I offered to buy this one and we all emptied our glasses and I disappeared to the bar leaving Mavis and Tony chatting.As I turned back with Tony's and Mavis's drinks I saw Mavis had pulled her skirt up a bit, but not being to obvious, in fact revealing her lacy white knickers güvenilir bahis siteleri looked completely accidental, and Tony was getting a clear view of her camel toe through the sheer material. Placing the drinks on the table I returned to the bar to collect my own, walking back I could see that Mavis hadn't changed the way she was sitting and a big smile was on her face, Tony though was moving uncomfortably on his char, obviously trying desperately to hide his growing erection as Mavis spread her legs slightly wider, even I noticed that the sheer material had become damp making it transparent, god I'd seen her naked thousands of times, fucked her nearly as many, and I was also getting a raging hard on from her little flashing show.When we got home that night Mavis started laughing, " that was fun " she said " Tony couldn't drag his eyes away from between my legs, and to watch him trying to hide his hard on was bloody hilarious " she stepped out of her knickers and threw them at me, " god I got so wet, feel these and then fuck me, I'm gagging for a good hard cock inside me now " Got to admit it was one of the best fucks I'd ever had, if not the best, Mavis was rampant and I was struggling to control the urge to fire into her. As we laid back after, Mavis kissed me and asked if we could tease Tony again some time, of course I agreedBut that's another story
26 Temmuz 2021, at 20:13


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