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admin 01 Nisan 2021 23:47

Anita's new girlfriend, Carolynn...
Anita's new girlfriend, Carolynn...My sweet wife had met a new girlfriend two months ago.Carolynn was an Attorney; a bleached blonde hair wife in her early forties, looking very good and stunning sexy. Killer legs and a perfect round butt.She attracted the looks of every man at the club; even more than Anita.Friday afternoon I finished early with all my paper work at the office and I ran away very quickly from there; I went directly to the tennis club, where Ana was in the middle of a local tournament.After my successful wife won her last game, she came to me with Carolynn.The blonde bimbo looked hotter than ever. I felt my cock aching inside of my trousers when she gave me her delicate hand. I apologized for my appearance; since I had been all day at the office, sweating in my hot office.But Carolynn said she loved men smelling like real men. She winked an eye at me, while Ana was talking with someone else right there...She then stared directly at my crotch and then I knew that Anita had told her about my chastity cage. She leaned on me and whispered she had never seen one of these devices?Ana heard this and she laughed, telling her girlfriend that we could go home, so she could see one of this funny things?Once at home, Ana ordered me to get a shower and meet them by the pool.After getting nice and clean, I put on a baggy shorts and went outside.Both ladies were sitting there on lounge chairs, totally naked, relaxing an d tanning under the nice sun. My cock started to ache inside the cage, as I saw Carolynn toned body; her shaven pussy lips glistening in the sunlight.Her tits were perfect, with sexy dark areolas and hardened nipples.They thanked me for the drinks I handed them; Anita then ordered me to strip off from these baggy shorts. I did not hesitate; I just pulled them down to my ankles and Carolynn begged me to come closer.As I stood in front of her, Carolyn raised their sunglasses. The sexy bimbo leaned in and she took my caged dick in her hands. She twisted it just enough to get a better look and then she smiled, licking her red lips?She let go and leaned back in her chair, taking a sip of her drink. Carolynn looked at my wife and said my poor dick deserved to get free.She wanted to make a test on me, to verify how hard I could get?Both girls stood up and we all went upstairs, to our bedroom. Once there, Ana released my dick from the cage and my poor friend sprang out, just before Carolynn?s eyes. She gasped when she saw the real size?Ana moved over her and she caressed the Attorney?s boobs from behind. My dick grew even bigger when I watched at them doing this.They went to the bathroom to share a warm shower.By the time both bitches came back to the bedroom, my cock was very close to burst. I wanted to fuck both of them?They laid in the bed and began kissing; but soon Ana sat down on Carolynn?s face and she looked at me. She ordered me to lick her girlfriend?s wet cunt, as she enjoyed Carolynn?s tongue in her wet cunt?I crawled up between these spread legs and helped myself to her sweet shaven glistening mound. I found her clit and started giving her the best suck I could. Carolynn struggled a bit as she felt my mouth biting her clit; but she finally resigned the fight?Her thighs tighten around my head and I heard Ana telling her that her soft dick?s hubby was a real gifted pussy eater. Carolynn cried out loud and she had an intense orgasm from my sucking.Anita then got off her friend?s face and said she needed a cock.Carolynn same exactly the same words; but now my friend was flaccid.Anita then suggested they could call a couple of black guys, Jon and Tim.But the Attorney said she had never got a black man. Ana giggled, saying she would love it, since both guys were very well endowed?The black guys came over just after five minutes.I sat there to watch as these lucky bastards tore up Ana and Carolynn?s pussies up. The black cocks filled her sweet holes with a generous amount of thick semen. As both guys were done, I was ordered to lick both pussies clean. As the black guys left, I found myself sporting a very hard erection.Carolynn licked her red lips, saying her cunt felt sore after taking Jon?s dick.But she then got on all fours, saying my hard dick would fit easily in her tight asshole. So, I grabbed her nice shaped hips and buried myself deeply inside of her tight anus.While I pounded her buttocks like a crazy man, my sweet Ana knelt behind me wearing her favorite black dildo strapped to her waist.I felt fire in my asshole; as my sweet Ana buried her toy up my poor ass.I came in Carolynn?s anus, while Ana ruined mine?A while later, Anita finally slipped out from my torn off asshole and she went to have a quick shower.I fell onto the bed, almost passed out; but a giggle woke me up, as I heard now Carolynn was strapping this huge black toy up her waist?

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