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College Miss: School Musical Audition

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College Miss: School Musical AuditionMs Courtney Taylor wants a leading role in the school musical, while her teacher wants to be in Courtney:I had the call back for the lead role in our Colleges Musical for this year. I had missed out with illness last year. This was my final chance as a senior. But I wasn?t confident. You see my primary audition in front of the main panel of three teachers had gone flat. I mucked it. Too tense. Too flustered. However; I?d got an email just before the lunch break from my music teacher Mr Chalmers to say I had a second chance call back and could I do it after school today. It was today or miss out. Well that got me excited after the big downer of the morning. Of course I replied, ?yes? straight away.It meant I had my lunch break to fine tune my renewed effort. My bestie Mallory surprised me because she was full of the top slutty advice.?Courtney sweetie, you need a bit of help? she said.I thought she meant my voice, my pitch or tone, but Mallory had other ideas including: rolling up my short plaid skirt and unbuttoning my white short sleeve blouse. And getting my ponytail nice and high.?Geez Mal? I replied, ?You really think going in there as the skank tart will get me what I want.??Honey, it always has and always will get a girl what she wants. Push out that damn fine chest of yours and strut those sensational thighs. Girl you?ve got it, flaunt it, use it.??Oh Mal, NO, I?ve got talent, I want this role on merit, why else would I have a second chance, unless Mr Chalmers didn?t see something in me??Cutie, Chalmers is a sleaze bag, he sees something alright; your pert arse, big boobs and shapely thighs.? ?Enough? I finally added, ?I need your help with a practice scene before lunch ends.?And Mallory took me through a key scene and listened as I sung a feature song.Of course my afternoon class in Chemistry was a waste of time. I was focused on after school. Some teacher waffle on chemical composition and bonds and reactions just couldn?t find a space in my head, it was full of the school musical and my second take.And it was a long afternoon because I was constantly clock watching. But three thirty ticked its way there. I was packed up and after going to my locker and checking out my appearance in the washroom; and yes, in a moment of madness rolling up my skirt to the salacious limit and undoing the top two buttons of my blouse, I headed for the music rehearsal rooms.A little angelic voice on my right shoulder told me I didn?t need to look like this, a college tart. I had natural talent. But the slutty devilette on my left shoulder, told me to strut and do what I needed to do as soon as I entered the room and saw Chalmers.I kept telling myself I was made for the lead role. To go into this extra private audition like I wanted it, even if I wasn?t actually legally blonde. I had a great salon dyed look currently and I just loved pink anyway and I always wished I had a Chihuahua. And I knew I would be perfect as Elle because my life was currently upside down too. Dumped recently by a prick of a boyfriend for a cheer-leading tart. He obviously didn?t know that music makes the world go round. But thankfully he always liked to cum in my mouth as his pseudo effort at birth control. Like any eighteen year old college lass operating intuitively, izmir escort spur of the moment sex, condom free; I feared the big copious cavernous cream-pie. I opened the rehearsal room door and saw Chalmers near the rostrum box stage. He was waiting for me; alone. I dropped my script. Deliberately. Oh, I hoped he was taking in my cleavage because god I felt the weight of my tits as I bent over and thought the rest of the buttons on my blouse would pop and...But I knew by heart the sassy flaunty scene I was made for in this musical. I kept my poise, picked up my script and then my ?bend and snap? was outrageously seamless; my chest just thrust out as I straightened up, snapped and locked, in a gravity defying weightiness with just a hint of perky boob wobble and presently my eyes to sear into Chalmers and say,? give this kitten the lead role?.Oh Mr Chalmers was looking alright. Ogle, ogle, that?s right Sir, I?m packaged trouble. Tease him till he gives me what I want. I felt in charge even though I was the one attending the second chance audition.The prick Chalmers was too experienced for me and was playing his cards closer to his chest, though the bastard was leering at my twin chest peaks as he asked me to come over to the make shift practice stage.When I got there he said casually; ?I won?t waste your time Ms Taylor and I can see you?ve brought the right attitude to this opportunity.? Mallory the bitch was right, it was my girly assets that were going to get me the part, not my practice, as the suave cocky bastard added, ?I?ll give you some options and we?ll see what part you get, it all going to depend on just how far you?re willing to go.?My mind was racing. God did he think I was going to flash my tits or Christ no, that the deviant was going to smack my arse till it was pink, even with my knickers on. The cherub on my right shoulder told me to get out of here and not be objectified, even if I had started it. The impish vixenette on my left shoulder said, it?s only your tits. Surely, its only my tits he wants to fondle, I reassured myself.?Okay? I said, ?What production number do you want me to sing.? Suddenly I wanted this audition to stay above my neck. Panic. ?Look Courtney don?t suddenly play the angel with me, if you want at least a part in the chorus, get your uniform off and strut your stuff, now.?Oh My God, I was being offered the lousy chorus line for my full nudity. ?The stage, Courtney, up on the stage.? He was directing me, as he went back over to lock the audition room door, the self-assured prick.Stage fright. Well yes. Here was my big audition chance and it was my body leading me, getting me a minor part. Oh well I could hope for the understudy role I suppose. I really wanted to be in the musical.I removed my blouse and skirt. I looked; I don?t know what I looked. But I was there standing in my matching white lacey bra and skimpy knickers on stage. Waiting to take the next step. Get naked? Maybe, I thought, I?ll just flash my boobs. Maybe that will be enough.?Oh you need the mood lighting? and the sod flicked off most of the lights in the room, but got the down spotlight highlighting me on stage, making my skin shine and my underwear seem fluoro. My bra was off. I was stripping.?Very nice? he said, ?But fondle them, show me how you play with izmir escort bayan them.?And there I was touching myself as the bastard ogled me. Fingering across my nipples. Tweaking them. Making them hard. Teasing them between my fingers. Rubbing my big boobs together. Lifting them up. Cupping them. Snuggling them together.?Well done? he said, ?If you want the lead role in the chorus, finger your pussy.?Well I could see where this was heading; my arse would probably get me the lead role in the musical? I couldn?t get pregnant up my arse.Oh shit, my knickers were off. I was a slut. I was a skank. I was shameless. I was fingering my fully shaved girly bits in front of a middle aged guy, to get a college musical theatre role.?Oh yeah, nice, very nice? said the satisfied prick, but added, ?turn around, spread and finger.?I was too far into this to pause and rewind. The terminal point, my arse was coming fast, I thought.There I was with only my black school shoes and short white socks on and a spotlight on my arsehole and my spread pussy lips with two fingers delving into my wetness as the sod was rubbing his groin, watching me from just below the rostrum blocks.I was beyond shameless. I was brazenly enjoying myself. I was so wet. I was enjoying a guy watch me masturbate. It was kinky and fulfilling.?Oh you stunning dirty tart? he said, ?I knew you had it in you.?He was on the make shift stage behind me. I kept fingering myself and softly moaning, not because he told me too. I was actually enjoying getting myself off as he watched.?You want one of the main parts, then suck on this Courtney, turn and suck on this.?I eased up and turned. A thick erect pecker was pointing straight at me from his open trouser zipper. His hairy balls packed tight beneath it. His knob head fiercely excited.?On your knees sweetheart, on your knees.?Yes, I was on my knees and the rest just took its natural course. Mouth hole. Stiff cock. Joined. Wet lipped lubrication. Pecker sliding under, through and around my tongue. A slurry of saliva glistening around his cock head and groans of approval. Then the repeated slurping and sliding of cock in and out of my flexing gob. A little bit of deep tonsil tickling but not enough to gag, just enough to make him really appreciate my effort and secure a main part. ?Oh yeah baby, just so good baby, suck it deep baby, oh yeah? he said in approval.I lifted my sucking rate to turbo. Maybe I could take the sod in my mouth and be done with this.He had a wooden stiffy. The more I ramped my mouth, tongue and lips like a vacuum cleaner, the more he jagged and jerked with pleasure in and out of my mouth. The sod was getting leverage on my head by grabbing my ponytail. Finally; he said, ?On your fours on the floor, Courtney...if you want the lead role.?Of course I wanted the frickin lead role, it was mine and well I was having it; no condom, no birth control, no whatever, even up my tight arsehole. Take my arse; I hoped.Shameless and slutty, my arse and pussy were his and the blonde lead musical role my life was designed for, was within my grasp.My pussy did the initial grasping. It encircled and flesh squeezed his manhood. I was so wet he just slid right in till his balls slapped my thighs. Then he was holding my hips and thrusting. Shoving cock into me. Impaling escort izmir pecker in my enveloping flesh till his pubic bone ground into my arse cheeks. I was banged into. Buffeted. Fullly roughly fucked. He bent right over me and was in me really deep from a high angle, but it allowed him to fondle my tits. I liked how my tits were brought into the mounting sexual sway. Then he got a hand under me between my legs and teased my engorged excited clitty. All I could do was moan.The lead was mine. The lead was mine. But the sexual lead was now totally Chalmers. He was directing my orgasm release to coincide with his.But, oh fuck oh no, I register in my blissful state. His finger shooting up my arsehole for added pleasure. Orrgh, it feels good. One little finger doing so much good , an added dimension of delight accompanying his thick pecker work in my saturated squelchy pussy box.Then I felt too damn good and safe as he eased into my arse. My tight little arse. My sweet petite chocolate starfish. My winking haven of anal bliss. Rapturous felicity; girly paradise in my back door. Sweet, sweet tightness. My little puckered slot expanded by male girth. Happy self. Happy arse. So much pleasure in my goddamn arsehole. And so safe, cream my arse you prick, I don't care. My arse , my life's immediate sexual fulfilment zone. Then he was alternating between my arsehole and pussy slit. The bastard. Taking me to insane heights. Jagging my arse. Rummaging my pussy, by turn. At the same time delving a finger in my butthole, and when in my arse , double finger prodding my soaking pussy cavern. Craving female delight. My sexual appetite maxing up. Then Chalmers is lost in his pecker?s impulsive invading impetuousness cream-pie mission. I realised it; too late. Sexual momentum dominating. I couldn?t have asked him to withdraw, even if he could have. Here I was risking pregnancy for the lead in a college musical. Orrgh screw pregnancy, as I was creamed in my slit. I had a rapturous heaving intense climax. Fuck I felt good and Chalmers did too as the dirty bastard jizzed my pussy completely, draining his cock in my gash. I loved the sticky, tacky, warm puddling gush of cum in and around my opening.I was actually sexually reeling and had to ease myself down, compose myself on my side as the satisfied prick just got up and packed his still dripping cock back inside his pants and eased up his zip, very male content.I was tingly trembly happy as I reached for my panties and bra. Yeah happy I had the lead role but happier yet for what my body had given me. Sex is always the right choice. But screw guys and cream-pies, because I loved them too, I just didn?t like the possible nine months time complication.?See you at the first rehearsal Friday after school...perfect audition Courtney?, the assured bastard said as he moved towards the door, as I got my knickers and bra back on and reached for my skirt, in the spotlight pool. Then he added: ?Oh and lock the door and turn off the light when you leave and don?t worry... I had a vasectomy.?And Chalmers was gone. And I was alone on the makeshift stage under the spotlight hitching up my skirt and then buttoning my blouse. Yeah a worthwhile, worthy audition. I don?t know what I looked like. But I now felt a million dollars between my wet still leaking slash and my mind wasn?t on the musical rehearsal on Friday. I had enjoyed being creamed like a shameless slut and was now confidentially looking forward to more of it. I could see advantages in sex with middle aged guys.
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