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Our company party for emaployees

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Our company party for emaployeesOur Company's Employee Partyby RedBrenda©It came in our company's email: "Employees annual party this Friday afternoon. Come and have fun!"I had some plans for Friday night, but what a hell, it's a party and there were some guys who I wanted get closer to and that would be a nice chance to get to know them. Two of them were very aware that I never wear any underwear, gave me a few hints about it few times.That afternoon party was well supplied with food and plenty of drinks with a few bottles of wine what some guys brought in.After two hours most of the people started to leave and only the hard core drinkers stayed.And when Gary with his wife left only six guys and I were left in the building.I don't drink much and had just one glass of wine so far.The men kept offering more drinks and I took them, only to pour them out when the guys didn't look.I pretended to be more and more drunk, the guys already were drunk enough.Then I asked one of them to help me to get in my office, that I need to take a nap to sober up.He and another guy held me up on each side and we staggered to my office.I made sure some buttons of my blouse popped up so they could see I had no bra.We made it to my office and they dropped me on a sofa by the wall. As I was laying down, I lift my leg up so my skirt slid up high and I was sure they saw my crotch and I pretended to fall asleep.They stood over me and one of them took my shoulders saying that they will call a cab for me.I didn't respond, just little moaned. He shook me again, this time his hand touched my breast. I still didn't respond."She is gone, totally drunk!" I heard the other guy.Then he touched my crotch: "I always thought she may have a red pussy and I was right, look!"He konak escort pulled my pubic hair, quite hard and his finger slid inside, with his thumb rubbing my clit. I heard him laughing: "I bet she wouldn't know if we would fuck her!""She would wake up and it would be a trouble!""Well, try it, she won't get up, she is gone!"He laughed again: "Look, she is totally limp!" and lifted my legs and put them on his shoulders and with his hands he squeezedmy breast."Help me to take her skirt and blouse off!""You're crazy, what she will think when she wake up naked?""She will not remember anything, stupid!"I didn't open my eyes , didn't move and was getting incredibly horny.Sound of a zipper pulled down and in a moment I felt a hot flesh touching my labia."Get your dick out and stick it in her face, stupid!"I felt his cock pushing against my pussy, then his fingers opened my labia and he penetrated me, pushing really hard.At the same time I felt other cock touching my face and pressing against my lips. I didn't move, just waited.He pushed with his hand my chin down and his cock slid in my mouth. I still didn't move, but enjoyed the situation, trying really hard not to show my excitement.The guy in my pussy started to pump fast and hard while the other masturbated with his gland stuck between my teeth.Then I felt a spray of hot cum in my pussy and the man in my mouth pulled his cock out of my mouth:"I have to shoot my cum but if I get it in her mouth she would know later!""Come here and shoot it in her pussy, she will not know!"He pulled out of my pussy and I felt the second cock entering. Few quick strokes and his cum filled my pussy, too.He pulled it out and I felt the cum oozing out."Hold her legs up, I'll take konak escort bayan a picture of that!"In a minute I felt one cock on my face again: "Take one of this, I'll stick it in her mouth!""Wait, I'll wipe her pussy with the tissue here!" he cleaned my pussy with a napkin."Now take a picture of me in her pussy!"He pushed his cock in again and I felt he was hard again.The door of my office suddenly opened: "Hey guys what........What a fuck you are doing here!! You don't let us to join in,you assholes??""Be quiet, she sleeps, you'll wake her up!"I my perverted mind, I loved the situation and I thought:"I will not wake up doesn't matter what, I like it this way!"It was really first time I had a sex and just enjoy it without doing anything."I'll call the guys, they have to see this!"In a moment they came in and cursing the first two guys, they started to touch me all over."She is really out, how long is she like this? ""Since we took her in her office.""Did you fucked her? You did, didn't you? She is all naked!""No, we just checked her out and she didn't responded to anything.""You just checked her out? Why you didn't call us right then?"I played dead and my pussy was throbbing with excitement but I tried to hide it.I was pulled, turned around, pushed and fucked, fucked and fucked.At one moment I lost control and opened my eyes just to see bunch of naked bodies : Fuck my pussy hard!"and I closed my eyes again."I think she is waking up, let's go!""No, she is drunk and doesn't know what's happening to her!""OK, one more and we'll go!"In fifteen minutes it was all over.My office got silent and I finally sat up and checked the mess.They left everything pretty clean with exception of the sofa and my body. I had escort konak cum all over and my pussy was pleasantlysore. I walked naked to the hallway and to the ladies room, washed myself clean and headed back to my office.It was 10:30 and I cleaned the sofa a bit , dressed up and left for home.Monday morning at work as usual. Only few guys avoided my eyes when I met them in the hallway.I called Steven and ask him to see me by the coffee machine.He looked little uneasy but smiled and said hello."At the party, was I drunk? Did everyone noticed that?""Well, you had little too much but there was no trouble!""Did you take me to my office?"I played with him and pretended I don't know anything."Yes, you asked me to get you there and wanted to take a nap. So I helped you and left!""Nobody came in my office after you left?""No, as far as I know. Why do you ask?"I whispered: "Don't tell anyone, but I woke up naked and covered with cum all over my body, I think I was ****d."He turned red: "Are you sure?""Yes I am, I know when I get fucked, my pussy was sore,too. And it must have been more than one guy. So much cum doesn't come from one cock.""Oh god, what are you going to do? Are you going to report it? You must be very upset over it!"I could hear his brain churning, trying to figure out what problem may come out of this."You must feel really terrible!"I really enjoyed his panic."Yes, I feel terrible, I was ****d by few men and I didn't have a chance to enjoy it, I was u*********s and that's what really bothers me!"He looked at me in disbelieve: " You mean you don't mind? That you would prefer to be awake and be gang banged?""That's exactly what I mean. And the guys would have more fun, too!"He left, shaking his head.Half an hour later I got email with a few pictures of me, naked on sofa in my office, having cocks in my pussy, in my mouth and sperm on my face, close ups of my pussy with two cocks trying to get in and a little message: You don't remember it, but if you want to do it again, let us know!"
13 Ekim 2021, at 18:30


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