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m*****ed on the bus

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m*****ed on the bus
It had been a long day what with the train being cancelled and everyone herded onto the bus for the rest of the trip from Newcastle to London especially with the extra stop at York. I deliberately picked a seat at the rear of the bus and placed my case on the outside seat to try and keep the noisy students away from me, there were some good looking young girls but they were quite noisy and drunk and had some stupid fucking lads hanging about them, not what I needed.
When we got to York I was horrified to see that there were dozens more passengers waiting to get on and I didn’t notice any girls that I fancied sitting next to me so I didn’t move my case. The bus filled up and I deliberately looked out of the window ignoring everyone who tried to sit next to me until out of the corner of my eye I felt someone staring at me so I had to look and was pleasantly surprised to see a very attractive young lady who had a big overcoat with a hood up so I hadn’t seen her in the queue. I later found out here name was Luce and boy was she a stunner, quite tall with long blonde hair wearing a very tight black business suite over a white blouse. She took her coat off and reached up to put it into the overhead locker with her bags and as she reached up her skirt rode up quite high exposing a hint of stocking top and the outline of a suspender belt, her skirt was split at the front so showed a lot of her fantastic long legs. I tried to be nonchalant and pay little attention but I was already feeling a stirring in my trousers, she was definitely a classy girl that I wanted to get to know a whole lot better.
For the first few hours I just passed tittle tattle with Luce and whilst she was pleasant enough I did notice that she had that heady sexual smell that you get when girls are particularly horney, or maybe it was just my imagination. What I noticed though was that she wasn’t moving her legs at all when I accidently brushed my leg against hers and when my elbow brushed her arm and hovered near her pert breasts she didn’t move either. I decided that I needed to go for a pee before settling down for the long haul to London so I asked Luce if I could squeeze past her so she got up and I went to the loo for a piss, when I got back Luce had moved into the window seat and asked if it was ok as she wanted to try and get a bit off a sleep so I said sure that’s ok.

After a few minutes Luce seemed to nod off and had relaxed to a point where her legs had opened apart 4 or 5 inches and her skirt had ridden up quite a lot as she slid down into her seat which meant I could see the white of her thighs and the merest glimpse of her white cotton knickers which had pulled up slightly into her cunt crack, this was heaven for me as I could rock her legs in a out a little which gave the impression of her masturbating, I had to re arrange my cock at this point as it was starting to get quite erect and throbbing. It was dark in the coach now apart from dim lights here and there and there was no one sat within 4 or 5 rows of us so I decided to up the stakes a little and chance my arm, as I still wasn’t sure if Luce was asleep or awake and getting turned on from teasing me. She had taken her jacket off to use as a pillow and I had pulled a blanket down from above to cover me up, so I pulled this across us a little just in case anyone wandered past. I carefully and slowly opened a button on Luce’s blouse so that I could see her tits and was delighted to notice that she didn’t have a Bra on and that she had the most perfect puffy nipples that were quite erect and pink, was the dirty slut getting turned on by me ? I opened another button so I could clearly see her nipples and yes they were erect so a just gave them a little rub and Luce moved further round towards the window and slightly grunted, I jumped back, had she felt me and was this a signal to keep off, I didn’t know but in moving round I did see that her skirt had now ridden up almost up under her bottom and I could clearly see her suspenders and stocking tops and a good expanse of thigh with plenty of her cute bottom.
I placed the blanket in a heap on top of my outside leg but with enough space so I could see Luce’s bottom and legs, my oh my I thought you are gorgeous and I had a huge erecting growing so I opened my flies and eased my cock out which had been aching with anticipation. I was in such a state of arousal that I thought fuck it I am going to get a good grope whether you like it or not so at that I started to lightly brush my hand over Luce’s upper legs and bottom and was delighted that she didn’t move at all so I slid my hand down and under her suspender and eased it open which allowed me to feel under her and to just catch her knickers, the little slut had a tiny thong on that was pulled tight up into her arse. At this point Luce moved her hand down and caught hold of my wrist and tried to pull it away but without saying anything, I didn’t know if she was trying to stop me or was pushing my hand further down to her arse, I got hold of her hand and pulled it away and placed it into her blouse onto her left tit and said ‘’ just keep still you little slut, you know you like it’’ and she turned and said ‘’ you fucking dirty bastard’’ but lifted her arse up and turned further towards the window so I could get access to her arse hole and cunt. I got hold of her hand and made her squeeze her nipple and whispered to her to stroke her tits as I was going to arse fuck her with my fingers and that she had better keep quiet and not cum, she said ‘don’t you dare push your fingers and cock into my cunt or I will shout for help, I said ‘’ shut up you dirty cunt and just keep still whilst I wank you off’’.
Luce had turned right round and pushed her arse up so I could clearly see her thong and cunt lips as well as her tight arse hole, I slipped the thong out of the way hoisting it up over her thighs, and yes the dirty little slut had started to ooze some cunt juice out, the above reading light was directed right onto her so I could see her creamy white thigh and bottom cheeks clearly. I started to brush my fingers round the rim of her puckered arse and then over her cunt lips to get as bit of juice onto her which allowed me to ease the end of my finger up into her arse hole, it was tight at first as she was so young and firm but it did then start to ease and relax and I got my finger deeper and deeper until it was fully inserted, I noticed that Lucie had taken her other hand and had pushed it down the front of her thong trying to get to her clit so I said quite firmly, ‘don’t you dare frig your clit you dirty cunt until I tell you to’, at this she whimpered a little and kept her fingers still but still touching herself.
I now had her where I wanted her, she was rocking up and down onto my finger deep in her arse and I was massaging her internally feeling all of the tight arse muscles gripping and trying to wank herself to an arse orgasm, I thought OK let’s see how you do with 3 fingers so I pushed a second and third finger into her arse opening which was fully stretched by now but the little cunt took them all in and even pushed back onto me, she was rocking and moaning as I whispered ‘go on you dirty little slut get your arse open cos I am going to get my cock into you soon and spunk deep into you’. I was then amazed to hear Lucie say ‘just fucking do it you dirty fucker, let’s see what you have got’’.
I grabbed her hand off her tit and pulled it back onto my cock that was now massive and leaking dribbles of spunk out the end, Luce started to wank me off slowly at first but giving me long firm strokes, I left her to it as I pushed my fingers right up into her arse at the same time I could feel her pulling at her clit and pushing her fingers back and forward in time with my cock wanks. At this I moved closer to her and pulled my fingers out of her hot arse, she was close to cumming so I just pushed as hard as I could and my great 8’’ cock thrust up and deep into her arse hole right up to my balls, she took the lot and pushed down hard to get every inch, we bucked backwards and forwards onto each other, faster and faster, deeper and deeper, I could feel her starting to cum so I reached round and grabbed her fingers and pushed then deep into her cunt, come on you dirty little slut, fuck yourself cos I am cumming up your tight little arse and at that my cock jerked and pumped the first great load of hot thick spunk deep up into her arse hole, I jerked 4 more times delivering my huge load of sunk into her as she pushed 3 fingers up into her cunt which was sopping wet and gushing a mixture of piss and love juice all over the seat. Lucie was gasping and heaving as we both orgasmed again and again, my cock was right up her and I could feel Luce jerking cunt spasms as she came again and again, go on wank your fanny you horney little girl I love to feel you cumming on my cock, pulling it out and thrusting it up her still tight cunt hard against her womb as it finished off its last spasm.
We both lay still for about 10 minutes, sweating and our cock and cunt dripping with each other’s love juices, I hugged her and said thanks as she turned and smiled, we rearranged our clothes as best we could and fell asleep for half an hour or so. As we neared London Luce got up to go for a piss and as she sat back down pressed her still wet thong into my hand giving me a little kiss as she whispered ‘ just a memento for you to wear whilst you wank of or until we meet again !!’ Which maybe would be never but hey she was the hottest most beautiful horney young girl I had ever met and she had my spunk impregnated up her wonderful arse and cunt forever.
02 Mayıs 2020, at 11:10


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