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My Savior

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My Savior
I should preface this story with this disclaimer, I suppose. I met the man I call “Daddy” when I was 21. It is a bit of a joke between us. He is not my father. He is not related to me in any way. We met purely by accident and he was kind of my savior that night.

When I was 21 my drink was d**gged and two college guys tried to drag me off to the men’s room. I looked drunk as shit but along the way they bumped into this older man. They insisted they were helping me to the bathroom because I’d drank too much, but my eyes were barely open and I was still trying to pull my arms from their grip, though very weakly.

The older man noticed, but he walked away and they each got one of my arms around their shoulders and carried me down the dark hallway and into the men’s room. They pushed me up against the wall and slid my panties down. One of them was holding me up and the other groped me, but I don’t think he penetrated me in any way.

I heard a loud bang and the room spun as I fell to the ground, looking up at the ceiling. There were so many loud voices. The older man pulled me up from the ground and I could see two big muscular guys grabbing the college k**s by the nape of their neck and dragging them out of the bathroom. The older guy smiled at me and wiped my smeared mascara from my cheek and helped me up to my feet.

He whispered to me and rubbed my cheek, “The bouncers think you’re my daughter, I need to know your name so I can get you out of here and safe.”

My head was spinning, but I looked up at him and nodded, “Kara. Kara Evans.”

He smiled and helped me walk as best I could to the front door. Once we were there the bouncers stopped him, “We can’t let you leave here with her like that. We already called the cops about the assault.”

The man nodded, “I understand. Unfortunately, my daughter got herself a fake ID. She’s only 15 and has clearly had a few drinks. If it’s all the same, I’d rather your establishment not get busted for serving a minor just because my daughter wanted to defy me and rebel against my ‘no dating’ rules. I think she and I would both rather this just never happened, or was a miscommunication of some sort.”

The bouncer looked me over and I kept my eyes to the ground, tears rolling down my cheeks. He squeezed my hip slightly and I brought my eyes up to him, pouting, “I messed up, Daddy.”

He nodded and hugged me, “I know, Kara. I know.”

The bouncer asked me for my ID and I pulled it out. Everything on it was accurate but they didn’t have to know that. The bouncer asked the older man for his ID and he provided it, “This says your last name is Murray and hers isn’t.”

The older man nodded, “It’s a fake ID. Not all of the information is accurate.”

The bouncer looked at me and nodded to the older man, “Is he your father, k**?”

I nodded.

“Are you in danger with him or are you afraid of him?” he asked.

I shook my head.

The bouncer handed the older man back his ID then snapped mine in half and stepped out of the way. As we started to leave the bouncer shook his finger at me, “You’re banned for life. I don’t know where you got that ID but it’s a good fake.”

I smiled, “I bought it.”
The bouncer glared and the older man led me outside of the club, the two college k**s were pissed and hovering around the corner, so he turned and headed the other way and hailed a cab. He took me back to his apartment and the last thing I really remember was him taking my shoes off and lifting my feet up onto his bed.

When I woke up in the morning my head was killing me. It took a few minutes for me to realize I was not in my dorm, and I didn’t recognize where I was. My clothes were all askew and my panties were gone and I nearly freaked out. I straightened my skirt and top and tiptoed towards the door to peek out. I could see a man stretched out on the couch, he was wearing boxers and nothing else as far as I could see. A blanket lay on the ground next to him.

I didn’t recognize him at all, and he looked old enough to be my father. Mid forties at the very least. I tried to sneak out. I held my shoes in my hand and made it as far as a table by the front entrance when I heard him speak, “Going already, Kara?”

He explained to me what happened and how I got where I was. He also emphasized that the only thing he did was take off my shoes. I nodded. I remembered that part on my own. I also discovered that his name was Aiden. He kept in touch with me after that. Checked in to make sure I was okay and hadn’t gotten into any trouble.

It wasn’t until a year later that he really became “Daddy” to me. I was having a rough time during my finals and he invited me over to help me study. I was tense and he was a great masseuse. One thing just kind of led to another and I found myself on his lap without my shirt on, his cock was in my hand as I stroked him and he kissed me and groped me as I turned “Daddy” into a sexual title and begged him to cum for me.

I aced my finals, though, and was very sweetly rewarded.

We started actually dating after I graduated. I moved in with him and he introduced me to the ideas of sexual submission and domination. He ran parties for some of his friends, often hiring models to serve as entertainment in fetish gear, but not participants. There were mostly couples at the gatherings and he learned pretty quickly that I really enjoyed being a cock tease.

He always had me attend his parties once we started dating, buying me pretty dresses that really stood out from the rest of the ambiance. While everyone else was in tight leather, corsets, and skimpy lingerie, he put me in more demure outfits. He liked putting me in white dresses without a bra and I always wore frilly white panties. I was insecure at the first couple of parties, but I quickly began to enjoy the lust-filled looks I got from the others in attendance.

Of course, the guests had to obey Daddy’s rules too. I could initiate physical contact, but they couldn’t and they couldn’t reciprocate on me. So, if I climbed into the lap of one of Daddy’s friends and rubbed myself against his bulge, he couldn’t put his hands on me to guide me or try to get me to enjoy it. Daddy said they loved to hate me and often called me a brat.

The week of his latest party, Daddy had been cross with me because I really was being a brat. I was sad, actually. We had been together for four years and every time I asked him if he saw a future with me, he said yes, but he never made a move to actually make it official.

I liked being with him, but I also really wanted that stupid piece of paper that said he was willing to really commit to me. I wanted to get married, and he wanted things to stay exactly the same. So, I was sad, and being defiant. Telling him no, and fussing over everything.

About an hour before his party, I called him a selfish asshole. I regretted it immediately but didn’t get to apologize because he slapped me across the cheek, causing me to fall to the ground. It wasn’t playful, it was done out of anger and it was the first time he’d ever lost his temper with me. He didn’t apologize. He got up, got his coat, and left, muttering something about being back in time for the party.

I curled up in the corner of the room, my knees were pulled to my chest and my arms were wrapped around them as I sobbed. I was already dressed for the party. He had given me a puffy white dress that fell just to mid-thigh. It had a princess cut lace top with lacey little cap sleeves that came off of my shoulders just a little. My hair was pulled up to the side with a bunch of curls cascading down my shoulder.

My makeup had been soft and innocent looking, but now it was streaked gray with mascara running down my cheeks. My cheek was still red from where he’d hit me. The doorbell rang and I went to answer it. I had always greeted the people coming to the party. Normally I had a big smile on my face and was just very cheerful and flirty.

At that moment, I opened the door and it took all I had to not burst into tears all over again. At the door were two of Aiden’s oldest friends. They’d been friends since elementary school. I tried to smile through my sniffles and put on a happy facade, but the runny makeup and red eyes made them both stop in their tracks.

“Kara? What’s wrong?” The taller one, Brendan, asked.

I shook my head and smiled pathetically, “Nothing, I’ll be okay. Sorry, I-I should go clean this up, I don’t want to ruin the party.”

They came in and sat down and I went up to my room. The room I never really slept in but was decorated to fit my mindset. I pulled out a couple of wipes to clean my makeup off and took a few deep breaths. I put my hand over the red mark and almost immediately got sad again. I didn’t know what to do. I knew it wasn’t like him. I knew this wasn’t something he’d ever done before and he’d be unlikely to ever do it again. But, it also broke my trust in him. There was fear now. There had never been real fear before.

I heard my bedroom door open and I turned back, expecting to see Aiden standing there, but it was Bill, the shorter and stouter friend. He didn’t make eye contact, just looked to the ground as he asked his question, “That mark on your cheek...Aiden hit you?”

I shrugged. I didn’t want them to get mad at him, it was a fluke. “I wasn’t minding him. I was being a brat and he needed to get my attention.”

He came over closer to me and knelt down beside me, “He ever do that before?”

I shook my head.

He reached out and touched the red mark on my cheek and I jumped up and moved away from him, “You’re not supposed to touch me,” I reminded him.

His eyes narrowed, “And he’s not supposed to hurt you. Come on, let’s get you some ice. Hopefully, it won’t bruise.”

I followed him out of my room and down the stairs to the kitchen. Brendan followed us into the kitchen and lifted me up onto the island but I stiffened up and kind of swatted him away from me just as he got me up there. Bill went to the freezer and pulled out a few ice cubes and wrapped them in a dish towel.

“Put this on your cheek and hold it there for about ten minutes. We’re going to call Aiden and we’ll be right back.”

I grabbed his hand, a clear fear on my face as he looked at me, “Please don’t? I’m not even sure I was supposed to let you in until he got home.”

He smiled softly at me and pulled his hand away, “Don’t worry. You won’t get in trouble.”

I held the makeshift ice pack to my face and kicked my feet back and forth nervously. I could hear Bill and Brendan talking but I couldn’t make out what they were saying. After about ten minutes they came back into the kitchen with me and took the ice pack from me. Brendan put his hand under my jaw and turned my face to look at the very light bruise forming on my cheek.

I pulled away.

Bill came back in the room. His hands were behind his back and he came over to the kitchen island, on the opposite side of where I sat. I turned to watch him and when I did, Brendan grabbed my feet. I kicked at him, but he pulled me and I slid off the island partially. My hands landed in front of me, still on the countertop and Brendan moved his hands from my ankles up to my thighs gripping them tightly and lifting me off the floor. Bill was on the island, tying my wrists together a I squirmed and tried to break free.

I was screaming and crying and they were both grabbing onto me to carry me from the kitchen out to the main room. I kicked. I flailed. The only thing I accomplished was getting them to tighten their grips on me as they lay me on my back on the coffee table. Brendan grabbed my calf and pulled it over to one of the corners of the table and secured my ankle with a zip tie. I got my hands free from Bill’s grip and sat up, just as Brendan secured my other leg to the table.

Bill grabbed the back of my hair and pulled me back down to the table and held me there as Brendan came around and undid the makeshift binding before zip-tying my wrists to either corner of the table. I struggled and tried to get loose, but the plastic ties cute into my ankles and wrists and tightened the more I pulled at them. I was screaming, crying, and nearly hyperventilating when I saw Aiden come into the room. He knelt down beside me and kissed the red spot where he’d hit me.
#His lips were right against my ear as he spoke, “You want me to marry you, right?” His voice choked up a little as he asked. ##I nodded as I cried.##“Then you have to be initiated properly. You remember your safe word?” He asked as he rubbed his finger over my quivering lip. ##“Yes, Daddy,” I choked out. #He closed his eyes and swallowed hard, “Then you know how to bring this to an end. Just say it and everything stops and things go back to how they were, okay?” He sighed before continuing, “But, if you want to get married you have to endure everything for the entire night and I can’t intervene. I can only watch.” ##“Am..am I going to be in trouble if I don’t stop things?”##He shook his head, tears streaming down his face as he kissed my tear-stained cheek, “No, baby. I made the rules, now I have to live by them. But if you don’t want this, just end it, we can go back to exactly how things were and never look back. You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.” ##I turned my head towards him, “But I want to marry you.” ##He smiled and kissed me softly on the lips, “I know. I just never thought anyone would.” ##He walked away and we waited for everyone to arrive for the party. When they were all here He sat in a chair to the side and watched the group draw numbers. There were fifteen people, counting Daddy and me, at the party. Eight men and five women. Each would get a turn with me tied up, whether they were consecutive or concurrent was up to the participants. Then they would untie me and the men got to do whatever they wanted with me for an hour. The women could watch or help the guys that either didn’t want me, or weren’t currently using me.##Every man here I’d teased relentlessly at previous parties, some of them were married to the women in attendance tonight. I was scared. All of them got a turn, men and women. And their turn lasted until they orgasmed.##They all undressed and then number one, Bill, stepped up to me. My head was laying off the end of the coffee table, so my whole world was upside down. My lower body was firmly on the table. ##He positioned the head of his cock at my mouth and slowly pushed himself into me. It was an awkward angle for both of us, so he adjusted me, resting his hand on the back of my neck to lift me slightly and pushed me down a little further on the table. It was just enough of a change for his dick to slide straight to the back of my throat with ease. ##I gagged and he held me still as I struggled against my ties. He pulled back and I gasped and coughed and he shoved his cock head in my mouth again, rubbing it against my tongue as I tried to just accept it. He didn’t cum in my mouth. He just shoved his cock deep to get it thickly coated in my saliva then walked around to my pussy. My dress was all fluffy and largely in the way. He motioned for the next person and sent them to get scissors to do away with the obstruction to my body. She did, finding them in a drawer in the kitchen. ##When she came back he had his hands on my hips, pounding into my cunt, my panties messily pushed aside as I cried out. She cut the small sleeves of my dress off first, then cut down the center of the dress and snipped the waist band of my panties on each leg. She had one knee next to each of my shoulders as she lowered her hips to me and continued cutting through the fluffy skirt. When I didn’t respond to her kneeling over me she turned back and snapped at me, “Eat my cunt, now.” ##I lifted my head up towards her and did as I was told. She was much older than me and she sported a full bush. I lifted as high as I could to get my tongue and lips on her pussy as Bill roughly fucked me. Their turn would last as long as it took for them to cum, so I started contracting my pussy on Bill’s cock and he groaned as he pulled out and shot his load across my belly. He wiped his dick off on my thigh and walked away. ##Number two, Grace, took great pleasure in making me eat her hairy cunt while she pinched and twisted my nipples painfully. Admittedly, her husband was my favorite tease because I had conditioned him to cum as soon as I climbed on his lap and he felt my cotton panties rub against his cock. Her payback was forcing me to make her cum on my face while still coughing up rogue pubic hairs. #Three came around and pulled me roughly to the end of the coffee table, causing the ties on my wrists to pull and cut into my skin, but he really didn’t care. He climbed up on me and shoved the tip of his cock in my mouth, pulling my hair to lift me up to him a little more until thick strings of saliva came away when he pulled out and I coughed and gagged. He went back down between my legs then pushed into my ass. I resisted as I clenched up and screamed. ##“Daddy!” I looked over to him and cried. His eyebrows were crinkled as if he was in deep despair and he wiped tears from his face, but he couldn’t help me. Three was given some lube by four. He coated his cock in it and coated his finger in it to push it in me and loosen me up. ##I cried out, “Oww...Daddy...oww!” as he popped his cock-head into my ass. I was sobbing and four came over and straddled me on the table. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head up and pushed his cock into my mouth. I gagged and coughed as I cried but he didn’t let up. It did serve as enough of a distraction to get me to unclench and three slid deep into my ass in a slow push as four messily and noisily fucked my mouth. ##Four came in my mouth before three even got close. He held my mouth open for Daddy to see. Four instructed me to not swallow, so I held it on my tongue as best as I could. ##Five came over and put a vibrator in my pussy, which caused three to moan and buck roughly against my ass until he came. Five laughed and six came over. Both were women, both older than me, maybe ten years older than me? One was a redhead and the other a brunette. They took turns kissing my mouth, lapping up the cum that four had left on my tongue as they fingered me and groped my breasts. Five kept playing with the vibrator, putting it in me, then putting it in herself then getting six to suck our juices off of it. They lasted the longest, but eventually I was instructed to eat five’s pussy as six held the vibe to her clit. She came quickly after that. ##Six used the vibrator on herself as she knelt over my face. I watched her neatly trimmed snatch squirm above me until she squirted and dropped her cunt against my lips for me to clean her up, which I did. ##Seven fucked me alone, covering my entire body with his as he thrust hard against me. He clamped his hand down over my mouth and occasionally covered my nose, cutting off my oxygen until I got light headed. His thrusts were deep and hard, pulling the ties against my ankles forcefully enough to draw blood. The more I screamed under his clamped hand and cried the harder he fucked me. He pulled out when he was close and let a few runny streams of cum coat my stomach and chest before he wiped his cock on my thigh and walked away. ##Eight and nine were a married couple and he relished the feeling of his cock in my ass a little too much for his wife. She slapped my clit, and pinched my nipples every time I moaned instead of screaming. Her husband was the only one that didn’t actually cum in me or on me directly. He waited until he was close then pushed his wife down flat against me and buried his cock in her ass, fucking her against me, until she was a whimpering quivering mess. He came in her ass and let it drip from her down to me, they were done at the same time. ##I was feeling weak as ten approached me, Brendan. I was breathing heavily and both male and female fluids coated my body in various places. I was sure that he would go easy on me, but instead, he angled my head to get his cock down my throat until I gagged on him. He rubbed himself through my throat and watched me squirm and struggle to get free enough to breathe. ##He let up only when Bill yelled at him. He pulled his cock from my throat and I choked and coughed, gasping for breath. He watched my breasts heave with the effort of taking in oxygen then cut it off by shoving his dick down my throat again and pumping hard against my face. ##I thought I would pass out if he kept up, but within a few seconds I felt his load coating my throat and sliding down. When he pulled out he was still hard and I was so busy coughing and gasping that I couldn’t say he’d already cum. He moved down to my waist and started pounding my pussy while staring at Daddy with a smirk. I was choking on his cum and trying to catch my breath when I felt him push hard and deep in me and let loose another load of cum. ##I tilted my head back to look at Daddy and he was glaring as Brendan wiped his cock on my clit and walked away. ##Eleven had a very large clit, which she rubbed roughly against mine. She took great pleasure in watching me squirm and move my hips towards her. She was the only one who even attempted to get me off too. I was distracted though. I was watching Brendan and Daddy in the corner of the room. Daddy was mad. I don’t think Brendan was supposed to cum in my pussy. ##Eleven came in a shuddering gasp against me then twelve and thirteen came over. Twelve put his cock in my ass and thirteen dropped his balls in my mouth and stroked himself very slowly until twelve finished in my ass. Then thirteen went down and pumped my pussy a few times, but decided he wanted my mouth instead. He came back up to my head and told me to stick out my tongue. I did and he proceeded to stroke his dick against my tongue before he let a thick and heavy rope of cum free, coating my lips, cheek and eye in his sticky fluids. ##I licked my lips but held my eyes shut as someone came over and cut the bindings at my wrists and ankles free and someone else wiped the cum from my eye. When I opened my eyes again I was sitting up and surrounded by all of the men. They were groping me and shoving their cocks in my face. Some of the women were stroking the men, two of the women were kneeling down in front of me, pulling my butt off the table just a little so that one could eat my pussy and the other started cleaning the cum from my ass. I was squirming against them as it was the nicest anything had felt during this whole thing, but it didn’t last long as the men of the group kind of pushed the women aside and descended on me. ##I honestly couldn’t tell you who was where. I know Brendan had rejoined the group and I’m pretty sure his cock was in my pussy because I was facing him and he looked quite pleased with himself. There were cocks being shoved at my face, my hands were being pulled over to the stroke other cocks, and someone came behind me and pushed their cock in my ass while someone else was already in my pussy. I yelped and the men groaned and pumped against me. Someone shoved their cock in my mouth and I did my best to suck him off, but someone else was trying to get his in there too and that was making it difficult. ##I felt hands grabbing me and groping me. I was being passed around, one cock in my mouth, another in my ass, then a different one in my ass and one in my pussy pumping in rhythm with each other. My hand on one cock, then someone else shoved their cock down my throat. I know no one came in me this time. Each one took their time, cumming on my butt, stomach, breasts and face. There was cum in my hair and across my lips. I was lifted up onto laps with someone else kneeling behind me. ##Someone was lying on the coffee table and he pulled me down to him, impaling my ass on his cock. There were hands on my thighs pulling my legs open, tongues on my neck, hands on my breasts. Someone climbed in front of me and shoved his cock in my pussy. There was a hand around my throat and I cried out weakly as the two cocks roughly fucked me. The others had been being pretty gentle, but these two were hurting me and I couldn’t breathe. ##Someone was pulling my hair, someone else pulled my mouth open and shove his cock against the back of my throat. I wasn’t gagging anymore, just bobbing my head up and down rhythmically with the cocks in my pussy and ass. ##Someone tried to shove his cock in my ass, which already had another cock in it but I screamed and pulled away and they grabbed my hand to get me to stroke them off instead. I couldn’t tell you who fucked me how many times, but I know the cum of 8 much older men glistened on the entirety of my body.##When the hour was up I was lying on the coffee table, on the dress I had been wearing. Cum was dripping from me and onto the fabric below and I was just exhausted.##Daddy came over and started wiping their cum from my face and body, feeding it to me as I happily sucked it from his fingers. He was smiling at me and then I couldn’t help but smile.##He rubbed my body and soothed the aches they had caused in my wrists and ankles, pussy and ass. Then he pulled me up onto his lap and pushed his cock into me as I moaned and tilted my head back. This felt good, and right and I was happy. ##I lay my head on his lap and rocked my hips against him as I whimpered and kissed his neck. He rubbed my lower back and held me tightly to him and whispered, “I didn’t want to share you, you know?” ##I nodded. I understood now why he didn’t want to marry me. Wives were communal, girlfriends weren’t required to be. ##He rubbed my clit with one hand and gently rubbed his thumb over the bruise from where he’d hit me earlier, “I’m so sorry. I lost my temper...Part of the rules was I couldn’t tell you why I didn’t want to marry you if I told you then you could prepare for it...and that’s against the rules. What can I do to make this up to you?” he whispered to me through his own tears. ##I put my lips to his ear, clasped my hands on the back of his neck and started riding him, “Show them what you do to me and make them wish they could get me to scream like you can.” ##He groaned and pulled my lips to his. I was still sticky but he kissed me with a wanton need as he pulled my hips tightly against him, a smile spread over his lips. “You sure you can handle it, Kara?”##I nodded and bounced gently on his cock. He growled into my ear and grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled it roughly back causing my back to arch and my breasts to push forward towards him. He started sucking on one nipple then moved to the other breast and bit and tugged at that one. I started to move faster on his lap and he pulled my hair a little harder. ##“Little bounces, no fucking.” ##I nodded and resumed bouncing my pussy on his cock. I could feel myself building as my clit rubbed against his pelvis every few seconds as the bouncing continued. He turned me around so I was facing away from him and he kissed and sucked on my neck as one hand groped my breasts and the other went between my legs and started quickly and lightly rubbing over my clit. ##I whimpered and he groped my breast harder and rubbed my clit a little faster. Everyone was watching us. They saw his cock spreading my pussy open and watched as my fluids glistened on him with every little bounce. He whispered to me and I obeyed, “Now big bounces on Daddy.” ##The bounces became more fervent as I lifted my hips and lowered them on his cock, moving about halfway up his shaft with each one. His fingers were moving very quickly against my clit and I moaned and arched my back. He could feel me tensing up and he smiled as he grasped my hips and very quickly pulled me down hard on his cock. ##I screamed, “Ohh, Daddy!” and came hard. My whole body shivered and his fingers went back to rubbing my clit until the orgasm settled and I stopped whimpering and squirming on him. He wrapped his arms around my waist and held me on his lap as he pulled his cock out of me. A thick load of cum pooled out of me and onto his lap. ##He looked at Brendan and smirked, “That is how you should cum in a girl’s pussy. If she’s not constricting and milking it from your cock as she cums you might as well just use a silicone sleeve.”#
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