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Fuck Me Again, Baby

Post #1

Fuck Me Again, Baby
Stephanie was sitting at home on a cloudy Saturday afternoon. She was surfing the net, looking at some adult sites. She was thinking about Gary and the last time that they were together, thinking about how good he felt. She knew that he had made plans to see her this upcoming week, but she had no idea what was about to take place.

As she sat there in front of her computer, suddenly an instant message from Gary popped up on the screen. She wasn t expecting to chat with him but was glad that he had messaged her anyways. She looked at the screen and watched to see what he would say.

Hey. Gary typed.

What u up to today? Gary typed.

Hey nothing much. Stephanie typed.

Cool. Gary typed.

I might have time today that we could get together. Gary typed.

Really? Stephanie typed.

Yep. Gary typed.

Ok. Stephanie typed.

See you at 7. Gary typed.

Stephanie smiled suddenly thinking of the prospect of getting to see Gary tonight. She wasn t expecting this change of events but was glad it was happening because that meant she got to be alone with him. She was always happy when she knew she d get to see him and tonight was no exception.

She talked to Gary a little bit while longer then stopped. She knew that 7 o clock would be coming up fast. She surfed the net for a couple of more hours then got started to get ready. However, before she had the chance to fully start getting ready, Gary showed up early to her house.

Oh shit he s early. Stephanie thought.

She quickly went and got he shoes on then went in and grabbed her wallet. She saw him sitting on the couch as she came back from getting her wallet. He looked so handsome and sexy sitting there. She found herself just wanting to jump him right here because she was just so damn horny. However, she decided not to and to wait until they were fully alone before she made her move.

So you ready? Stephanie asked Gary.

Yes. Gary said.

Okay. Let s go. Stephanie said.

Stephanie watched as Gary got up off the couch and walked towards the front door. She followed behind him walking out of the house and into the warm nighttime air. They walked over to his new car, which was really nice, reaching the car quickly. But they didn t get in the car right away.

Once Stephanie and Gary reached the car, Stephanie knew it was time to make her move after being super horny for two weeks straight. She leaned forward and kissed him, pressing her body right up against his. She grinded her pussy right up against his hard cock as she kissed him showing him how much she wanted him.

Gary kissed Stephanie back feeling her body, especially her pussy, grind right up against him. His dick was so rock hard right now that if he wanted to he could just open the back door of his car, lead her inside, take off her clothes and fuck her right there in the driveway. He was horny enough to do just that but he decided in his mind to wait. He did grind his cock back up against her though to let her know how much he wanted her.

Stephanie felt Gary s cock grinding back up against her. It was enough to make her want to cum right there but she wanted to wait to come until they got to their destination. She grinded her pussy up against him a little bit more than stopped pulling her body back just a little bit.

Gary noticed and he stopped grinding too. He then took his lips off hers and turned around opening the door for her, waiting for her to get in the car. He could hardly wait to get her to that motel bed so he could fuck the living daylights out of her. He knew she wanted that just as badly as he did and he wanted so bad to give it to her.

Stephanie, noticing that Gary was holding the door open for her, smiled and got in the car. She then watched him shut the door behind her and walk around reaching his side. She watched as he got in and shut the door behind him putting his keys in the ignition.

They both then buckled their seatbelts and backed out of the driveway. They got on her road then turned onto the main road heading towards the motel. The lust and excitement between them was so high that it felt like a roller coaster.

Gary let his eyes glance over at Stephanie while he was driving. He was so horny that he knew he couldn t wait to get to the motel to touch her. He looked at her legs and started thinking of how wonderful her legs look when they are d****d over his shoulders when he s eating her out.

He then let his eyes drift over to her pussy. He started thinking of how good her pussy tastes when he s eating her out and how tight she feels when he s fucking her. He wanted to feel her, so he brought his hand that was on her leg and placed it on her pussy rubbing it through her clothes. He knew that she would like that.

Stephanie felt Gary s hand rubbing her pussy. She loved how good his touch felt on her pussy. She moaned some to his touch really wanting to get to that motel soon so they can get naked and he can touch her pussy fully without no damn clothes in the way.

Gary heard Stephanie moan and it made his hard cock throb in his pants. He knew he had to get them to that motel soon before they both went crazy with horniness. He kept on touching her pussy as they drove to the motel knowing that it was making her more aroused. He wanted her as aroused as he could get her before they reached the motel.

Stephanie felt herself getting hotter each minute his hand touched her. She knew if he didn t stop soon though she d be coming in her panties and she didn t want that. So she reached down and pulled his hand away.

Gary felt Stephanie pull his hand away. He figured she was going to come soon and that s why she stopped him from touching her at this moment. He did need something to do with his hand, so he reached over and took her hand in his, holding it. He knew she would enjoy having him hold her hand that she would enjoy that special closeness they seem to share.

Stephanie felt Gary holding her hand and she smiled. She loved how strong and good his hand felt in hers. She grabbed his hand back and held it in hers while they drove to the motel.

Stephanie and Gary reached the motel quickly, pulling into the parking lot. The excitement and reality that they were here again made them both hornier.

Gary pulled the car up to the motel breezeway. He stopped the car, undid his seatbelt, and looked over at Stephanie. He then leaned over and kissed her on the lips feeling her kiss him back. He then stopped and got out of the car shutting the door behind him. He walked up to the motel lobby doors, opened them, and went inside to get the room.

Stephanie felt her heart racing as she sat in his new car waiting for Gary to come back with their room key. She looked around the inside of the car noticing how nice it looked. She was really anxious to get in the motel room and get naked with Gary.

Gary got the room key, paid for it, and came back out to the car. His heart was racing and his dick was throbbing more as he realized that they were about to be alone again in a few minutes. He could hardly wait. He walked over, got in the car, and drove them over to their room. But what he didn t realize is that they were getting the same room they had last time when they were here and neither did Stephanie.

Both Stephanie and Gary looked for the room number. They didn t know which room they were going to get this time around and didn t really care as long as they are together.

So what s the room number? Stephanie asked.

It s 107. Gary said.

Oh my god I can t believe it. That s the same room that we had last time. Stephanie said.

It is? Gary said.

Yes. Stephanie said.

Oh my fucking god. Gary said.

Both Stephanie and Gary couldn t believe that they had gotten the same room again. However, they really didn t care because they just wanted to be alone.

Stephanie and Gary pulled up into a parking spot. They then stopped the car, putting it into park, turning off the engine. They then got out of the car and walked up to the room.

Once they reached the room, Gary opened the door and they walked inside. They both looked around seeing the bed that they had had some of the hottest sex of their lives on two weeks ago.

Stephanie sat her wallet down on the coffee table and sat down on the couch. She watched Gary as he placed his wallet and cell phone on the desk. She then watched him as he came over to her.

Gary saw Stephanie sitting on the couch. He was ready to pounce on her like a lion on its prey. He walked up to the couch, leaned down, and started kissing her letting his hands move up to her breasts. He felt her breasts through her shirt feeling her nipples harden to his touch. He then stopped kissing her and got down on his knees kissing her pussy through her shorts.

Stephanie felt Gary s mouth kissing her pussy through her clothes. She couldn t believe he was doing that, but at the same time was glad that he was. She looked down and watched as he did that, letting small moans escape her lips.

Gary kissed Stephanie s pussy some more then stopped getting up off his knees. He brought his lips back up to hers kissing her again. He then slipped his hand under her shorts, and started rubbing her pussy again only time through her panties.

His hand felt so good and she wanted him to keep it up. She could feel her pussy stirring beneath his touch just as it did before when they were alone together. She moaned into their kiss.##Gary kissed Stephanie a little bit more then moved his lips over to her neck. He started kissing her neck his hand still rubbing her pussy through her panties. He kissed her neck for a good 5 minutes then stopped bringing his lips back up to hers again.##He kissed her some more wanting now to feel her pussy fully on his hands. He knew the only way he could do that would be to slip his hand underneath her panties. So he moved his hand off her panties long enough to slip his hand out. He reached up and felt up her breasts some. He then brought his hand up and gripped onto her shorts then panties. He slipped his hand underneath them both and slid his hand down until he reached her pussy. He spread open her lips and started rubbing her clit. He could feel her pussy getting wet and her clit swell then throb under his finger.##Stephanie felt Gary s finger rubbing her clit. She spread open her legs, feeling her clit throb too and feeling the pleasure run through her. She loved how good his hand felt on her pussy and she wanted so badly to get naked so he could fuck her. She moaned more into their kiss feeling her body get hot. She was ready to move onto the next level.##Gary heard Stephanie moaning and she knew that she was enjoying this. He was ready to take it to the next level himself because the horniness was getting too much for him to bear. He rubbed her clit some more then stopped bringing his hand up and out.##He then stops kissing Stephanie. He brings his head up looking at her. He is ready to go to the bed and get the sexual fun going with her. He reaches his hands out offering them to her so he can lead her to the bed.##Stephanie notices Gary is holding his hands out for her. She smiles and places her hands in his getting up off the couch. She then walks with him over to the bed, knowing in a few minutes she would be naked and having her body ravished by him. She could hardly wait.##Gary and Stephanie reach the bed quickly. They both are horny and ready to go, knowing that neither one of them can nor want to wait much longer before their two bodies are joined as one.##Stephanie sat down on the bed looking up at Gary. She was ready for him to take her right here right now. Her body was aching for his touch and her lips thirsted for his kisses.##Gary saw Stephanie looking up at him. He could tell from the look in her eyes that she was ready for him. He could feel his cock strain against his boxer briefs begging to be free and inside of her tight wet pussy. He decided to waste anymore time. He took one more look at her then leaned down kissing her at the same time lightly pushing her body down on the bed. He then climbed on top of her lying his body in between her spread legs letting his pants covered cock rest right at her short covered pussy.##He then started grinding his cock up against her letting her feel how hard he was for her already. He could feel her body start to respond to him, feeling her pussy rub up against him letting him know for sure that she was ready to be fucked, to skip foreplay and just go straight to the fucking.##Stephanie felt Gary s cock rubbing up against her pussy. She moaned and cried out because it felt so good. However, she wanted him inside of her, free of the clothing. She wanted to feel his hard cock throbbing deep inside thrusting in and out of her pussy.##Gary looked down at Stephanie as he dry humped her. He knew that she was ready to be fucked right now, that she wasn t just satisfied with this dry humping they were doing. He had to admit it wasn t enough for him either. He had to be deep inside of her right now, thrusting away.##He grinded against her a little bit more then stopped. He then got up off her standing up. He knew he wanted to see her body. So he reached down and lifted up her shirt, feeling Stephanie help him take it off. He then tossed it into the floor.##Once he had her shirt off, he stood back and took a quick look at her. He then leaned down and grabbed at her shorts, undoing them. He was so ready to get them then her panties off so he could get at that pussy he s been lusting after and hungry for.##Stephanie felt Gary undo her shorts. She decided to help so she reached up and pulled them off her body throwing them into the floor. She then laid back down on the bed waiting for him to make his next move. Her body was on fire.##Gary saw Stephanie lying back down on the bed. He let his eyes roam over her body taking all of her in, especially her pussy. He knew that underneath her panties laid the only place that he wanted to be right now. He wanted to feel her pussy again so he got down on his knees in between her legs. He then brought his mouth up and placed on her panties kissing her pussy through them. He could feel her clit swell more underneath his mouth and he could hardly wait to get these damn panties off so he could eat her out.##But first, he knew he had to fuck her because his cock was just too damn hard to wait anymore. He had to have that wet juicy tight pussy of hers wrapped around his big hard throbbing cock. Had to feel her legs wrapped around him pulling his body closer to hers as he fucked her.##Stephanie felt Gary s mouth at her panties kissing her pussy through them. She knew he wanted to eat her out but she also knew that he wanted to fuck her. She wanted him to fuck her so bad that she knew she couldn t take much more. She wanted to have his cock buried deep inside of her tight pussy and feel him thrust hard in then out of her. As good as his tongue felt on her panty-covered pussy she knew at this moment that his cock would feel perfect.##Gary kissed Stephanie s pussy for 5 minutes more. He then stopped, stood up, and took off his clothes. It seemed like to him that he couldn t get undressed fast enough.##Stephanie saw Gary getting fully undressed so she sat up and did that same taking off the rest of her clothes. She then laid back down and spread her legs open ready for him to take her.##Gary saw that Stephanie was now fully naked. He felt his cock throb more and he could hardly wait to get in between her legs. He knew she was probably expecting some foreplay but he knew that she wouldn t object to what he was about to do which was fuck her.##He walked back over to Stephanie. He then laid his body back down on hers letting his cock slip right into her pussy. He started fucking her hard really giving it to her right off not going slow at all. The pleasure he started feeling felt so extremely good that he couldn t get enough. His cock felt so good buried deep up inside of her where it belonged.##Stephanie felt Gary s cock buried up into her pussy as he fucked her. She was a little bit taken off guard because he had never usually just came out and fucked her right off. Before he hadn t but now he was.## Hey what about foreplay? Stephanie asked.##Gary heard Stephanie ask him about foreplay. He knew that she was used to him going straight for foreplay first before he fucking her. However, he knew that this time all the rules of their hot fucking were different. Instead of waiting, he just wanted to give her what she craved the most and thought of all the time. He decided to answer her question though anyways.## I m giving you a little preview. Gary said.##After Stephanie heard Gary say that, she knew that she should just lay back and enjoy it. So that is what she started doing. She brought her legs up and locked them around his waist as she felt his cock thrusting hard into her. She then held on feeling the best pleasure of her life running through her body.##Gary noticed that Stephanie was enjoying his good hard fucking that he was giving her. He was glad because he was enjoying it just the same. Her pussy felt so tight and wet around him each time he shoved his cock hard inside her. He could feel her pussy muscles gripping on his cock as he fucked her. He knew that he would be coming soon and he was ready to enjoy that feeling. But right now he was just savoring being inside of her.##Stephanie cried out more in pleasure as she felt Gary drive his cock harder then faster in and out of her pussy. Her pussy felt like it was on fire and it felt so good each time his cock hit her g-spot that she just couldn t stop coming. Her orgasms were washing over like powerful waves coming on one after another. Only thing she could do was hold onto him as they hit her.##Gary could feel Stephanie s multiple orgasms on his dick and it made him fuck her harder. He loved to feel that naughty tight pussy of hers tighten up around his dick holding him in while she comes all over him saturating his dick with her juices. It was almost as she was claiming his dick as hers in a way and he didn t mind that at all. As long as he could keep on fucking her, he was happy.##Stephanie and Gary fucked hard for 10 minutes straight. Their two bodies were pumping so hard together that the only thing they both could feel was pleasure to the ultimate level.##As Gary kept on fucking Stephanie, he suddenly felt his orgasm coming on. He started to think quickly in his mind of where he wanted to come whether it be on her or in her. He decided to come on her this first time around so he fucked her a little bit harder getting his orgasm to peak. As soon as he felt his orgasm peaking right at the perfect moment, he pulled his dick out and held it over the lower half of her body. He felt his come squirting out and he reached down holding his spurting cock in his left hand. His cum landed on the lower part of her stomach, her pussy, and her inner thighs.## Ahh! I just came. Gary said.##Stephanie felt Gary s come on her body. She loved how it felt and was glad that she had been able to make him come too. She knew she was now sticky with his cum but she didn t really care. She just enjoyed still having his cock resting at her pussy and having his body still on top of hers.##Gary laid there on top of Stephanie trying to catch his breath. That was just one massive come that he just had and it felt so good to finally get that release. But he realized that he can t lay there forever and he needs to clean up. So he moved off her and rolled over onto his back. He laid there catching his breath some more. Once he caught his breath, he decided to speak.## Man that felt great. Whoo! Gary said.##Stephanie smiled. She was glad that he had a nice hard cum but she knew that he was nowhere near done with her at all. She was nowhere near done with him either. She still had a lot of more sexual energy to let off. She had to catch her breath too but she could tell that her pussy was still aching for more. More of his tongue and more of his dick.##Gary and Stephanie laid there side by side both of them trying to catch their breaths. Gary was able to get his breath back first and he knew that he had to help clean her up. So he got up off the bed, went to the bathroom grabbing a towel. He then came back to the bed placing it on Stephanie s stomach letting it rest on her pussy and thighs.##Stephanie noticed the towel, and while still catching her breath, she wiped herself off fully. She then laid the towel aside and relaxed some her pussy burning for more, her body yearning for his touch again. She looked over at him as he laid there and she couldn t help but stare at him. He was so handsome and damn sexy that it was as if her eyes were glued to his manliness.##Gary noticed that Stephanie was done with the towel. His dick was still leaking come and he noticed that too. He knew that he needed it to clean himself up with.## I need the towel too, hun. Gary said.##Stephanie heard Gary and she handed him the towel. She laid there some more still looking at him. She saw him cleaning up his dick but she knew that soon it would be messy again with her juices on it. She could hardly wait.##Gary cleaned himself off then threw the towel aside. He looked over at Stephanie and he could tell that she was still incredibly horny as he was too. He let his eyes travel from her face, to her breasts heaving with each breath she took, then down to her pussy and finally her legs. He loved how long those legs were of hers and of how good they felt when they were wrapped around his shoulders when eating her or wrapped around his back when fucking her. He knew that he couldn t resist anymore and that he had to eat her out soon. He just had to taste that freshly fucked pussy of hers on his tongue.##Gary moved closer to Stephanie. He then got up off the bed and walked over to her body, getting down on his knees before her. He watched her spread her legs wider for him, inviting in him to come taste her. He happily accepted her invition, getting his head in between her legs. He brought his mouth up to her pussy, spread her lips, and started licking her. The moment he did, her juices ran into his mouth.##He tasted them immediately swallowing them down hungrily. He then came back for more, his tongue running up and down her pussy. He traced her outer lips then licked at all the soft wet pink flesh deep inside her. Her pussy was so wet that her juices saturated his tongue each time he took a lick. He loved when she was that way. He then brought his tongue up and lightly ran it over her hard little clit.##Stephanie felt Gary s tongue licking her pussy in all the right places. But the moment she felt his tongue run over her clit she moaned in pleasure because it just felt so good. She wanted him to do more of that hot licking because she was really enjoying it.##Gary heard Stephanie moan out when he licked her clit. He knew she would because he could tell how fully aroused she was by just feeling how swollen and hard her little clit was. He wanted to give her some more extreme pleasure so he just kept right on licking that sensitive little nub. He loved that he had her at this point of full arousal. He was so glad that he could give her the pleasure that she so desired from him.##Stephanie felt Gary s tongue just keep right on licking. She loved how good he could lick her how he could make pure pleasure seem like electricity running through her body. She reached down placing her hands in his hair running them through as she laid there just enjoying his licking. She loved giving her body up to him and letting him do what he wanted to her.##Gary felt Stephanie s hands in his hair. This spurred him to just start licking faster and harder, feeling her sweet wet pussy open wider for him. He loved it when she opened herself up for him. It made him feel so special that he got the chance to actually get to please her. He knew that she had a high sex drive and that many guys would give their right arm to be where he his right now. He was glad that she chose him to be her lover because he sure loved pleasing her and having her please him back.##Stephanie felt Gary licking her faster and harder now. She knew that if he kept it up like that it would bring on her orgasm faster. Part of her wanted to come right now but the other part of her wanted to wait some before she came so she could get her pussy licked some more before she was spent for a few.##Gary licked Stephanie harder now. He knew that she would cum soon if he kept on licking her like this and really, he wanted her to cum so he could fuck her again. His dick was still so rock hard even though he just came only 20 minutes ago. He knew he had to fuck her again. He knew that fastest way to make her cum would be to concentrate on her clit so that s what he decided to do. He started licking on that clit as if it was his lifeline.##Stephanie felt Gary licking on her clit even harder now. She knew that there was no way now that she could hold back anymore. She knew that she would be coming now for sure from how hard he was licking her. She figured that is what he wanted her to do anyways so she just let it go.##She felt her orgasm suddenly hit her the moment that she did that. It was like a freight train coming at her 60 miles per hour with no brakes on. The moment it hit her it was so powerful that it almost made her breathless. She grabbed onto his head as she felt her body start to shake with her amazing orgasm.## Oh my god baby I m coming so hard! Stephanie thought to herself.##She wanted to express her orgasm with words but all she could manage is some really loud screams and cries of pleasure. She held onto Gary s head as she rode out her orgasm on his tongue.##Gary felt Stephanie coming so hard. He could feel her entire body shake from head to toe as she convulsed in orgasmic pleasure. He knew that she would cum hard but not this damn hard. Not like, he minded though. It just helped him see how well he pleased her if he could make her cum like that. He just kept right on licking her as she rode out her orgasm.##Stephanie felt like her entire body had been lifted off the bed with this very powerful orgasm. She couldn t stop shaking and coming. It was like each time that he touched his tongue to her now very sensitive clit it sent another shock of pleasure through her body making her orgasm last longer.##She rode out her orgasm for a good 10 minutes. Finally, her body came back down to earth. She kept her hold on his head as she came back to reality. She laid there breathing hard as she felt the last minute effects of her orgasm wash over her body. She felt so good right now a smile appearing on her face.##Gary felt Stephanie s body calm down and he knew that she had finally came down off her orgasm. He licked her clit some more then stopped. He got up off his knees and laid back down on the bed again, this time having to catch his breath too just like before. His mouth and tongue tasted like her pussy but he didn t care because he loved it.##He could feel his rock hard cock throb with uncontrollable need and want. He lusted for her in a way that he could never explain. She just had some way of making him hot with her body, her touch, her sexiness. Every time he was near her, he just wanted to attack her body with his tongue and cock. He knew for sure, when he met her, it was lust at first sight. From that day first seeing her profile, to swapping emails, to now having her sexy sweet body naked next to his. She was his hot little vixen and he damned sure did not intend to let her go.##Stephanie laid there next to Gary. She let her eyes roam over his body. She loved how sexy he looked. He had to be one of the sexiest men that she had ever seen before. She laid there catching her breath from her latest orgasm. She knew that they were taking a rest period between their sexual escapades tonight. She didn t mind that because it gave her an excuse to stare at his body more.##Gary saw Stephanie staring at his body. He loved it when she looked at him because he knew that she thought he was sexy. She couldn t deny that even if she had wanted to. He already knew that. Just as he couldn t deny the fact that, he thought she was just so damn sexy and fuckable that he could fuck her for hours maybe even days non-stop if he got the chance. And speaking of fuckable, he could hardly wait to get his cock back in her.##Gary and Stephanie laid there next to each other for a good 25 minutes just relaxing and taking it easy. The lust and desire between them was growing again though and they knew they couldn t keep their hands off each other much longer. Only thing that was stopping them was who was going to make the first move.##Gary looked at her some more then decided to himself that he couldn t wait anymore. He reached over and touched her body some. He could tell that she was ready for some more of his hot loving just as he was ready to give her more.## Looks like someone wants some more. Gary said.##Stephanie smiled wickedly when she heard him say that. She in fact did want some more of his hot cock. She wanted his hot cock in her wet pussy right now. She kept her legs spread open waiting for him.##Gary, noticing Stephanie s legs still open, climbed back on top of her. He then shoved his cock back in her and started fucking her so hard. He laid his body on top of hers while he pounded his cock in and out of her extremely wet pussy.##Stephanie screamed out in more pleasure as she felt Gary fucking her again. She wrapped her legs around his waist and placed her hands on his back pulling him even closer. She loved to be skin-on-skin close with him. Loved knowing that there was no space in between them at all.##Gary, noticing that Stephanie had her legs wrapped around his back, started fucking her harder. He started pounding his dick in and out of her pussy so hard that all could be heard was his balls slapping against her ass. He felt like an a****l right now totally controlled by his lust. He just wanted to drive his dick in so hard that he tore this pussy of hers up.##Stephanie felt Gary fucking her harder. She could feel him hitting her g-spot every time just like before and it kept her on the drunken high of multiple orgasms. Once she had one orgasm, another one would follow right behind it. She felt like she was being constantly raked with orgasms but she didn t care. She just wanted more of him.##She held onto him tighter the more that he fucked her. She knew he wasn t into pain so she didn t want to dig her nails in. She just held onto him as tightly as she could as she felt his cock drive more into her. She felt like an a****l herself totally wild and out of control.##Gary felt Stephanie holding him tighter. This caused him to really start giving her pussy a good hard fucking with his cock pumping so hard into her that both of their bodies jumped off the bed each time he thrusted into her showing no mercy at all whatsoever. He just wanted to keep it up until both of their bodies could take it no more and give out to pure exhaustion. That was his plan for tonight anyways. To fuck her until they both are so tired they have to stop.##Stephanie felt Gary giving her pussy a hard pounding, as hard as he could give it to her. She loved that and she wanted more until he came inside of her. She started thrusting her pussy back up to meet his thrusts giving him pleasure back in return. She was feeling so much pleasure right now that she couldn t barely even open her eyes. Even when she did open her eyes, the only thing that she could manage was some eye flutters before closing them again.##Gary felt Stephanie s thrusts meeting his as he drove his cock deeper into her pussy, as deep as it would go. He was using most of his energy to fuck her this hard at this moment but he knew he would get it back after a few minutes of resting. All he cared about right now was fucking her until he came inside of her.##He fucked her harder and faster really giving that pussy of hers a good cock beating. He loved the feeling of when her pussy gripped around his dick every time he drove it home inside of her. He could feel her slippery pussy get even wetter as he fucked her with wild abandon, fulfilling both of their sexual lustful needs and feeding both of their sexual wantings.##Stephanie felt Gary fucking her harder and faster. She could feel her orgasm coming on quickly and this time around, she didn t want to keep it at bay. She wanted to let it go and let it wash over her. She was way too horny to pace herself. But she wanted Gary to come with her. She wanted them to come together.##Gary started feeling his own orgasm coming on quickly too. He wanted so badly to come in this pussy of hers and flood it with his hot seed. He started pumping harder pushing his orgasm to the surface. He loved the feeling he got right at the moment before he came and he wanted to savor it before he exploded inside of her.##Stephanie felt Gary pumping harder and she knew that he was getting close. She was glad of that. She started pushing her pussy as hard as she could up against his cock pushing her orgasm to the surface. Finally, she was at that point right before she came, the point where she felt like if she didn t cum soon her whole body would cease. Kind of like the feeling, you get when you are sitting on top of a roller coaster right before you go over the edge. The heart pounding, body shaking, mind erasing feeling. She wanted to savor that feeling too.##Both Stephanie and Gary savored that feeling. They both knew that it wouldn t last long and that in a few seconds they would both be coming together in a wave of shared ecstasy that would feel so good it would make both of them practically breathless.##Gary kept on fucking Stephanie. Suddenly the moment he had been waiting for hit him. He started coming inside of her tight pussy, the cum shooting out of his cock like a freight train. He could feel his cock jerking as he came the feeling of his long waited second orgasm running over him like a wave. He grabbed onto her body tighter as he came not being able to think or much less speak. All he could do was feel.##Stephanie felt Gary coming inside of her and that s all it took to push her over the edge too. She started coming with him her body shaking and her pussy clenching up around his cock all at the same time. The pleasure from not only his orgasm but hers too made it super intense. For a few minutes she felt like she couldn t breathe but she really didn t care because she was riding out one of the most hottest and longest orgasms she had ever had before. Her lover could make her cum so hard and she was so glad of that. She felt Gary gripping onto her so she gripped back holding onto him as he was her lifeline.##Gary felt Stephanie s pussy tighten up around his cock and he knew she was coming too. He thought that was so hot. He could feel his own orgasm start to wind down but he wanted to help ride out hers just to feel that pussy quiver around his dick. He didn t let his grip of her go, if anything he held her tighter to his body. He loved how soft her skin felt next to his.##Stephanie felt Gary holding her close to his body as she rode out her orgasm. She loved how tightly he was holding her because it made her feel so safe and so wanted. She responded to his tight grip of her body by holding him back just as tightly. She found herself not wanting to let him go, at least not yet. She wanted to savor this moment where their two bodies were joined together. She loved how it made her feel when he was this close to her.##Stephanie and Gary held each other for a good 5 minutes more while they both fully rode out their orgasms. They both loved the feeling of being this close together and neither one of them wanted to end it anytime soon. However, they knew they had to because they both started realizing that their orgasms weren t going to last forever. Besides, they both needed a rest period for a while anyways.##Gary felt his orgasm stop. He knew that he needed to take a breather for a while before they continued. So he slid his dick out of her pussy and rolled off her body letting his arms fall to his sides. He felt so good right now just after getting to fuck her sweet tight pussy two times already. He knew that he had one more good fuck left in him though and that before the night was over he was going to give it to her again.##He laid there catching his breath, his body still slightly jerking from his latest orgasm. He was so glad that he found this sexual wild c***d babe to fuck whenever he wanted. She could give him the best pussy like it was nobody s business and he really loved that.##Stephanie laid there catching her breath too. Her pussy felt so good right now so pleased. But her pussy still wasn t fully satisfied. It still ached for more tonguing and more fucking. She had a feeling that she would get some more though from her lover.##Stephanie and Gary laid there next to each other both of them relaxing. They both felt so good right now and we both glad that they had found each other. Their sexually chemistry was so high when they were together that it was as they were sexually meant-to-be.##Gary looked over at Stephanie. He loved how damn sexy she looked at that moment. He let his eyes move down her body stopping at her pussy. He found himself wanting to eat her out again because he really loved the taste of her. He let the thoughts of her tight pussy run though his mind, as he laid there relaxing.##Stephanie noticed that Gary was looking at her. She smiled and looked down at him looking at her body. She knew he was staring at her pussy and that made her hotter just by knowing that. She wanted so badly to have him lick her again to stoke the burning fire within her.##As Gary laid there thinking of that tight pussy of hers, he found himself getting more aroused. He knew he had to touch her so he reached over and placed one of his fingers in her pussy. He then started fingering her feeling how incredibly wet she still was.##Stephanie gasped and moaned as she felt Gary s finger in her pussy. It felt so good that she didn t want him to stop. But she knew that s not was she was hungry for right now. She was hungry for that tongue of his to be in her pussy. As good as his finger felt, at this moment, his tongue would feel even better.##Gary noticed that Stephanie was enjoying his finger just as much as he was enjoying fingering her. But he found that the more that he slipped his finger into her and felt her juices as they got on his finger, the more the wanted to taste her. He could smell her juices as they wafted in the air and they intoxicated him like a d**g. He suddenly felt like a d**ggie needing his next fix as he felt the hunger inside to taste her growing. He could feel it overpowering him and he knew he had to have his tongue buried in her again.##He slipped his finger out of her pussy rubbing her juices on his cock making him harder. He then got up off the bed standing up. He saw her legs, still spread open nice and wide. He could hardly to get back in between them. He then got down on his knees bringing his hands up to the bed. Once he did that, he brought his mouth in between her legs again and placed his mouth once more on her pussy.##He started licking her wet pussy with his hungry tongue tasting her juices. He knew for sure that he couldn t get enough of her taste or of licking her. He watched as her pussy opened up more for him. He could see that the hot opening in her pussy where his dick just was a few minutes ago was still open. He loved that. He started licking up and down her pussy, touching every single part of her pussy with his tongue. He then brought his tongue up and touched her clit, knowing it was still sensitive after all the many orgasms she had.##He licked her clit softly at first not wanting to hurt her. He wanted to keep making this experience good just like it had been for the past 50 minutes now. He wanted to keep her hot and ready for him.##Stephanie felt Gary s tongue licking her softly on her clit. Just like earlier his tongue felt so good. Her pussy was starting to get a little worn out but she didn t care. She just wanted him to keep on licking. She brought her hands down and placed them in his hair running them through. She loved having him lick her pussy just as much as she knew how much he loved licking her. It was a shared addiction and she was so glad of that.##Gary felt Stephanie s hands in his hair. He loved it when she did that because it always felt so good. Her touch was always so gentle yet so firm. He knew that she wanted more so he started licking her clit a little bit harder. He could feel her juices run like a fine wine into his mouth and he began to drink from them.##He wanted to make her squeal and moan with pleasure so he dug his tongue right onto her clit. He then started licking hard not want to go slow anymore. He was hungry for her pussy and he was determined to have it. He wanted to give this pussy such a good hard licking.##Stephanie felt Gary s tongue licking hard on her clit. It felt so good that it made her scream out in pleasure repeatedly. She started becoming so loud that she was sure that the people in the next rooms over could hear her. She didn t care if they did though. All she cared about is enjoying the feeling of Gary s tongue on her clit.##Gary heard Stephanie s screams of pleasure. He loved how loud she was getting because it helped show him how much pleasure he was giving her and how much she was enjoying it. He knew that the people in the next rooms over might be able to hear her but he didn t really care if they did. All he cared about was giving her pleasure. And even if they did hear, they d probably be jealous because she was getting the pleasure they weren t.##He kept on attacking that clit with his tongue giving that hard little sensitive nub a good pleasure workout. He loved to feel her hips rise and fall with each moment of pleasure he was giving her. He knew that no matter how high her hips jerked with pleasure that he would ever lose contact with that clit.##Stephanie felt Gary attacking her clit. She knew that if he kept that up she be coming soon. She wasn t ready to do that yet. At least not until she gets a few more good hot licks from Gary s tongue. She tried to pace herself but found that she was having trouble doing that because his tongue just felt too damn good.##She knew that no matter how much she tried to hold back her body from going into an orgasmic bliss that at this speed she really had no control over what her body did. She didn t want him to stop licking though. She knew at this moment he was in control and she just happily let him have it.##Gary noticed that Stephanie was trying to resist her impending orgasm. He knew that she couldn t though because his tongue was just working her too good to do that. He loved keep her on the edge like this, wanting to stop her orgasm but knowing it s too late that there s no going back. That she must just let it happen. He could feel her clit swell under his tongue and he knew that she was getting close. He wanted her to cum so he just kept right on licking that clit using the hard licking strokes that he knew drove her right over the edge.##Stephanie felt Gary licking her clit with those very powerful hard strokes that she knew could make her come in seconds. She felt the urge to come get closer and she knew that soon she would be exploding in his mouth for the second time that night. She started moaning louder as she felt her pleasure increasing. She loved how good Gary could make her pussy feel when he licked her. She never wanted him to stop.##Gary noticed Stephanie s moans getting louder. He knew that she was getting close and that it would only take a few more licks until she came. He smiled to himself then started really licking that clit of hers as hard as he could. He wanted her to cum so badly so he could taste it.##Stephanie felt Gary s tongue going to town on her clit and she knew for sure now that she was going to cum. She felt the wave as it started to rush over her and she gripped onto his head as she started coming hard. The intensity from her orgasm was almost breathtaking just like the previous ones she had had before. She knew she was multi-orgasmic before but after tonight, she knew she would never see it the same way again. He was teaching her a completely new way to enjoy herself.##Gary tasted Stephanie s orgasmic juices as they ran into his mouth. He started swallowing them down as quickly as he could not missing a drop. He wanted to keep her orgasm going so he kept on licking her clit while she came feeling her body stiffen up then shake. He loved how sexy she was at her ultimate height of pleasure.##Stephanie felt Gary s tongue still licking on her clit as she rode her orgasm. She couldn t stop shaking or moaning. She just wanted to keep his head between her legs forever but she knew that he needed to breathe. So she let her hands go off his head, bringing them to her side.##Gary kept on licking Stephanie s clit hard. He then realized that he needed to breathe so he waited until her orgasm was fully over. As soon as it was, he moved his head from between her legs and laid down on the bed taking another relaxation break.##Stephanie saw Gary taking a breather and she decided to do the same. She laid there next to him. She started thinking about how much she was enjoying just being here with him tonight. She enjoyed the sex with him but she also enjoyed spending quality time with him. She let her eyes gaze over to him staring at him.##Gary felt Stephanie s eyes on him. He liked being around her. She was good in bed of course but he also enjoyed talking to her plus spending time with her. He was glad that they were not only lovers but friends too. That made what they were doing together tonight more special and hotter.##As Gary and Stephanie laid there next to each other, they started talking. They talked about different things from how each other s day was to how much they were enjoying being together tonight.##Gary then moved close and started touching Stephanie s body lightly. He let his hands run over her arms, then down her legs. He knew that his touch would drive her crazy and give her pleasure. But right now at the moment, he was not trying to get her turned on again. He was just enjoying the simple pleasure of touching her.##Stephanie felt Gary touching her and she loved it. She loved how his touches sent chills down her spine. She could tell that his touches at the moment were gentle but not really arousing. She was glad of that because at the moment all she wanted was some gentle caresses. It s like he always knew what she wanted without her even having to ask. That s one of the reasons she liked him so much.##Gary touched Stephanie some more then he stopped letting his hands rest some. He loved the fact that he could lay there next to her like this and feel this comfortable. He was starting to feel hungry for her again though and he knew he had to have her body again soon.##He brought his body close to hers then let his hand run down to her pussy. He ran his fingers around her lips then slipped them deep inside fingering her getting her juices on his fingers just like before. He could feel how still incredibly tight and wet her pussy still was even though he had fucked her twice then ate her out twice. He was starting to get a little bit tired but he knew that he was still good for one more round before they called it a night.##Stephanie felt Gary fingering her again and she started moaning out in pleasure. His fingers were so long and felt so good. She was ready to get fucked again.##Gary heard Stephanie moans and he knew she was enjoying his fingers. But he knew he had one thing she would enjoy more than his fingers right now and that would be his rock hard cock. He was so glad that he was in his prime tonight. He fingered her some more then brought his pussy juice covered fingers out. He smeared her juice on his cock to make him harder just like before. He then moved on top of her and slid his cock home for the third time that night.##Stephanie felt Gary s cock slide in her pussy for the third time that night and she just sighed with pleasure. His cock was so hard inside of her and felt so good. She wrapped her legs around his waist then held on for another fuck of her life, using her pussy muscles to squeeze his cock and make it more pleasurable for both of them.##She loved how hard and steadily he was fucking her. He knew the right moments to plunge his cock deep and when to pull almost all the way out leaving only the head of his dick in. She knew he had experience before her but it was like he was clued in to her every desire and want. That s what made the sex between them so good because he was such an attentive lover.##Gary felt Stephanie s legs around his waist. He always loved it when she did that. It always made him want to pound her pussy harder with his dick. He then proceeded to do just that. He pulled his dick out of her pussy almost all the way only leaving the head in. He then slammed it hard back into her pussy all at once making both of their bodies jump. He started fucking her harder and faster, feeling the last bits of his horniness start to come out.##He wanted to put his all in this one last fuck of the night so he just started driving his dick as hard as he could, not going slow at all. He knew that like him, she had a few last bits of horniness to burn off too.##Stephanie felt Gary drive his dick as hard as he could in her pussy. She knew that this was their last fuck of the night so she decided to throw all her cards in and just give it one last old college try. She started thrusting her pussy back against his dick giving it her all. She could feel all of the pleasure of the night start to build up deep inside her.##Gary felt Stephanie s pussy thrusting up against his dick. He loved how tight she was. He could feel her pussy open and closing around his dick as he shoved it in harder.##Gary and Stephanie fucked for a good 10 minutes. They both could feel the pleasures of the entire night together run through their bodies. They both wanted to come together when it was time just like they did earlier.##Stephanie gripped harder onto Gary letting her hands hold onto his back tightly. She could feel her final orgasm of the night starting to peak and she was ready to explode all over his dick. She started pushing her pussy harder up against his dick just to push her orgasm on further.##Gary felt Stephanie s hands on his back and her pussy being pussy being pushed harder against his dick. He quickly figured out that she must be getting close to coming as so was he. He started pushing his dick faster into her pussy, letting his hands wrap around her body holding her close.##Together both Stephanie and Gary pushed their two bodies together both aching for a release. Harder and faster they both pumped until both of their orgasms were at their peaks again.##Stephanie felt her orgasm peaking and she knew all it would take to push it all the way was one more thrust of her pussy against his dick. She took all the strength she had and gave one last hard push up against his dick. Suddenly she saw stars as her orgasm hit then rushed over her. It felt so good that couldn t help but let out a series of the loudest pleasurable screams ever.##Gary heard Stephanie scream out in pleasure and he knew she was coming. He gave one hard last thrust with his cock. He then saw stars too as he came, shooting his cum deep inside of her tight pussy. He knew for sure know that her pussy was filled to the brim with his cum and he was glad of that.##Both Gary and Stephanie held onto each other as they came together. Their bodies were hot and sweaty but that didn t matter. All that mattered was that they had just had some of the hottest sex of their life, just like the last time they were together.##Stephanie and Gary came together for a good 10 minutes. They then held each other some more until they knew that both of their orgasms were subsided and that it was safe to pull apart. As soon as they both knew, they did.##Gary pulled his softening dick out of Stephanie s pussy then laid on his stomach relaxing more. He felt tired now and he knew that he could fall asleep right here on the bed if he allowed himself. But he knew that he couldn t that he still had to get her home once they were fully done here.##Stephanie laid there trying to catch her breath again. That last fuck really took a lot of her and she started feeling pretty tired. She knew that she could fall asleep right there on the bed next to Gary. But she knew even as tempting as the idea sounded that she couldn t allow herself to do that.##She laid there on her back for a little bit more then rolled on her side. She brought her hand up to his back and start touching his skin lightly just like he touched her earlier. She then felt a little bit playful so she moved her hand down to his ass and gave him a spanking for being so naughty with her tonight. Not that she hadn t had loved it because she did.##Gary felt Stephanie spank his ass and he jumped. He never really had anyone do that before and he liked it even though he wasn t into pain. He then felt her hands move back up his back slowly stroking his skin. Her light touch felt so great.##Stephanie noticed that Gary jumped when she spanked his ass. She liked that. She kept on touching his back for a little bit while longer then rolled back onto her back. She laid there and relaxed.##Gary felt a little bit of energy come back in him. He turned on onto his side facing her. He then brought his hand back down to her pussy. He slipped his fingers inside of her again. He then started fingering her.##Stephanie felt Gary fingering her. She couldn t believe that he was still horny even after all they had done in only an hour and a half. But she wasn t going to question why because his fingers felt way too good to do that. She just laid back and let herself enjoy the feelings he was giving her.##Gary noticed that Stephanie was enjoying his fingering. He knew he couldn t keep it up much longer though because he was getting really tired. He fingered her pussy for about 10-15 minutes more then stopped.##He then realized that he needed a shower. So he got up off the bed and went to the bathroom. He turned on the shower and got in getting himself clean. The thoughts of what they had just done were running through his head and he was glad that he had asked her to come here with him tonight.##Stephanie heard Gary showering. She knew she had to get dressed. So she got up off the bed and grabbed her clothes putting them on. She then sat back down on the bed still trying to gather her thoughts and her breath.##Gary finished his shower. He then got out, grabbed a towel, and dried himself off. Once he was fully dry, he walked out of the bathroom and back into the room gathering his clothes. He got dressed quickly then went over to the couch to put on his shoes. He was glad he had that shower to revive him. Now he felt awake enough to drive her home then himself home.##Stephanie watched Gary get dressed. She then got up off the bed and grabbed her wallet, walking over to him. She had had a great night with him but now she was sore and tired. It was well worth it though.##Gary grabbed his wallet, cell phone, and car keys. He was ready to go because it was getting late.##Stephanie and Gary walked out of the motel room. They then walked to his car and got in. They both decided that they were pretty hungry. So they put their seatbelts on and headed out of the parking lot onto the side road.##They drove down the side road then reached the main drag. They both saw a restaurant that they wanted to go to.##Gary started driving towards the restaurant. Suddenly his cell phone rang and it was his boss. He knew he had to get home so he could find out what he wanted. So they had to cancel the dinner they were going to share together.##Gary turned the car around and started taking Stephanie home. He started wishing that his stupid boss would have left him alone because he didn t really want to have to call it a night even though he was tired but he knew he had no choice in the matter.##Stephanie started wishing to herself that their night didn t have to end. Even though she was tired to, she still enjoyed being around Gary. But she knew that they would always be next time.##Gary and Stephanie drove to her home reaching it quickly. Once they pulled onto her street and into her driveway, they knew this was goodbye for tonight. They both wished it wasn t though.##Gary stopped the car and turned off the engine. He then got of the car with Stephanie following. He walked around to her door to meet her.##Stephanie saw Gary coming around to meet her. She smiled and stood there waiting for him. She didn t really want to go into her house but she knew she had to because he had to get home too.##Gary and Stephanie walked up to her sidewalk. They then stopped and embraced in a hot kiss goodnight followed by a hug. They then parted ways as Stephanie went into her house and Gary went back to his car to go home.##Once inside Stephanie felt so happy because she got to see Gary tonight even though it had been a random meeting. She just hoped that every time with him would be like this! She smiled to herself then went to bed the thought of him and his cock still fresh in her mind. She drifted off to sleep thinking of him and of how hot the next time with him will be. She could hardly wait to experience him again.#
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