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Another cuck wish

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Another cuck wish
So, there we are at my wifes Christmas party. She works with mostly men. I am constantly asking her to flirt with the guys at work. Anyway, I see Steve, a 32 year old single guy eyeing up Mary.

Mary is wearing a white strapless, lacy dress that dives in between her luscious 36D tits and is only about 4 inches from her sweet, bald pussy. She couldn t wear a bra with the dress and I convinced her to go without panties too.

Steve is eyeing up Mary, and she loves it. I ask her, Do you know that guy?
Yes, he started working for me 3 weeks ago. His name is Steve. Why?
I was just asking, because I think that he really likes you. But then again, what s not to like? I respond.
He is pretty hot looking. Shit, he is coming over. What should I do? My wife whispered.
Well, I think that you should show him a good time, what ever he wants. I whispered back.
Mary just smiles at me as Steve is now standing above her. He is looking down at her cleavage and is getting quite a view.
He asks, Could I have this dance?
She looks at me and blushes, then whispers in my ear, I can t dance with him, I have no bra or panties on.
Of course you can honey, it is not like he knows. I whisper back.
Ok, but I have been drinking and I am horny, remember, you asked for It. she says loud enough for Steve to hear. She takes his hand and he leads her to the dance floor as a fast song comes on. Mary is slow starting as she keeps pulling her hem down a little. Soon she forgets about her dress and as she raises her arms, her nipples slightly pop out the top of her dress and her thighs are showing more and more. Fuck it makes me hot. Steven starts running his hands up and down my wifes sides. As he is doing this, he puts his thigh between Marys legs and she is rubbing her naked, bald pussy on his upper thigh. I can tell that she is very lost in the moment as her eyes are closed and her head is thrown back. The fast song blends into a slow, sensual song. Mary is still riding her pussy on his thigh and he is rubbing her sexy ass while slowing pulling up her dress. About half way through the song, he has his hands on her bare ass and she is acting like they are alone. My wife looks up at Steve and he leans down for a kiss. At first it is just a light kiss but grows in passion very quickly. She stops the kiss and looks at me as if to say, I told you so.
They walk back to our table and I can still see her nipples slightly, however she has pulled her hemline back down. Once they reach the table, I can see a big wet spot on Steves right upper thigh. Mary sits down beside me with Steve still standing above her looking down her dress.
My wife leans over to me and whispers, Fuck that was crazy, I am so horny and Steve has a big cock. Are you ready to go?
Not yet, but my cock is really hard. Do you want Steve to come home with us? I whisper back.
As she opens her mouth to answer, Steve reaches down and pinches her nipple right in front of me. Mmmmmm, yes, I think that I would like that. Oh god, I think he is going to make me cum right here! My wife says just a little too loud. I shouldn t be doing this. He works for me. Mmmmmm, it really does feel good though. I reach out and pinch the other nipple and she bites her bottom lip as she squirms around on the chair.
I tell her, Have another shot and go dance with him again, then we will go home.
She downs 2 shots of tequila and looks me in the eye. Are you sure that you want to have a naughty wife?
Absolutely, plus I think Steve really wants you and you want him. I say back as we both are still pinching her nipples.
I think I do. What about my reputation at work? She questions.
Blame it on the alcohol. Do you want this to happen? If you do, you have to tell Steve and I what you want. I tell her.
Mary says, Yes.
Yes what? You have to tell us in detail, loud enough for us to hear what you want to do. I let her know.
I want to dance with Steve one more time, and then I want for him to come home with us. I will then let him strip your wife naked and make you watch him shove his big, fat cock into my mouth. He is going to show you how to eat your wifes soaking wet pussy. Then you are going to guide his monster cock deep into your wifes cunt. You will clean up my messy cunt after he has cum in me. Is that what you want me to say? A little too loudly, she states.
Fuck ya, that is exactly what I want. I say with a raging hard-on.
I watch as Steve takes Marys hand and guides her up to the dance floor. She is smiling at me the whole time. The couple start dirty dancing with rubbing her bare pussy on his thigh again. Steve starts groping her ass and slowly raises her short dress for everyone to see her sexy bare ass. My wife gives her ass a little extra wiggle for my benefit. After a bit, Steve turns her around so that her married pussy is on display. I would be able to see her bald cunt leaking her sweet nectar down her sexy legs. I am so fuckin horny by this point. Steve would be grabbing at her hot tits and making a slow movement towards me. When they reach me, she bends over at the waist with her dress still pulled up and he is grinding his big cock into her naked ass.
She leans forward and says, I want to fuck him in front of you so bad. He is telling me that he has a 9 inch cock and it is as big around as a beer bottle. My married pussy is drooling for him. I couldn t stop from fucking him now even if you wanted me to. So I am saying that you now don t have a choice. You started this and now you have to watch me finish it. Fuck your wife is wet for another cock. We need to go.
Yes dear. I say with a dry mouth.
Then she grabs Steve and heads for the door. I follow them out to the car and open the back door. Mary slides into the middle and Steve gets in next to her. When I get in the driver seat, I look in the rear view mirror and I can clearly see my wife s wet cunt on display as her legs open up to let Steve slide his hand up her thigh to her pussy. I can also see that he has both of her tits out and is sucking on one of her nipples.
Mary looks at me and says, Just drive me and my fuck toy around for a bit before taking us home. Oh and by the way, adjust that mirror so that you can just see my face. That way it will drive my little cuckold husband crazy just listening while he has to pay attention to the road.
Yes dear. I said with lust in my voice. Fuck I am so horny. I can hear them removing clothing and the sucking noise of Steves mouth on her nipples. I could smell her hot married pussy juice, and hear his fingers going in and out of my wife. The two of them where moaning and whispering to each other.
At one point Mary says, Holly fuck, you have a big, beautiful cock! I can hardly get my mouth around the head. You are way bigger than my husband.
She knows that this is turning me on to no end. I drive around for a bit, and then head for home.
As we pull into the garage, Steve says, Fuck your cunt is wet and it tastes so good.
I look back and see that he is finger fucking her while sucking her nipple. I turn back around and just listen. There is more rustling around.
Mary says, Holly fuck your cock is big and beautiful. I can hardly fit the head in my mouth. This is the most amazing cock I have ever seen or touched. Honey, don t turn around, go to the bedroom and get it ready. Strip naked and sit in the chair in the corner. Do not touch yourself or cum. Sit and wait for me and my big cocked lover.
Yes mam. I mumble back, not sure if I can do this but my rock hard cock is telling me to go.
I do as I am told. I pull the comforter off the bed, get her bag of sex toys out, strip down and sit in the chair as I was told to do. As I am sitting there, I can hear them in the living room.
Steve is moaning, Suck my monster cock you married slut, ya, take it all in. I know that you have never had a real cock like mine. Tell me what you are.
My wife of 14 years comes back with, I am a married cum slut whore that is in love with this big man sized cock. I can t get enough of it. I need to taste your cum. I need to feel your cock fill my married cunt until it is full of your meat. I can t wait for you to fill my pussy with your cum, then force my husband to clean up my just fucked, raw pussy with his mouth.
I am just about to cum just from hearing her say those things. However, my mind is still wondering if I can handle watching my beautiful wife take another mans cock deep inside her hot married pussy. I know that she is leaking a lot of love juice because she has never been this turned on. I would hear them walking to the bedroom. As they come in the door, I see that Mary is naked except for her 4 high heels and she is pulling Steve by his cock. I also notice some love bites on her amazing tits, and some on his thighs.
Mary comes over to me and asks, Are you ready to cum? Are you ready to watch your wife get truly fucked like she deserves?
I am not totally sure. But I think that it is too late, so yes I want to watch. You do deserve this and you are worth it. I responded as clear as I can. Just saying that has me shaking, wanting to orgasm.
She climbs up on top of the bed and lays down with her head hanging over the bottom and motions for Steve to go to her. As he approaches, she looks at me and grabs his long, fat cock and guides it into her mouth. I have a splendid side view, watching with pure excitement, as he pushes his cock deep inside of her throat, bottoming out with his balls resting on her nose. I say to myself, She never deep throats my cock.
He starts fucking her face and I can tell that she loves what he is doing. Steve reaches and picks up the biggest dildo that is on the bed, about 8 long and almost as big around as his own cock, and starts sliding in into her soaked cunt. Mary moans around his cock as he bottoms out at both ends. I know that she has never been this full eve.
Finally he pulls out the dildo and moves between her legs. In one thrust, he gives my wife his full cock and shoves the pussy juice soaked dildo deep inside her throat. Again, she would never do that with me.

After about another 15 minutes, he asks my wife, Where does my slutty, married whore want my cum while her cuckold husband watches?
I yell out, Cum in her cunt, claim my wife!
He blows his load inside her while she is cumming with him. He pulls out the dildo and she smiles at me.
In a firm voice, she says, Come lay down on the bed with me.
I shuffle over and lay down, thinking that she wants to cuddle. Nope. She pushes me to my back and squats over my mouth.
Ordering me to, Clean up my dirty, slutty cunt cuck boy!
I watch as globs of Steves cum ooze out of her smooth pussy and drop into my mouth. Mary then sits down on my face and rubs her puffy cunt all over my face until I look like a glazed donut. She just touches my rock hard cock and I shoot the biggest load into the air, landing on my stomach and her hand. My wife gets off of me and puts her hand up to my mouth. Without a second thought, I lick it clean. She then scoops up my cum from my stomach and feeds that to me. MMM.
When I look around, Steve is gone and it is daylight. Mary looks at me and asks, Is that what you wanted and did you enjoy it?
Oh fuck yeah. I loved it. I would love to have a closer view but yes, it was more exciting than I thought it would be. I respond with enthusiasm.
Good, she says, Because this is just the start. I absolutely love big cocks now and have no intention of stopping. Just remember, you wanted this.
Believe me, I wouldn t change that arrangement. You deserve to be totally sexually satisfied. I love you more now than ever. I confess to my wife.
Good, I love you more too. She confesses back.
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