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Fantasy feminization meeting with friends.

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Fantasy feminization meeting with friends.
One evening a couple of friends came over to watch some movies.
for some reason one of the guys asks if he can use my pc to check something on internet because the wifi on his mobile didn t want to work.
Of course I help him and start up the pc, I open the internet browser and did not fully realized I have my favorite pornsite as a start page. My friend calls out all the other guys to look at the site what he just found. When I enter the room again with the drinks I see the guys checking out my profile and making jokes about how gurly I have become. I walk up to the guys with my tray full of drinks, but my body and mind are full of shameful feelings and with shivers in my voice I try to hand over the drinks to the guys. They look at me with smiles on their faces I have not seen before. One of the guys raises the glass and says lets make a toast on this boy that cleary wants to serve us, I’ve gotta say, I like “her” profile. He turns his head and looks at directly at me, I didn’t know what to do or where to look, so humble as I am I looked down. All the guys laugh out loud and make a toast; “To our new slut” and one of the guys looks and me and he say’s; If I would have known you when this kinky, my sweety, I would have made a move on you sooner. But better late than never. He turns around and cheers on the guys, lets show this boy his true nature and place in our group. And all the guys cheer loudly. Shy, ashamed and aroused I look at the guys, not fully understanding what is happening. After they all take a zip of their drinks one of the guys walks up to me and stands very close against me. He looks into my eyes and whispers, so you want to be a sissy… Hmmm. Your ass belongs to me first. And he exhales into my ear. I feel the warm breath on my skin and it makes me shiver. The guys smiles, owh boy, if only I would have known sooner… I would have made you my bitch a long time ago. But now you will become our sissy slut.
excited but also afraid what will happen next I look into my friends eye and say without hesitation. My sissy hole belongs to you all. I want you to treat me like the sissy I want to be.
before I realise what I said my friend turns around and starts laughing while looking at the other guys. Did you guys hear that, this sissy, just offered her fuckhole to us. Who wants to be second? Haha.
I feel my cheeks turning red, all the guys laugh, and I hear in the background, I could use a good fucking, I guess He has a tight hole. And a other, im gonna deepthroat her until she drools all over my cock. Hahahaha. All the guys laugh.
I start to realize this is getting out of hand, 4 of my best friends are joking about me being a sissy and discussing how they’re going to fuck me and who needs a blowjob. But it’s all too late. one of the guys grabs me by my hair and forces his tongue into my mouth. At first I struggle, but I give in within seconds, this was that I was dreaming about. Being the slut for the guys. And now it happened by accident. while I kiss him I feel hands on my side and legs. Before I could even react the guys start to take off all my clothing. Because of all the pulling on my clothing I lose my balance and fall down to the floor.
show us your sissyholy you faggot I hear my friend shout at me. Hurry up slut, show us how much of a slut you truly are one of the other guys said. As if something took over my I humbly did what was asked of me, i turned arround and I spread my legs, held my buttcheeks with my hands and spread my ass as far as I could.
that’s one fuckable hole one of the guys said. But a other guy stepped up and said, but im the first, this hole is mine. One guys starts to laugh, guys, guys, relax, this sissy slut can service us at all. the guys laugh and push me to the floor. It was the point of no return. I became that night a sissy for my closest and best friends.
02 Mayıs 2020, at 11:10


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