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Killer Hitfurry

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Killer Hitfurry

It had been a month since the last job I pulled the girl was back with her family a well known crimelord in fact the guy who paid me worked for the crimeboss although the religious nut job who had her brainwashed put out a public statement that a member of his flock had been stollen from him and that he wouldn t rest till she was returned so once more I m contracted do remove such subversive prospects and or crazy fuckers in this case

Leading into the highrise office buildings vestibule that was converted into this inner city commune controled by the Guru Shagarific (why he took that name was beyond my understanding) The rooms were all the same I remembered them the way they were from the last time I was here the smells as well but they were higher in those pharamhones of fear, anger and hate along with gun oil and the fresh scent of spent gun powder it meant they were playing guns something religious sects don t get into unless they go right into CULT status

Ok here is a side note about me and what makes me tick if you will: The brain of a Furry such as myself who has had exstesive Martial Arts training in multipal types weapons of all kinds and a brain that would rivel any non government computers I get a sniff and I get a mental picture of a room even with the door bolted it s like Radar Sonar and a fer other things that help me that I ve had the training for this would be no different

The way into the building was easy a bit to easy it had my fur on end and my tail was tucked up and wrapped around me so it wouldn t get shot off another thing I learned as well if in case there was some wiseass with a tail fetish and a propensity for shooting furries in the ass the 9MM pistals in my paws full clips and many more when those empty along with the silencers to match I was a furry Killer on the loose and I was hunting for man

Coming upon a room I could hear a couple of females riding each other with a double dildo it was enough to give me a stiffy but I had a job to do looking about the halls I didn t see any cameras but I m sure there would be on the upper floors each of the rooms I past there was some sort of sexual act happening and this room was no different even if it were an orgy the smell woffeding from under the door was enough to take me back the picture I got from it was over powering but I had the right images there were men in there with guns automatics if I had to guess

Bursting into the room was no problem the scene of sexual delight was enough to keep them occupied pulling the triggers on my guns was not even heard as the armed men fell into the throng of sex as they kept sucking and fucking each other

Each room I went through making sure to look for my prize and yes in every room I went to there was some sort of sex act weather it was legal and into the pure i*****l and not just the fourtyeight States but as well as God and the Bible I was awe struch as to the scenes that greeted me as I went from room to room and floor to floor each time killing armed men and the few armed females oh yes it was murder on a very large scale but I was getting paid a shitload of fucking money

Coming up to a door I had to study it closely it had me worried and I dont get worried this room was filled with well armed men looking to kill anything that opened these doors I had a fleeting thought to knock but I knew the answer to that they would open fire cutting the doors to fucking rat shit looking on the other side of the hall there stood a tall plastic plant ah yes the idea of all ideas use the plastic branch to make them spend out their bullets

Taking the plant I tore it apart getting the longest limb testing it s flexability I then put it against the door BAM BAM BAM BAM it got their attention alright they did as I predicted they opened fire shooting the doors till there weren t any left from the darkened hall I took pot shots at them in turn Putap putap putap putap each a good clean head shot till they were all dead that left the last room at the end of the hall but it didn t seem like a room as you might think the numbered board was a dead giveaway that it was the elevator it would have been wired to blow up if I stepped into it at least that is what I would have had it do with enough C4 to take out the whole floor

Looking about I seen the stairs and I took that option the door was unguarded good stopping to get an idea as to the layout it didn t look good they even had a Bazooka along with some rocket luanchers the idea I had about the Elevator came to mind and about the C4 it was worth a shot to look popping the doors to it sure enough it was wired with enough of the stuff to not only take out the floor it was on but the floor it hit on such as the Penthouse first floor or someplace in the middle

OOh talk about bringin down the house you really thought this through didn t you? I said more to myself

Taking out all this stuff would be an all day job so if I did it now that meant I would ride it down to the parking levels doing my best to get it all I put it all up top to mess with later getting a brick of it I put it on the door with a det cap then clicked the remote the door splinters into dust as the shockwave knocks them all onto their asses running in I start shooting those I dont need leaving the Guru untouched

Graqbbing him by his robes I haul his ass out to the Elevator and hit the call button the look upon his face was pure fear making him shit all over himself as it stopped and the doors opened with a ding of the bell

Getting him to the parking levels where the Van was parked I loaded him into the coffin and locked it down then drove out to where he was needing to go as the house came into view I had a feeling I knew what was to befall the bad Guru stopping in front of the huge house I got out and opened the van to let the coffin be carried inside as it was opened he fell to his knees and started begging for his life to be spared it was a pitiful scene to see a grown man begging like that I wanted to shoot him in the back of his head just to make him shut the fuck up

Oh please god forgive me I m not worth killing Oh please don t kill me I ll do what ever you say. pleeded the Guru

Shut the fuck up you snivaling piece of shit I aughta have you beaten to death or shot for what you did ... said the big Hawian as he stood over him

Yeah the Big Kawhoona don t like what you did. said the man stepping down the stairs to the large open room where we all stood as the Guru sat on his knees

Mr. Carman what should I do with this piece of shit who brainwashed my only offspring then defiled her in a manner that no man or b**st would want her? he asked

Well you could do a lot of things to him I have a list of things writen out if you wanna look them over and pick the kinds of things you want him to go through. said the man as he came closer

I got a glimps of the list & had a copy of it in my mind and yes if he chose it I would be in luck to kill this piece of filth

Ah yes I do see something here that would be good for us all you will have to fight the furry and he will kill you after he has had his fill of u. said the boss

Standing there the toothy grin showing as I smiled You can take bets if you like I ll make it a good fight for your moneys worth. I told them

getting their money out they started making a lot of noice as they gathered about us after a while I grew tired of him trying to hit me so I hit him so hard I could hear his head chrush from the blow and his neck impacting upon itself as his head was driven into his chest as the lifeless Guru stood there not moving I then hit him in the gut open paw popping his head from his chest and off his shoulders as it splatted up into the celing the whole place went silent when the headless body fell to the floor the big boss smiled and nodded
02 Mayıs 2020, at 11:10


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