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Being Amanda s bitch

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Being Amanda s bitch
Being Amanda s Bitch.
As I sat there, slumped back in the leather car seat, my body shuddering in post orgasm shudders, turning my head lazily to the right I noticed Amanda staring at me her head cocked to one side, a wicked smile playing across her lips.
“You re not done already baby, are you?” Amanda s velvety voice cut through the silence. Her golden hair falling in front of her face, I could just about make out that smile dancing across her lips, as she reached across and started to fondle my balls. They were still slick with my seamen and Amanda s saliva.
“N…. Not done in the slightest “ I mumbled back. My body starting to twist and writhe under her grasp.
“That feels amazing!” I moaned.
As my cock began to rise, I leaned forward so my lips could meet Amanda s, I slipped my tongue between hers, as our mouths came together in a flurry of passion, my hands were exploring Amanda s body, I pulled her closer grabbing her by her ass, I began to make Amanda pur in pleasure as I began to kiss and nibble upon her long tanned neck. My hands were ripping her micro mini skirt open at it s clasp before I pulled it down around her ankles and off, over her feet. I traced my fingers around the strong muscles of her thighs, my mouth kissing and nibbling further down Amanda s body, paying extra special attention to her belly button and hips, drawing out my oral pathway was making Amanda hot as she moaned every time my lips hit skin. Amanda s strong hand was rubbing my head, combing her fingers through my hair she gently pressed my head down lower until the tip of her thick circumcised cock was pressing against my lips. As the warmth of my lips began to touch it, the head of her cock dibbled a little precum, just enough to lubricate my lips for the head of her big, thick, cock to slip between. With a flick of her hips Amanda pushed her swollen member deep inside my mouth, the head exploring, pushing down past my tongue, deep into my throat until Amanda s smooth balls were resting upon my chin. Her finely manicured nails clasped tightly behind my head so she could start to throat fuck me. Slowly at first her she picked up an almost hypnotic rhythm to her movement s, the speed picking up every time her cock hit the back of my neck.
“Oh baby.. Oh swallow my cock boy.” Amanda moaned her belly slapping against my face, her cock and thighs slick with my saliva, it felt incredible to be this goddess s fuck toy.

“Mmmmmmmmmm… you suck cock like a good little bitch, boy.” Amanda cooed. Shoving her fingers into my mouth and pushing me down.
“Bend over like a good bitch, I m going to fill you up with my surprise.” Amanda whispered.
As I knelt down on all fours, I felt Amanda s hand grip the shaft of my semi erect cock making me moan in pleasure, all of a sudden I could feel her warm wet tongue begin to circle my balls. Taking each ball in her mouth, one at a time she slowly sucked as her hand lazily went up and down my hardening cock.
“Please fuck me Amanda!!” I cried out.
“Mmmm.. Wait until I m ready.” Amanda said, between mouthfuls. Without any warning, Amanda stopped playing, she sat up and opened the car door, her legs looking the legs of a goddess in the pale moonlight.
“Come here and bend over the front of the car for me baby, I m going to fuck you like the bitch you are.” Amanda ordered.
“Yes.” I said as I climbed out into the cool summers night. As I made my way around to the front of the car I could feel my nipples harden and begin to tingle as the breeze wisped against my skin. Quickly I bent forward, my torso resting against the cars bonnet, my semi erect cock dangling between my legs, the car was still warm from the engine. An electric like wave of ecstasy was making its way around my body, making me weak at the knees as Amanda took position behind me. Before I could say a word, she was crouching down, her hands roughly spreading my young ass cheeks, her tongue flicking around my tight asshole, slowly at first. The pleasure was so overpowering, I was in heaven. Amanda s tongue was buried deep in my ass, I was crying out in ecstasy, every time her tongue flicked against my virgin tight, young asshole it felt amazing to be Amanda s bitch.

After few minutes of this Devine teasing became a form of torture, my poor little, virgin fuck hole began to ache with the need to be filled. Just as I thought I could take no more, Amanda stood up straight, the head of her cock now nestled against my wanting fuck hole. All of a sudden Amanda s hand cut through the night air, only to land hard and fast against my chilly, goose pimpled left ass cheek, an almighty smack! sounded out through the silence.
“Ooh, yes please!!” I cried out, as Amanda continued to redden my ass. My ass stung so beautifully, I was on fire. Every time my cheeks would wobble from each blow, the force caused her engorged, thick member to rub against my tight hole.
“Are you ready for my big surprise… bitch?” Amanda demanded. Amanda s skin glistened in the moonlight from the sweat from my spanking.
“I...I… I think so.” I stuttered in response.
Without needing any more encouragement, Amanda spat into her finely manicured hand, reached down between her muscular, hairless thighs and began to lubricated her beautifully smooth but rock hard member, from head to the base of her cock. Amanda covered every inch. I reached back and spread my cheeks eagerly, my ass was covered in red hand prints from where Amanda had been spanking me. The sting from my ass, the cold night air on my skin and the goddess behind me, had my entire body shaking in anticipation. Amanda leaned forward and stuck her fingers in my mouth, she pulled her fingers out, slick with saliva, Amanda lubricated my tight hole then as I cried out. “Amanda, please fuck me, right now, I am your bitch!”.

Amanda placed one of her powerful hands on my right shoulder, her finley manicured fingernails digging into my flesh, gripping it tightly. I could feel her line the head of her throbbing cock up against my virginal asshole.
“Take a deep breath and relax baby.” Amanda whispered into my ear. As I inhaled deeply, Amanda pressed the mushroom tip of her enormous shecock against my tight little hole, slowly she began to work the tip in, just as it began to hurt, I felt the head of her cock slip in past my anal ring. I gasped in pleasure. As soon as Amanda heard that, she flicked her pelvis forward, driving her massive bulging prick up inside me, until her balls slapped against my own. I was in heaven. Every inch of me was burning with pure ecstasy. I was bucking back against her baby smooth muscular abs, as she just stood there, balls deep, impaling me over the bonnet of her car.
“Fucking hell, you re the tightest ass I ve fucked in a long time.” Amanda moaned in pleasure. Gripping my hips with her powerful hands she slowly began to pull back, my rolling up into the back of my head with pure joy at the feel of her cock sliding back. Just as the head of Amanda s juicy cock was about to slip out past my anal ring, Amanda s nails dug deep into my hips as she slammed her pelvis forward. As soon as Amanda connected, she began to pull back again, starting to increase the speed of her new rhythm, I was moaning in pleasure.
“Fuck me harder! Please fuck my harder Amanda, I m begging you please!”
“Oh, you want momma s big, fat, juicy cock, bitch? Do you!?” Amanda barked. The pace of her pounding of my tight virgin ass getting faster and harder by the second. Every time Amanda slammed into me, I was pushed forward, pinned between this Amazon goddess and the front of her car, my rock hard cock kept slapping against the cool grill of her car. The feeling of the chrome against the head of my cock was a teasing torture like I d never before experienced. My precum was smeared all over my thighs and the chrome.
“Please momma!!!, Fuck me. I am your bitch, nobody else s bitch but yours momma!!” I cried out. Every fiber of my being was on fire with the pleasure I was experiencing at the expense of her engorged cock, which only seemed to get thicker with each thrust. Amanda began to giggle a wicked laugh.
“Hehe, mmmmmmmm, that s it bitch, momma s going to fill you right up.” She purred.

Amanda was slamming into me like a jackhammer, the slapping of her abdomen against my red raw ass and sounds of our ecstasy filled cries of pleasure cut through the night air, the quiet countryside was alive with our carnal passion. Pulling back, Amanda quickly and gracefully picked me up and spun me around, I was on my back, the bonnet of the car cool against my back. My ankles were on Amanda s shoulders, her hands had a vice like grip on my shoulders. Her lusty gaze met mine, Amanda s nails dug so deep into my flesh she broke the skin, the pain mixed so well with the pleasure I was on a plain of pure lust filled ecstasy.
“Fuuuuuckkk, I m going to blow!!” Screamed Amanda. With one last powerful thrust. Amanda buried her swollen, throbbing member deep within my virginal, tight you bitch ass, I could feel all nine inches twitch deep inside me, as it twitched, I heard Amanda gasp. Her twitching cock trembled, an erupted inside me, I could feel her fat mushroom head spray inside me like a fireman s hose. The feeling drove me right over the edge. I was bucking and shaking, Amanda s cock was exploding against my gspot, my cock sprayed and shot a creamy load into the air, some landing on my chest. The rest landing over my chin and lips. Panting I looked up at my goddess.
“Amanda, I am your bitch.” I breathed.
Collapsing on top of me, Amanda s breathing was heavy. Her softening cock slipped from my tight fuck hole, I must have looked quite a sight, lying on the hood of a car, a goddess on top of me, her juices running down my legs. Before I could think, Amanda s tongue was licking the cum from my chin, quickly she slipped her tongue into my mouth. Pulling her in we kissed passionately, the taste of my cum was salty sweet mixed with Amanda s lip gloss.
“I guess you ll have to make me your bitch now, baby.” Amanda whispered to me as she bit my lip.

More to cum….
02 Mayıs 2020, at 10:57


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