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An Interesting Friend CoCo

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An Interesting Friend CoCo
Hot CoCo!

Along the way I’ve had the pleasure of knowing 2 pretty nice ‘girlfriends’; one white and CoCo…hot and black. Casual, raunchy, sexy, free-spirited and just fun to be with.

CoCo was a marvel, a wonder of hormone therapy, with ‘her’ everything had gone perfect. She was about 5’ 8 “ with breasts that were well proportioned, not too big or too small, a great ass and killer legs. She was a little overweight, I’d just say a little ‘fleshy’, mildly attractive and oozed a physical glow of well being…along with a satirical sense of humor.

We met at one of those places that tried to be a gay bar in a vanilla town with no future; the Zebra Bar in New Kensington, Pa. I’d decided to go there and see what I could pick-up after a date stood me up one Friday night. It was still early and, before she walked in, I was thinking seriously about taking a ride to my favorite bookstore. I’d been sitting at the far end of the bar nursing a glass of wine and mentally flipping a coin for two reasons; my stockings were brand new and I’d dressed a little too nice to be a bookstore pig that night.

When CoCo strutted in I suddenly forgot about the bookstore.

She walked about halfway down the empty bar, stopped and looked around then said to the bartender, ‘Shit baby…did I miss ALL of the excitement tonight?’ The bartender just looked at her; I laughed. When she looked at me I said, ‘Honey…this is about as exciting as it gets in this place (with a smile).’ She gave me a look then a smile then, a more appraising look before walking over and sliding in between 2 bar stools. There were only 5 others in the bar so finding a place to light wasn’t a problem. I checked her out too (openly) and liked what I saw. As I did she asked, “Can I join you honey or are you waiting for someone or (feigning looking around) is he or she already here?” I offered the next stool which she slid up onto and crossed her legs…pretty nice legs at that. In a few minutes she had a drink and I had a fresh glass of wine; we chatted. A few drinks and about half an hour later we knew something about each other; I had established that she was a pretty cool and easy going person. She was also very forward about things; during an hour and a few drinks I was touched casually, felt up a little (under my skirt) all very discreetly and hidden from the others by the shape and darkness of the bar. When her hand had snaked up my leg I only reacted by taking a deep breath and spreading my legs. She reacted by giving me a slow but wide grin saying, “Hmmmm…a little slutty here aren’t ‘we’?

There was just something about her; something nice and fun.

After a little while she moved to stare directly at me and said, “Honey, I want to kiss you…right now.”
“I thought you never would.”
“Hmmm, pucker-up bitch.”
I did, she moved in and our lips met. Nothing big or sloppy, just a very nice soft kiss. It was the next one that had the bartender remark about us getting a room…it was all tongue…all wide open mouthed and assaulting each other orally. When we came up for air she said, “Never on the first date baby.” to him. Then, she slipped off the bar stool, strutted to the door and left…only to come right back in. As she approached my end of the bar she announced, “Okay…second date honey!” gave me a nice long lingering kiss then got back up on the stool.

What book store?

We had a part of another drink and talked a little; sort of deciding how the evening was going to end. I’d had my mind on getting laid from the beginning (of the evening) so ‘who’ didn’t matter; it was that the ‘who’ had changed in what appeared to be a very pleasant way. I told her that I’d come in a cab and that, if she was interested, we could go to my place then, I’d bring her back for her car the next morning… simple plan. It was my turn to be forward and open and wanton now; there was a feeling that the evening wouldn’t be wasted.

There had been a hand roaming around under my skirt as we talked, I let her take the lead in playing. When the fingers squeezed my small bulge gently then, there was another nice soft kiss, I figured it was about time to take the bartenders advice. We paid up, said good night and left. Getting barely outside of the door we took a few minutes to m***** each other…CoCo had a great ass and, from what I found lurking between those thighs, it was going to be a very good night for both of us. I couldn’t wait to get home!

Once past the kitchen it became mutual ****. Our hands roamed, our mouths explored and we just had fun with each other. I became totally aroused and my little cock was trapped in my panties for a short time. She handled everything deftly. Her dress became unzipped, bra unhooked and I went to work on her very nice breasts then quickly found out that my new friend had VERY sensitive nipples! Not only that but what I’d found between her legs had grown with the excitement. Something that had started as a nice firm lump was now a big juicy handful! Freeing her cock from her thong panties presented me with something meaningful to play with; she had at least 8 inches of gently upward curving and rock hard cock.

We’d made it as far as the couch; she had my skirt up around my waist and my panties were about halfway off; it was a simple matter to get one leg out, get between her lovely legs and grab that black cock…then make love to it. I was encouraged by her squealing like a little girl!
As I sucked away kissed it and licked it CoCo simply went wild; her legs were thrown apart good and wide at first then cocked over my shoulders with her heels digging into my back. We were both enjoying ourselves very much! I kept at it until she panted that she wanted me to get on her and ride…I didn’t have to be asked twice. As I slithered up into her lap she had a look of total bliss; almost like tears would flow at any second. She had me by the arms to support me while I rose, grabbed her cock and pushed it toward my waiting hole. Once aimed properly and, with the head poking me just right I started to sit down slowly.

It was time for us both to moan gasp and squeal a little as the cock disappeared into my ‘cunt’ slowly…I would also need some lube…she was bigger than I first thought. I did fill myself with her then stopped to wiggle around some and make sure I had as much as I could get in that position. I did…when I’d sit back there was a wonderful pressure on my insides. Damn did it feel good!

Within a few minutes I had a great little orgasm; it built quickly then released slow and easy, leaving a nice puddle on her brown skin. Then, following a long wet soul-kiss, she suggested we get our asses in bed.

Once in the bedroom (and now with some lube to make it easier) I assumed the bottom in the missionary position. CoCo was more than ready; with her thong now off and the dress hiked up above her waist, she mounted me and slowly, very slowly, penetrated my rectum then eased every inch of that beautiful cock in. There was another long kiss before she withdrew then started a nice slow easy fucking. I was totally relaxed now and it felt wonderful.

The pure beauty of it is that I can enjoy and play at the same time. She had a great pair of tits to fondle squeeze and tease, I could either dig my heels into her ass and help her go deeper or, get my legs up around her upper body and just let it happen. Of course, after a while, my legs wound up over her shoulders; I was bent double with my hips rolled very well and getting fucked slow and hard. It also became apparent, after a while, that we were making a lot of noise and would be disturbing the neighbors.

It was a great one; followed by a lot of play after and yes, she spent the night. We awoke in a tangle of arms legs and clothing in a very messy bed. I was awake first and began to explore that beautiful chocolate body with my fingers and lips…she awakened slowly to my touches and kisses…moaning, gasping, some wiggling around then, a final long hard and very wet soul kiss that woke us both up! That kiss and my touch lit the fire all over again; in minutes I was stroking a beautiful erection that simply throbbed. I went to work on that until she put me on my back again then showed me, again, that she did indeed know how to use it! When that one was over I had no doubt that the neighbors were wide awake!

Once we felt like moving showers, coffee and some breakfast was in order; I scrubbed her back and she scrubbed mine. Nothing like a lazy Saturday morning.

After we finished breakfast and, were enjoying another cup of coffee, there was a knock on the door. My curious neighbor feigned borrowing a cup of sugar to get a peek at what all the noise had been about; she was like that. (CoCo had moved to the bedroom not knowing if I wanted her seen or not) She was curious about ‘who’ had been making me loose my mind the night before – or – who was helping me slam the headboard into the common wall. Ten minutes earlier and she would have had an eyeful of CoCo in just a bra and boy-shorts that looked like they were painted on.

As we talked she strutted into the kitchen, said ‘good morning’ then asked me to zip up her dress. I obliged then, after a quick little slap to her backside, we all talked for a little bit; my neighbor had coffee and really gave the girl the once over.

We both had our separate and semi-private lives however, we did share a few years of being friends and dated pretty often. It was all fun and she was a fun person to be around.
02 Mayıs 2020, at 10:56


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