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fishing with dad

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fishing with dad
do you fancy doing a spot of night fishing with me tonight?
As a 18 hot blooded male i would be out with my mates drinking looking for some young slut to fuck. i think i m out with the boys dad oh son come on we use to go fishing all the time. I found this great spot it s so quite. I will supply some beer Its true what dad said we use to go fishing all the time but then i found beer and loose girls. ok dad sounds fun but it s beer and vodka

Later that night my dad had taken me with all our fishing stuff beers and a big bottle of vodka to this very secluded spot where we started to fish and talk. We had been there a few hours and i was getting a little drunk when dad asked So tell me what do you get up to when you are out with your mates? so i went off on one about this young slut last week who i fucked with my mate in a steamy threesome. That sounds so hot did you see your mates cock? dad asked
pardon dad my dad looked at me and said did you see your mate hard cock?and did you touch it? dad what why are you asking that? Dad smile and said when i was you age me and your uncle Fred use to play and suck each others cocks and sometime fuck eachother it was so hot having my brothers cock
I sat there in shock but feeling slighty turned on Dad tell me more? My dad looked at me and saw that hand had lower itself to my cock. Why tell you when i can show you I was in total shock but feeling horny as my dad stood up walked over to me put his hand on my trousers and started to rub my cock making it grow then he kissed me full on the lips. I nearly exploded in my pants then. My dad then made his way down to his knees in front of me undoing my trousers then he pulled my trousers and pants down releasing my 7 inch hard cock out to the night air. Wow son thats a sexy cock i looked down to see my dad looking up at me then in a split second before a could say anything my dad had my cock in his mouth sucking me better then any girl had ever done. He then took my cock out of his mouth and worked his way to my balls where he sucked them and wanked my cock. I thought i was in heaven yes i know it was wrong having my dad sucking me but god it felt so good. Dad stood up and then took off his trousers and pants showing off his monster cock . It stood there rock hard around 9 inches Son put it in your mouth and suck me i don t know what came over me but i just dropped to my knees and started to lick and suck my dads cock. I could hear my dad groaning and he was moving his hips aaaarrrrrhhhhh Went dad as he shot his cum into my mouth i pulled away and got most of it on my face. Dad then pulled me up and started to lick his cum from my face then kissed me spitting his cum back into my mouth Swollow it son swollow it I did what he asked and it tasted hot and salty but i like it. Dad them made his why back to my cock put it into his mouth and within a few seconds i was shooting my own cum into his mouth where he stood up open his mouth showing me my cum before swollowing it in front of me.
Next time son i will show you what s it s like to fuck

But that another story
02 Mayıs 2020, at 10:56


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