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Mrs. Freeman sluts around...

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Mrs. Freeman sluts around...
Come on, Matt, Marni whined. You still have an hour left before you re done. Just go in back and get a stack of each and put em on the floor. By the time that s done, your shift will be almost over.

Matt turned and walked away from her without saying a word. He hated this fucking job. He was home from his freshman year in college and his parents made him get a job for the summer. Abercrombie & Fitch was it. It was ridiculous. He barely made any money, and he had to wear the store s clothes to boot. His parents paid for some of his clothes but it was still a wash as far as he was concerned. At the end of the day, he probably spent more on clothes than he actually made.

And Marni, the bubble-headed assistant store manager, was always riding his ass. Do this. Don t do that. How about this, Marni? Shut the fuck up!

Matt shuffled into the storage room to grab a few stacks of what the company s designers called College Tee Shirts. Yeah, right. Who the fuck would wear this crap, anyway? He piled two stacks of the shirts onto his arms and carried them out to the sales floor, arranging them according to the almighty chart that Marni toted around all day, and returned to the storage room for a few more stacks.

* * *

Northbrook Court was tired and starting to look run down, but Olivia Freeman found it convenient, much more so than Old Orchard. Shoot down Green Bay Road to Lake-Cook, then west a few miles, over the Edens Expressway, and there you were. Ten minutes, at the most.

Last Tuesday, however, Olivia gave herself more than ten minutes; more like two hours. That gave her enough time to pick up a new hand bag from Louis Vuitton, a golf shirt for her husband, and a wrap top at Bebe. She liked the way the Bebe tops accentuated her 36C bust line.

She also poked her head into Victoria Secret and purchased a little baby doll; her anniversary was in two weeks and Bob was taking her to Miami for the weekend. He d get his reward for a long weekend at the Shore Club.

That gave her just enough time to get to the Palm, the legendary steak house with a branch at the mall, where she met Rebecca Sussman and Wendy Jackson, two of her best c***dhood friends, for a late lunch. Lobster bisque, a salmon fillet and two-and-a-half bottles of a 2001 Cakebread chardonnay later, she was loading her arms up with bags, wishing her friends well, and walking back through Northbrook Court toward Neiman s, where she had parked her car.

The thought of her car made her frown. It wasn t a car anymore. The thought of driving the monstrosity killed her inside. With three k**s in junior high and early high school, Olivia and Bob finally succumbed to the pull of the minivan. She had lobbied hard for an SUV, an X5 or a Mercedes M-Class. In the end, though, those SUVs didn t fit the Freeman s practicalities. Still, she wasn t happy and her intoxicated state caused her to brood.

Music floated into Olivia s ear, pulling her from her self-pity party. She looked towards its source, the Abercrombie & Fitch store her two eldest k**s – boys both of them – spent so much money at. Thinking she d stop in and see if any sales were on, she veered from her intended path and entered the store.

How are you today? a little bimbo inquired, all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. A tee shirt two sizes too small hugged modest breasts and a pony-tail bobbing behind her.

I m fine, thank you, Olivia responded, barely paying attention to the little girl.

Can I help you find anything, ma am?

Olivia almost stopped and informed the girl that women who haven t started to go gray yet do not appreciated being called ma am. Instead, she said over her shoulder, No, thanks. I ll just look around for a while.

* * *

Matt was leaning over a display table folding tee shirts when the cracking of Olivia s Jimmy Choo heels caught his attention. He glanced at her, intending to do so quickly, but his eyes locked on her beauty. She was walking among the various display tables, a long cherry red nail occasionally brushing her lustrous blond hair behind an ear. High, aristocratic cheekbones, slightly flushed from her intake of chardonnay, bookended a thin, elegant nose. With her tanned flesh, she made quite a glamorous sight.

Matt returned to his duties, stacking the remaining tee shirts on the display table. Finished, he looked around and found her standing before a table covered with stacks of chinos in various shades. She held a pair unfolded before her as if judging whether they would fit her curvy frame. They clearly wouldn t.

Not for you, I m guessing?

Olivia lowered the pants from in front of her face. She gave the young man a wry smile accompanied by a shake of the head. Not exactly.

Anything I can help you with?

Not just yet, thank you.

Well, just holler if you need me.

Matt sauntered off, slowing making his way toward the storeroom for another stack of tee shirts, Olivia admiring his tight butt as he went.

He was back at the tee shirt table arranging his latest load when, over his shoulder, he heard, I Mow Your Mom s Lawn ?

He turned to see her standing over his shoulder, her perfume wafting through his nostrils. A look of inquiry dominated Olivia s luminous emerald eyes. What s that supposed to mean?

I dunno. It s just a tee shirt. They call it a College Tee Shirt.

Who does? she asked, moving to his side and lifting another shirt from the table. I Support The Performing Arts, it read.

The store.

Hmph. I ve never seen any college k**s with tee shirts like these.

Me neither. Matt leaned closer to her and, in a stage whisper, continued. Personally, I think they re ridiculous. You wouldn t catch me dead in something like that.

Olivia s glossy red lips formed a conspiratorial smirk. She leaned closer to him, her full breasts pressing against his bare arm, the cashmere of her turtleneck so soft against his bare flesh. She reached across his chest and picked another tee shirt from the table, holding it before them. Your Mom Never Gets Old. I m sensing a theme here.

Below a lightly plucked and knowingly arched eyebrow, her gleaming eyes locked on Matt s before she dropped the shirt unceremoniously to the table, turned on her heel and wandered off. Matt stared after her as she did, his cock stirring at the site of her sweet little bottom encased in camel hair pants.

Shaking the image from his mind, he returned to his duties, re-folding the tee shirts that Olivia had held up for inspection.

Jesus, Matt, came an exasperated whine. What are you doing? You re just screwing around.

He turned to see Marni approaching.

Come on, Matt, she pleaded. You only have forty-five minutes before you have to clock out. She had had enough. Just go work the cash register for the rest of your shift.

Fifteen minutes later, Matt was behind the counter straightening the supplies and waiting for the next customer when Olivia approached. She dropped two pairs of pants and one of the College Tee-Shirts on the counter and leaned against it on her elbows, her breasts pushing together and swelling beneath her turtleneck. A flirtatious smile formed across her shiny lips as Matt rung up the first pair of pants.

You know you have two different size pants, ma am? he inquired when ringing the second pair.

Olivia sighed, her breath rustling her glimmering blond locks. First of all, I m not a ma am. Try miss, young man. You ll find it works much better with women who haven t hit menopause yet.

Sorry, he mumbled, reaching for the tee shirt.

And second, yes, I know I m buying pants of different sizes. That s because I m buying one pair for my oldest son, she intoned, holding up one pair, and another for my other son, she finished, holding up the other.

Of course . . . miss. I m sorry. Matt rang the tee shirt as Olivia rummaged through the Chanel flap bag looking for her credit card. The bag s strap d****d across her torso, running between her breasts, emphasizing what needn t be emphasized. When she found her card, she handed it to Matt, dragging her cherry red nails across the innocent flesh of his palm as she withdrew her hand.

With a shiver, Matt read the name on the card before sliding it through the machine. He began folding the tee shirt. His composure somewhat regained, he shook his head when he read the message emblazoned across the front of it: I Mow Your Mom s Lawn.

What? Olivia asked.

I told you, he began in light tone, your son s gonna to hate this thing. No self-respecting k** would wear it.

Really? she said, confident that the young man was wrong. Matt nodded his head. Well, let me tell you, then. It s not for one of my sons.

He merely rolled his eyes as he slipped the pants into an A&F bag. Right. Who s it for, then? Your daughter? he scoffed.

Olivia leaned closer to the young man, her long blond locks sweeping across the counter. Silently, she mouthed, It s for you.

Matt furrowed his brow, not reading her glossy lips much less understanding the import of her message.
# It s for you, she whispered, smiling brazenly at the young man who, three months hence, would leave his teens behind.##He was taken aback. His mind raced to form some sort of retort but ultimately failed.## How late do you work? she asked, her chin resting in the palm of her left hand. Her cherry red nails gleamed and the diamond of her engagement ring sparkled in the store s indirect lighting.## Um, he stumbled.##Olivia sensed his anxiety and rephrased the question. What . . . time . . . do . . . you . . . get . . . off? She almost giggled at the double entendre.##He looked around the store, then back at gorgeous women standing before him, then at his watch. Uh. I get . . . . Uh, half-an-hour. Nervously, Matt pulled the credit card receipt from the machine and slid it, the card and a pen toward her.##The pen gripped lightly between her manicured nails, her attention focused on the receipt, she said, Fine. I ll be in the bar at the Palm. Looking up, she slid the store copy back to Matt with a bright smile on her tanned face before putting her copy and the card in the flap bag. That is, if you want to mow my lawn. ##With a smirk, Olivia turned on her heel and walked off, her hips swaying provocatively.##Matt stood there speechless for a moment, his cock twitching in his pants. Then he tried to make himself look busy straightening up the area around the cash register, but he was really just moving things around, his mind racing. Butterflies fluttered around his stomach as he rang up a few customers during his remaining time on the clock.##* * *##Outside Abercrombie & Fitch, Olivia turned and slowly made her way back to the Palm. Ensuring that her friends had left – she had no desire, of course, to explain to them why a young man was meeting her in the bar – she took a seat on one of the stools and ordered a bourbon-on-the-rocks.##When the bartender set it before her, she quickly downed it and glanced at her watch. Five minutes, she thought to herself, signaling the bartender for another.##Olivia s nipples tingled beneath the cashmere weave of her turtleneck. Random, mid-day assignations were not foreign to her. She had married young, right out of college, and was pregnant, she often joked, before she and Bob had even left for their honeymoon. Though prone to fucking strange men behind Bob s back when they were dating in college, she had remained faithful to him during the first decade of their marriage.##The second decade, thus far, was a different story altogether. There was nothing unique about her motivations – limited sexual experiences before marriage; validation of her ability to attract men as she reached into her thirties; the general boredom of the stay-at-home mom.##Nonetheless, the incidence of her infidelity was fairly low – once or twice a year – but her daydreaming and fantasizing were much more frequent. And lately, her imaginations had been leading her to younger and younger men. The messages plastered across the front of Abercrombie & Fitch s College Tee Shirts had engaged her cougar instinct. Matt – if for no reason other than that he was simply there – was to be her prey.##* * *##At the top of the hour, Marni relieved Matt at the cash registered and he went to the storeroom to clock out for the day. He left the store and paused just outside it. If he went in one direction, he could be in his car and on Lake-Cook Road in a matter of minutes. In the other was Olivia Freeman.##A few minutes later, he found himself approaching the Palm, his stomach churning, his knees weak, palms sweaty.##* * *##Olivia glanced at her watch again. Should be here any minute. ##She dropped a twenty on the bar and collected her bags. She got herself balanced and was moving toward the door when Matt walked in. The nervousness was apparent in his demeanor. She smiled inwardly: he knew he was being hunted.##As the two approached each other, Olivia pretended not to notice him and breezed right on by, her shimmering flaxen hair flowing behind her## Follow me, she said from the side of her sensuous mouth as she passed.##Matt stopped in his tracks, momentarily confused, but turned and followed her. He caught up to her about twenty yards outside the Palm.## Walk behind me, she ordered, as though she were Queen Nefertiti. We can t be seen together. ##Matt dropped back a few paces and, through his anxiety, admired her swinging bottom. He followed her through the mall, the rhythmic clacking of her heels nearly mesmerizing him, and into Neiman s and out a side door. Olivia crossed the inner access road and stopped ten cars in at the rear of a silverish minivan. She set her bags on the ground, fumbled around her flap bag and extracted a set of keys, all the while remaining silent.##She pressed a button on the key fob and the rear hatch opened on its own. Matt helped her place the bags in the rear of the minivan, stacking them atop a lacrosse stick and a partially deflated soccer ball.##Olivia closed the hatch and moved to the driver s door, throwing a Get in over her shoulder to the confused teen.##As she settled herself in the driver s seat, the passenger door opened. She hit a button on the dashboard and the sliding door to the rear of the minivan slid open. She leaned over and caught Matt s eye. In back. ##Matt paused for a moment, his confusion continuing, but he shrugged his shoulders, shut the front door and climbed in back, sitting in the middle of the bench seat. Another press of the dashboard button closed the door, sealing the van s cabin in silence.##Olivia put the minivan in reverse, backed out of the stall, and drove slowly toward the outer access road. She stole a glance through the rearview mirror at Matt in the backseat. Oh, God, she thought, rubbing her thighs together. I am going to rock this k** s world. She paused at the outer access road and, after looking both ways, crossed it, rolling into a remote parking lot.## What s your name? she inquired, eyeing him again in the rearview mirror.## Uh . . . Matt. ## Well, Matt, she began, I think its time for you to leave the teenyboppers behind. ##She brought the minivan to a stop and put the transmission in park. Leaving it running, she turned to face him; the twisting of her body accentuated her large breasts. I ve been dreaming about young cock pounding my filthy cunt into mush, she declared, her voice low and sultry and dripping with lust at the thought of having this young man at her beck and call. How does that strike you? ##Olivia reveled at the sharp intake of his breath as the wicked words tumbled across her glossy lips. Without waiting for his response, she squeezed between the two front seats. She knelt on her camel hair covered knees, her long elegant fingers bracing herself against his muscular thighs. A soccer cleat dug into her left knee as she leaned into the wide-eyed young man.##As her pretty face fell toward his, Matt looked around, nervous that someone might see them. Olivia lifted a bright red nail to his cheek and guided his face back toward hers. I m right here, young man, she reminded him before brushing her soft full lips against his.##Matt quaked and inhaled deeply as Olivia s pink tongue flickered out and parted his lips, slipping into his mouth. He tasted the wine on her breath as he tried to catch his breath.##His eyes eased closed as her hot, wet tongue invaded his mouth, her perfume his olfactory senses. A manicured hand roamed down his chest, gently massaging his pectoral muscles, pausing momentarily to tweak his flat nipples.##Olivia s shiny lips and slithering tongue detached from the young man s mouth and she planted light kisses along his jaw line, crossing to his ear. She blew hot breath as her hand dropped to the waistband of his pants.## Um, he began, his young body shuddering.## Shut up, she whispered hotly into his ear, sending shivers up his spine. You re not here to talk. You re here to FUCK. She bit hard on the last word before taking Matt s earlobe between her full lips and sucking it hard between her snow-white teeth.##Olivia pulled Matt s shirt from his pants and pushed it up and out of her way. With a thumb and forefinger, she roughly pulled his belt from its buckle, ripped the button from its hole, and tore open the zipper, careful not to chip her nails.##Matt groaned as her cool, soft fingers raided his boxers and pulled his thickening cock from the piss hole.##Olivia bent and licked around one of his nipples as her manicured hand encircled the thick, teenage cock, stroking it. She lifted her head to look around. There were no cars approaching, no people on foot.## Mmm, she muttered, dipping her head again toward the erect shaft quivering in her left hand. She blew hot breath across the broad head before swiping her wet tongue across the spongy flesh, capturing a drop of pre-cum as it threatened to streak down the length of his shaft.##The cum sat on her tongue for a moment before she pressed it against the roof of her mouth, mixing it her own saliva, and swallowed. Her left hand remained firmly around Matt s cock, gently tugging, her eyes locked on the veiny, pulsing shaft and shiny head. Her focus was singular.##After a moment, she tore her sparkling emerald eyes from the trembling mass and found Matt staring back at her. A lascivious smile parted her full lips. I cannot tell you, she began, how long I ve been waiting for this. Her fist still pulling gently at his shaft, she again swiped her tongue across the squishy cap.## Hmm? he moaned in response.## Young cock, she answered. Young . . . thick . . . fraternity-boy cock. ##With her free hand, Olivia reached below her and pulled Matt s shoes from his feet. She tugged at his pants and, when he lifted his ass from the leather bench, pulled them down over his knees and off his feet.##Planting light kisses along the inner thigh of his left leg, she pushed his right leg up and to the side so that it hung over the arm of the bench seat.## Oh, gawd, she muttered before burying her pretty face in the teenager s crotch, her flaxen hair whispering across his hairy thighs as her silky tongue found his hanging balls. She bathed them in sticky saliva while her left hand continued to jerk at Matt s stiff cock. The metal links of her watchband clinked together in time with her stroking, providing the only sound inside the cabin of the minivan.##Above her, Matt groaned with delight. His mouth was dry and he struggled to swallow when Olivia sucked one of his balls into her mouth. He clenched his fists beside him, his knuckles turning white.##Olivia spit the testicle from her mouth and released the teen s throbbing shaft. It fell to his thigh with an audible plop as she grabbed his trim waist in both hands, pulling his ass closer to the edge of the bench.##Scooting back on her knees so that her trim ass was wedged between the two front seats, she again took Matt s thick shaft in her fist and, with her right hand, gently lifted his balls. Olivia bent further, squeezing her tanned cheeks between the young man s thighs. Her tongue darted from between glossy lips and licked lightly at his perineum.##Above her, Matt inhaled sharply, never having felt the silky smoothness of a wet tongue beneath his balls. When Olivia s tongue strayed closer to his clenched asshole, he jerked at the sensation and his heavy, sperm-laden balls fell from her grasp, resting softly against the bridge of her nose and in the socket of her right eye.##Olivia increased the pace of her stroking, pulling roughly on the veiny rod that stood upright above her prone face. Matt s breathing became short then erratic and pre-cum leaked from the tip of his cock, slickening Olivia s clenching fingers and adding lubrication to her ministrations.##Sensing an impending orgasm, she pushed her angelic face deeper into the teenager s groin, her pink tongue licking at the base of his smooth nut sack. As her face pressed against his thighs, her flickering tongue slid across his perineum to his puckered asshole.##Matt jerked when he felt the wet tip of the older woman s tongue brush against his anal ring. At the same time, Olivia slammed her left fist to the base of his quivering shaft, squeezing tightly, her manicured thumb applying a steady pressure to the sensitive underside of his cock.##The shaft lurched in her elegant hand and she vigorously rubbed her thumb at its base, coaxing steamy cum from his heavy balls. Cum for me, fraternity boy, she mumbled into musky void between her face and Matt s groin.##With her fist clenched around the teenager s cock, she felt the sperm course through the pulsing shaft as Matt arched his back, trying force his cock deeper into her fist.##She pulled her face from his asshole as the first jet of cum spurted from the tip two feet in the air before falling and splattering against his exposed stomach. The next two emissions ejected with much less force, thick, stringy ropes of fluid that coated her manicured fingers and wedding rings.##Her sparkling eyes fixated on the pulsating shaft, Olivia spread the cum sticking to her fingers around his overheated flesh. Stroking his now lubricated cock gently, she leaned forward, her face dropping toward Matt s ripped stomach. Her tongue slithered from between still-glossed lips and licked the sperm from the flesh of his stomach, her tongue dipping into his belly button to collect what had puddled there.##Matt s body settled back on the minivan s bench and his head rolled to the side as he tried to catch his breath, his cock still stiff in Olivia s tight fist.## This is why . . . I ve always . . . wanted . . . young cock, she announced, bringing her left hand to her lush mouth, her tongue licking the thick sperm from between her fingers. You can cum . . . and cum . . . and cum . . . but this cock . . . will remain thick and stiff. ##Her pretty hand clean, Olivia lifted herself from her haunches and leaned over Matt s prone body, brushing her soft lips against his nipples and then his chin. She turned over and slid onto the bench next to him, kicking the heels from her feet in the process. Pulling her trim legs in the air, the unbuttoned her pants and pushed them down her lithe thighs.## Help me out here, she grunted from her folded position.##Matt turned on the seat and pulled first one and then the other pant leg off Olivia s dainty feet, dropping the pants to the floor of the minivan. She raised her tight ass off the leather seat and pushed her pink thong down as far as she could, pulling one foot from the stringy little nothing.##Olivia slouched into the corner formed by the seatback and the side wall of the minivan and spread her toned, trim legs wide. She ran a gleaming red fingernail over the crevice formed by her full cunt lips and a trace of cunt juice leaked from her, forming a shiny wet spot on the leather bench.## Not much lawn to mow, huh, fraternity boy? she asked, her lewdly spread legs revealing a thin stripe of pubic hair reaching from the apex of her cunt to her tan line. Her landing strip was somewhat darker than the hair atop her pretty little head.##Matt merely groaned from deep in his throat as he turned to face Olivia more directly.## Now get down on your knees and lick my wet cunt, she ordered, prodding him with a manicured hand on his shoulder.##Matt slid off the bench and squeezed himself between Olivia s widespread legs and the back of the minivan s driver s seat. He dipped his right shoulder beneath her left knee, his left beneath her right, hooking her legs over his muscular shoulders.##Licking lightly up her inner thigh, he wrapped his sinewy arms around her such that they rested at the top of her landing strip. His licks brought him closer to her musky cunt, but he stopped just short. With his tongue protruding from his mouth, Matt gave Olivia a long, wet lick up the crease between her leg and groin and moved his head up and over her landing strip, tracing along its edges. The light sensation caused her to gasp.## You have a beaut-, he began before she interrupted him.## Just shut up . . . and eat. . . . You re not here . . . to make . . . conversation. As the words spilled from her full lips, Olivia gripped the back of his head in her open palms, pulling his mouth toward her sopping cunt. Her long, manicured nails sc****d along Matt s scalp as she jammed his lips against her, smashing them together.##His nose almost buried against her clit, Matt s tongue snaked out and ran up the folds of Olivia s cunt and back down again. On its way back up, it penetrated her cunt lips, releasing a torrent of fluid that flowed into his mouth.## Oh, gooood boooy, she cooed, her head lolling back and forth.##Olivia pulled him tighter against her, manipulating his skull from side to side, saturating his chin and cheeks in her cunt juice. When her grip slackened, Matt lifted his head slightly and swiped his tongue across her throbbing clit once and then again.### Uunngghh, she moaned, lifting her lithe legs higher, tightening their grip around his neck. Olivia s nipples throbbed beneath her turtleneck as she squirmed across the back seat of her minivan.##Her movements, controlled just barely by Matt s strong hands wrapped around her waist, brought his tongue back across her clit again.## Yyyeeesss, she hissed, grinding her trim hips against the teenager s face, her pelvic bone smashing against his chin.##Matt maintained his tongue s presence at Olivia s clit, manipulating it back and forth between licks. He suctioned his lips to the engorged bud and sucked into his mouth, tugging it gently back and forth.##Above him, Olivia bucked as the tingling sensation coursed from her distended clit and through her torso to her thick nipples. Matt trapped her clit between his lips and sucked hard at the engorged flesh. Her elegant fingers pulling roughly at Matt s hair, she bucked against his face harder and harder, threatening to bruise his youthful features.##Matt released her inflamed clit from his mouth and dipped his tongue between her folds, savoring the musky taste of her cunt juice. Two of his fingers found her clit and rubbed it vigorously as he tongue-fucked the older woman.##The double sensation of having her cunt penetrated and clit massaged caused Olivia to jerk her sweet bottom right off the bench seat, slamming her clit against Matt s manipulating fingers.## Oohh, ggaawwdd! Yyeess! she screamed, her cunt contracting around the teenager s tongue as an orgasm screamed through her athletic little body. Her head rolled from side to side, her long blond locks a tangled mess. Ohmidgod . . . ohmigod . . . ohmigod! ##Matt slowed the pace of his tongue and his fingers as the trembling of Olivia s body subsided and her ass slowly descended to the bench seat again. Her elegant fingers found his clothed shoulders and her nails dug into his tender flesh as she pulled him closer to her quivering, dripping cunt, trying to coax a few more seconds of orgasmic bliss from her little body.##Her legs still locked tightly around his neck, her pink thong hanging from one of her dainty feet, Matt ran lazy circles around her burning clit with his tongue as she caught her breath, occasionally dipping his tongue between the saturated folds of her cunt.## I want, she began, her breath labored, that college cock . . . buried in me. ##Olivia released the grip of her legs around Matt s neck and, still on his knees, he moved up closer to the bench. His thick cock bobbed before his muscular body and slapped against Olivia s exposed clit.## Oohh, ggaawwdd, she shuddered, reaching between her obscenely spread legs with her left hand, guiding the thick mushroom head toward her sopping hole.##When he felt the spongy head press against Olivia s lips, Matt pushed forward, sinking the first few inches of his shaft into her wet cunt.## Mmmm, she moaned, relishing the sensation of the thick head shoving her tender flesh aside.##He pulled back slightly and then forward again. Beneath him, Olivia wiggled her hips slowly, seeking a better angle for the penetration. Matt s third push found his pubic hair flattened against her landing strip, his balls coming to rest against her tanned ass cheeks.##Matt pulled back so that just the head of his cock remained ensconced in the overheated hole before pushing back in, ensuring that her slippery cunt juice lubricated the entire length of his shaft. He continued in this manner, falling into a slow but steady rhythm, his large hands gripping Olivia s pliant hips.## That s it, fraternity boy, she leered at him, her emerald eyes burning with lust. Fuck me nice and slow . . . nice and slow. ##While Matt continued his able penetration of Olivia s unfaithful cunt, she smoothed her long fingers across her landing strip and grasped the waist hem of her turtleneck. Squirming on the bench, she pulled it up and over her head, her bare foot slipping on the latest issue of Cosmo Girl, left there by her youngest c***d.##Through the silk bra, Olivia squeezed and massaged her 36C tits, pausing occasionally to tweak her thickening nipples. As Matt s cock continued to slice between her folds, she released the catch at the front of the bra and pulled the cups aside.## Oohh, fuck, Matt groaned when Olivia exposed her soft tits, her thick, elongated nipples beckoning his attention. As blood surged into his young shaft, he adjusted his position to get a better angle at her cunt. His knee came down atop the soccer cleat, and he edged it aside.##The cleat digging into his knee brought the full impact of what he was doing slamming into his brain. He was fucking someone s mom, someone s wife, in the backseat of the family minivan, the same car she used to pick her k**s up from school, to go to the grocery store and runs carpools for soccer practice and lacrosse games.##Matt increased the pace of his fucking as the long, manicured nails of Olivia s left hand grazed across a crinkly areola and thickened nipple. Her large tits rose and fell atop her trim chest as the force of his fucking increased.## Gooood boooy, she cooed, the soft pads of the fingers of her right hand smoothing across his sweaty cheek. Faster now, sweetie . . . mm-hm . . . that s it . . . faster . . . fuck me harder! ##The depravity of fucking this married lady in the backseat of her minivan, combined with her filthy mouth, spurred Matt on. He lost all restraint and began pounding his thick cock into her.##Olivia s long manicured fingers fanned out across her firm tits to keep them from wobbling too much on her heaving chest. A bead of sweat formed across her eyebrow and above her upper lip; her high cheekbones were aglow.## Aaaahhhh! she screamed as her clit was smashed between their pelvic bones. She tossed her head from side-to-side, her long blond hair whipping back and forth as she arched her back and bucked her hips, forcing the slicing cock deeper into her sloppy cunt. But Matt slowed his pace before she could reach another orgasm.##Her body settling, Olivia pushed her soft tits together, mounding them atop her chest, her fat, darkened nipples jutting from the white flesh.## Suck. ##His thick cock still slipping between the folds of her cunt, Matt dropped his head toward the immense cleavage, his lips parting to allow a thick nipple to penetrate his dry mouth. Oh, god, Olivia. ##She released one tit and grabbed Matt s left ear between manicured fingers. That s Mrs. Freeman to you, fraternity boy, she demanded in a harsh tone. Seeking his understanding, her hips still bucking at the invading cock, she raised an eyebrow. Got it? Mrs. Freeman. Not Olivia. Mrs. Freeman. ## I . . . got it, Matt responded through labored breath, burying his face between her soft, jutting mounds when she released his ear and brought the wobbling tit back atop her chest.##Burying his cock to the root in Mrs. Freeman s saturated hole, his lips sought and found a burgeoning nipple. He washed his tongue across the engorged flesh before sucking it lewdly between his lips.##Matt readjusted his position again so that he could wrap his arms around Mrs. Freeman s svelte body and suck her soft tits while at the same time continue pounding her cunt. As his lips again searched for a thick nipple, she arched her back into him, pushing her tits toward his face.##He sucked first one then the other nipple into his mouth again, ramming his cock into Mrs. Freeman s slackened cunt, holding it there, grinding his pelvic bone against her inflamed and exposed clit.## Oohh, ggaawwdd, she whimpered at the brutal tingling that coursed through her body.##He pulled out again, his lips still attached to the fat nipple, and violently rammed his cock back into the married mother of three. He sucked the blood-engorged nipple between his teeth, scr****g and nibbling at the tender flesh as Mrs. Freeman s little body trembled beneath him.## Bite, she ordered in a voice barely audible.##Matt withdrew slowly and just as slowly shoved his thick cock into her quivering woman. He wiggled his hips to penetrate her unfaithful cunt further. His tongue washed across a tender nipple.## Bite! ##His cock buried in her, he ground his hips against her, crushing her delicate clit between them. The coarseness of his pubic hair agitated the inflamed bud and Mrs. Freeman squirmed around beneath him, trying to apply greater pressure to her little clit.### I said, Bite!!! ##With her tender clit still smashed by his pubic bone, Matt fastened his lips tightly around the base of her raw nipple. Slowly, he bit down, feeling the flesh compress between his teeth.## Aaaaahhhhh! she wailed, her hands flying to the back of Matt s head, pulling him tighter against her swollen tits, his nose mashed into the flesh such that he could barely breathe. Harder . . . harder! she whined.##Matt s teeth continued to close on the thickened nipple until he was afraid he d break skin. He pulled his hips back slightly to relieve the pressure on her abused clit before jamming his shaft back into her, again trapping the little clit between their sweaty bodies.## Ooohhh, gggaaawwwddd! Mrs. Freeman howled, her cunt trembling and twitching and quaking around the teenager s cock. Her athletic body shook and shuddered beneath him as another orgasm washed over her.## Yyyeeesss! she hissed. That s . . . it . . . fraternity boy . . . I m cumming . . . on your . . . young . . . thick . . . cock! ##Matt held his cock in Mrs. Freeman s cunt as her body convulsed on the bench seat, sweat dripping from her chin and running between the cleavage formed by her shoved-together tits.##He pulled out, leaving only his spongy cock head buried in her, and she gasped at the emptiness she felt.## Put it back in, she pleaded. Pleeeaaase . . . put it back in. ##A thick nipple still trapped between his teeth, Matt pounded his thick back into her, nearly knocking the wind from the cheating wife s lungs.## Oohh . . . yyeess, she moaned, regaining her breath as her body s tremors and spasms slowed.##Matt released the battered nipple from his lips and teeth and sat back on his haunches, his twitching cock still wrapped tightly in Mrs. Freeman s sloppy cunt.## Ohmigod, she breathed, her eyes hooded in post-orgasmic wonderment. Your . . . are one . . . nasty little boy. ##Matt prepared to respond when The National Anthem sounded from somewhere behind him.## Oh, fuck, Mrs. Freeman breathed. It s my cell phone. Reach behind you and get it, would you? ##Making sure that his fat cock didn t slip from her slushy cunt, Matt twisted around and spotted the cell phone sitting in a cup holder below the minivan s stereo. He reached behind him, grabbed it, and handed it to her.##Mrs. Freeman flipped the phone open and, with her left hand, brushed her tangled hair behind an ear.## Hello? She paused while the person on the other end spoke, and then abruptly looked at watch. Her bright emerald eyes went wide with surprise. I m so sorry, sweetie, she gushed. As she spoke, Matt pushed into her, jamming the soft underside of his cock against the back of her pelvic bone, and bent to suck a still engorged nipple into his mouth.##Mrs. Freeman nearly gasped, but maintained her composure and continued her conversation. I ll be there in twenty minutes . . . I know, honey, I just got sidetracked with something. ##Slicing into her cunt, Matt s movements became erratic at Mrs. Freeman s nastiness. Here she was, in the backseat of her minivan with a k** half her age. She had met Matt less than two hours ago, yet his cock was buried in her unfaithful cunt and his lips were tightly suctioned around her aroused nipple.## I know, sweetie, she breathed. I said . . . I said I m sorry. Give . . . give me twenty minutes. Mrs. Freeman slammed the phone closed and dropped it to the floor.##She pouted her lower lip out and said in a c***d s voice, My poor, poor baby. Her hands encircled Matt s waist, sliding down to his tight ass, her manicured nails digging into his flesh. I almost forgot all about her, she whispered in his ear, pulling him towards her, his cock sinking deeper into her loosened cunt.##Mrs. Freeman slapped his ass, prodding him on. Now, cum in this mommy s cunt so she can go get her baby girl. ##Matt moaned deeply into Mrs. Freeman s squishy tit that was molded against the features of his face. As the nasty words tumbled from her shiny lips, his cock lurched in her wet cunt. Feeling his cum about to spill from his heavy balls, Matt jerked back and pulled his cock from her.##Mrs. Freeman was surprised and shrieked, What are you doing!?! Put it back in! ## I . . . Matt tried to speak but his balls were churning, his cock was pulsating and his cognitive mind had shut down.## Put your cock back in me! she ordered. You ll cum all over the car! ##His eyes rolling to the back of his head, Matt slammed his cock back into the depths of Mrs. Freeman s sloppy cunt, knocking the wind from her lungs. Alcohol-tinged breath gusted by his face, filling his nostrils.## Are you . . . on the . . . pill? he managed to ask, his body jerking in impending orgasm.## No . . . what? . . . no! I don t . . . fucking . . . care . . . . Just cum . . . in me! Mrs. Freeman spanked Matt s pistoning ass again, urging him to drop his seed inside her unprotected cunt.##When Matt next sunk his cock into the loose cunt, he held it there, squirming his hips, sliding the sensitive underside of his cock against Olivia s pelvic bone. He felt his sperm-laden balls release and a surge of cum screamed through his shaft before splattering against the searing walls of Mrs. Freeman s cunt. He jerked once, twice, a third time, each time coaxing more cum from his balls and into her fertile hole.##Matt s body relaxed and, sensing he was done, she pushed he teenager off her sweaty body. Come on, she said in a hurry, slipping her free foot back through the pink thong. Let s go. I m late. I need to pick my daughter up from school. ##While Matt situated himself on the bench seat and found his boxers and pants, Mrs. Freeman fastened her bra and pulled the cashmere turtleneck back over her torso. Matt was taking his time.## Come on, k**! Make it snappy, she ordered, clicking her manicured fingers at him as she reached for her pants.##Matt picked up the pace as Mrs. Freeman finished dressing. Go on. Get out! ## But can t you drive me back to-, he began before being interrupted again.## No. Just get out, she pleaded, squeezing between the front seats of the minivan and sliding into the driver s seat.##Matt shrugged his shoulders as the side door slid open. His feet were barely on the ground when he heard the engine rev and the tires chirp behind him.#
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