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Turning my friend Bi

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Turning my friend Bi
I have only been bisexual myself for some 8 months, but what happened last night turned my friend too.
A few of us went out to the pub to have a few drinks. One of the lads, Paul, had come out too, someone I hadn t seen for about a year or so, which was nice. I wouldn t say he was a close friend, just someone who I had always got on with, and enjoyed being with. He was a little younger than me at about 32, and pretty fit looking.

We had all had quite a few to drink by time we decided to call it a night, but Paul asked Phil and I if we would like to go back to his for a few more. Phil declined as he had work today and needed to be up early, but I said yes, why not.

We stumbled through his front door, and headed for the living room. I sat down in a large arm chair, and Paul went to get a couple of beers. He came back in, passed me a bottle, then sat opposite me in the other arm chair.

We started talking about girls, and he mentioned how unlucky he was at pulling them. Paul is not what you would call ugly, but perhaps lacked a little confidence in the chat up lines.
I asked him, quite bluntly, if he had ever tried his lines on a guy instead. He spat his beer out and looked straight at me in horror.

oops!! It s out now then I said

What do you mean it s out now? My face turned red, I could feel it.

I m bisexual Paul. I said. I like cock!

What s it like, you know, sucking a cock?

Paul was very inquisitive, which was good. I thought by his reaction at first that he wanted to hit me.

Well, I like it. I like to feel the hardness on my tongue, and see the reaction of me sucking hard, I play a game with myself to see how much I can take of it down my throat.

What about when the guy cums, what do you do with it? Paul asked.

I do inevitably swallow some, but I like to be sloppy with it, and spread it around his cock and balls with my lips and my tongue.

I looked over to Paul, and could see his cock had grown in his jeans.

Is that your cock getting hard Paul? I asked.

Em, yes it is. He looked embarrassed at my noticing his bulge.

Does it interest you Paul?

Well I have thought about it once or twice, but never had the guts to try it for real.

I was getting a little hard myself, feeling the twitches of my own cock in my shorts.

Would you like to try it Paul? I mean, if you don t like it I will not tell a soul, promise.

I m not sure......maybe

What about if I suck your cock first, will that relax you?

Possibly, I just don t know.

At no stage had Paul said no, or shown disgust at my suggestions, so I thought I had nothing to loose.
As I got up from my chair and walked towards Paul, he placed his beer bottle on the table.
I knelt between his legs and undid the zip and button on his jeans. His breathing was a little heavy, and he started to sweat.

Calm down Paul, just enjoy it, I am sure you will.

He relaxed a bit as I tried to pull his jeans and shorts down in one go. Paul raised himself so I could pull them away. As I did his massive cock sprang back, fully hard with the blood coursing through the prominent veins.

bloody hell Paul, you re huge!!!

Thanks mate. Are you really going to suck it?

I didn t answer him. I stuck my tongue out and licked from his balls, up his 8 inch shaft, to the shiny purple head. For a moment I flicked his cum slit with the tip of my tongue, then quickly engulfed the head with my mouth, pushing down hard on his cock until I could feel the tip in the back of my throat. I withdrew his cock sucking as I did.

Oh my fucking god, that is awesome. I never knew it would make me feel like this.

Do you want me to stop, or carry on Paul? I asked.

Oh carry on, suck my cock all you want. I want you to make me cum.

I circled the head of his cock with my tongue, then sucked his length, or as much of it as possible, into my throat. I built up a rhythm, bobbing my head up and down his shaft, my saliva dribbling down to his hot, full balls, my hand gently squeezing them as it did.

I think I m close to cumming. Paul said.

Not yet you don t. I said, stopping the sucking on his very hard cock.

Why? What s wrong?

Nothing is wrong, but I think you need to try it now.

I don t think I can.

It s easy. Open your mouth, and close your eyes Paul, you will enjoy it.

I stood up and removed my own jeans and boxer shorts, releasing my own hard, hot cock into the cool air.
I placed the palm of my left hand on Paul s smooth shaved cheek, gently turning his head towards where I was standing beside his armchair, his mouth open, and eyes closed.
I grasped my cock with my right hand and guided it towards his open mouth. It closed as the head of my cock touched his bottom lip, but tentatively opened again. The head of my cock sat on his lip for a moment, as if he was unsure as to what to do next.

Is that ok Paul?

Yes. Paul whispered.

Good. That s my cock on your lip, why don t you use the tip of your tongue to feel it a little more?

With that, Paul flicked the head of my cock with his wet tongue, still sitting on his lower lip.

Would you like some more in your mouth? I asked.

Mmmmmmmmmm. Paul moaned as I started to slide my cock slowly into his open mouth.

Paul closed his mouth around my shaft. He didn t have a great deal in there, but I could feel his tongue moving around, and the gentle tell tale feel of pressure as he began to suck. It felt very nice indeed.

Is that nice Paul? Would you like me to fuck your mouth for you?

Mmmmmmmm. Paul moaned. ##I placed my hand on the back of his head, and started to build up a little rhythm, not wanting to force too much of my cock into Paul s mouth, all the same, he seemed to enjoy my cock going slightly deeper with each thrust. The surprise came when he placed a hand on one of the cheeks of my arse, and actually started to pull me into him, moaning deeply as he did so.##I looked down at Pauls still hard cock. It looked massive, and had a shiny bead of pre-cum glistening on the head. This gave me the feelings that I wanted to explode, and soon.## I m going to cum Paul. ##Paul stopped, and withdrew my cock from his mouth.## I m not sure if I want to go that far just yet. Can you cum somewhere else? ## Ok! Keep sucking until I pull out. ##Paul almost greedily shoved my cock back into his mouth, and let me fuck it until I could feel the pressure build.#I started to cum, and I know for sure Paul tasted the first shot of pre-cum, but I pulled from his mouth and continued to empty myself over Paul s cock. Just for a second he looked horrified, but then smiled as he felt my hot sticky load spread over his shaft and balls.## I m not finished yet Paul, and you certainly aren t. ##I knelt between his legs once more and used my tongue to lick my cum up Pauls shaft, with my hands massaging it into his balls. I greedily gobbled his cock into my mouth and started to pump my head up and down, tasting my own seed, and knowing that his would be in the mix shortly.#I slurped at my cum and saliva coating this huge cock, Pauls moaning getting deeper and faster as the tempo of my sucking increased.## Oh god, I m cumming!!!! Paul shouted.##I could feel his balls tighten, and his shaft start to throb as I placed both hands around it, pumping his shaft, my tongue licking the head.##I placed my mouth so that every drop shot into my mouth, then back onto his cock, they were long hot streams of sweet salty cum hitting my tongue. I continued to suck, and stroke his cock for him, rubbing my saliva, my cum and his own cum into his shaft and balls until I could feel no more, and Paul had relaxed.##I looked up at Pauls face.## What do you think then? Would you do it again? ## Fuck ye! Thanks for the introduction. Oh, and by the way, I tasted your cum! Next time I want more than just an accidental drop, ok? ## My pleasure, any time. ##
02 Mayıs 2020, at 10:56


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