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Hazards At Glory Hole

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Hazards At Glory HoleHazards At Glory HoleBy: Londebaaz ChohanAeron Bhatti was married and if anybody ever had been happy being married, so was AB but as it is only a myth and everyday thousands, if not much more men get in the trap; so AB was also no exception. He had a very good job, taking him for meetings to the exotic places and parties at strip clubs, adult boutiques and even more but his married life, though ok but it was not a very happy story.Now, there is no pull more stringent, appealing and attracting than the pull of curiosity for an alternative if the sex life at home comes to the dwindling level and since Aaron Bhatti not only had the problems at home but also had seen plenty of alternatives available, he had started thinking of indulging in some as well. At this meeting, when he was exposed to a bachelor party, lap dancing and more of such activities, he had no nerves left to resist. Now a bit late at night, looking at the flickering, inviting lights of the adult bookstore from the hotel window was drawing him as metal to a magnet and he decided better. This was the curiosity pull, otherwise AB had a fairly normal sex life at home to his knowledge. He enjoyed caressing soft female flesh, fucking pussy and her moaning as he entered her body. He knew dozens of sexy positions suggested and explained in Kama Sutra, but his wife only liked the old missionary position. He had to stay quiet and endure, when once in a while she wanted to be on top for fucking AB?s cock instead of AB fucking her. He could remember many other women who enjoyed being fucked in multiple positions but he did not want to rock the boat. As he approached the store, he saw the ?normal? looking men entering and leaving the bookstore, giving a boost to his confidence as well as the curiosity. AB opened the door and stepped inside. Here were videos, magazines; lots of them. There were lingerie, adult toys and much more. What got his attention was the wall full of movie boxes from which the clips were showing on the small TV screens at the back rooms. OMG!! Everything from straight to gay, trans-sexual and much more. After a quick look around him, AB slipped back towards the back booths behind the curtain. He entered a booth in the back and slipped inside, making sure to lock the door behind him. Being totally dark, AB had to feel around like a blind person but soon found the spot to drop the coins. The film started and the booth got lit with the screen light. A mature woman was being mauled by a man with huge penis!! She was moaning in very fake ecstasy as he banged all of his foot long cock in her cunt with force and power. Next movie was with 2 young college boys having a go with each other, what a BS. A cock sucking scene, next was great. Now AB?s cock was hardening and forcing him to take it out of the jeans. He began stroking himself gently while watching the blond on the screen. She was sucking a larger cock, which finally erupted in her mouth. ?Grand?, AB thought seeing her swirl the thick male juice with her tongue in her mouth. Next clip was a cheerleader being screwed by all of the band boys in the locker room.Suddenly, AB heard some sound from his right side and he looked, stepping back sharply as he saw a finger sliding around a hole in the wall. At first he just did not believe this but then quickly realized that these booths were sometimes the place not only for watching porno but also for enjoying the anonymous gay pleasures. Sick!!!?He does not think that I am a??? quickly came a thought in AB?s mind but it became a debatable point when the finger disappeared from the hole. A pretty red head was showing her awesome ass now on the screen, taking AB under her dirty spell. AB could not tell why, he had started leaning towards the wall on his right and the finger appeared once again, circling the hole but next second a penis came into view from the other side, spilled to his side. AB?s eyes widened and his whole body was twisting in an attempt to process the message while his own cock was also needing to explode and only needed some motivation to finish. He concentrated on the cock being sucked on the TV screen to push him over the edge.Soon he was lost in the fantasy, pretending that his own cock was being worked on by the girl, when he heard a very different noise from the same side, ?Hey there?.AB looked to see and watched a pitch black penis sliding through the hole in the wall where there was a very clear writing, ?Kneel here?! AB was totally spellbound seeing the black cock pulsate in front of his eyes and hearing, ?Suck it now?. AB felt possessed as he quickly reached down and began stroking the black mamba. It was first time ever for him to hold some cock and stroke it, other than his own. He just could not believe doing it but at the same time believed, how powerfully good it felt to do such a lousy, nasty thing. He began sliding his hand up and down on the shaft, gripping it tight for almost 10 minutes until it erupted like a volcano, spilling the hot lava on the floor. AB suddenly cussing himself for what he had done. He stooped lower to watch through the hole to see who was there, soon as he heard the zipper pulled up and sound of buckling was also heard clearly but he could only see his pants as he opened the door to leave. AB stood there shaking and shivering. After about a minute or two, soon as AB was ready to move out, he heard the door of the next booth open and then close. Soon after, there appeared another very young and beautiful cut white cock through the hole. He knew, it was time to leave but he did not. Instead, he gripped the thick shaft sliding his fingers all over it. Remembering the scene on the screen, AB dropped to his knees directly in front of the cock and only thinking what he could do, he wet his lips and opened his mouth, bending his head a little to the beautiful cock. WTF, soon he was sucking a cock, a very manly and young cum filled delicious cock.He was not feeling proud of having a cock in his mouth but for the next almost half an hour, he was being the best cock sucking whore, with his head swaying, bobbing from side to side on a stranger?s cock. He did the best sucking, licking of the throbbing cock until the stream of cum busted to flood his face and ultimately the floor with a very low whisper of ?Thank you? before the cock disappeared to the other side. AB quickly wiped his face with the facial napkin, wanting to look at least clean and nice before walking out. As he was zipping up to leave, once again, he heard the door of the side booth open and close shut and another adult but limp cock came through the hole to him.AB quickly came down to his knees once again and began sucking the cock to full erection. This one hardly took 5 minutes and began aching pulsing and throbbing in AB?s mouth filling him with very tasty juice. AB was reminded of one of the lady in the office, who sucked him often and always appreciated the taste of his brew. Now he was sucking a cock of a man in the next stall and appreciating the taste. Finishing the man, AB got up quickly, wiped his face, opened the door to get out and get away. He was surprisingly greeted by a long line of men outside the door of the next booth. With his head lowered, he walked away from the hollers calling him a slut, cock sucking bitch, cock sucking whore and much more.As he flew past the magazines and the movies section, the man sitting at the front office made some strange gesture, lifting his hand to his face and it took a minute for AB to understand. He raised his hand to his face to touch a thick strand of cum hanging from his hair. Mortified and embarrassed to no end, AB wiped the glob of cum and exited out of the store.The End. Your comments help me to write better for your entertainment. Londebaaz Chohan June 9/2020.
04 Temmuz 2020, at 15:22


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