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Ana and her new unknown lover

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Ana and her new unknown loverI found out my sexy wife was cheating on me. Ana had often let some black man to fuck her; but his time I suspected she was having an affair with some guy I knew. A white man, not a black one.I knew exactly on which days they fucked; since these days Ana received me smiling as I came back from my office married. She was freshly showered and she did not let me have sex with her those same days?Ana finally knew that I knew about her naughty behavior. So, I made her she would not have a show after fucking this guy in the afternoon and she would wait for me with her panties on. When I got home I wanted to see her fresh cream pie in her used and cum filled cunt?My sensual wife soon showed me she was horny yet after letting this guy to fuck her; because she began to allow me to stick my hard dick in her cunt.That Friday evening, I came back home and found Ana was very horny.I shoved my thick cock in all the way to my balls in a single stroke. Once fully buried in her I remained completely still and as I looked into her sexy eyes, I begged my nasty babe to tell me about her day?Ana began saying when she got up in the morning it was raining heavily; so she jumped into the shower to get the warm water for relax and make a touch up of her nice shaven pussy lips.She then put on her sexy black garter belt and some black stockings.Anita then waited for the phone to ring. She described as her lover called an hour later, asking if he could come over. My wife replied she would wait for him at the garage, where they could enjoy a comfortable sofa I had there?When she heard his car, she met him at the garage door, wearing nothing but the garter belt and stockings. She said he kissed her red lips passionately and then both got laid onto the sofa; where they fucked for almost three hours in all imaginable positions?Ana described that her lover was worn out by noon; so he got dressed and left; but she was still very, very horny, since the guy had only made her come two times?So she went to our marital bed and worked her swollen clit with a huge black dildo during a long while. The rubber toy made her cum four times, until she passed out in exhaustion, after having so much ecstasy?I asked if his dick was bigger than mine. Anita giggled, saying he was a lot bigger than my eight inches? hard piece? Ana told me it was at least two inches longer and twice as thick?I asked her if did it feel good when he fucked her soaking wet cunt.Ana smiled at me and her hips began rocking slowly as she nodded her head a yes. I started shooting my burning load deep inside of her hot cunt.The next days I insisted that I wanted to watch her being fucked by him; but Anita said that her lover would never go for that. I asked his name; but Ana giggled and said she would never tell me who the mysterious guy was?One Friday I did not go to work and by a strange chance, it began to rain.I asked Anita if she thought that her lover would call. She said probably since they had not fucked in over an entire week. This time, Ana promised he would let me hide inside of the wardrobe and I could see how this guy fucked her?She then went to have a warm shower and get ready just in case the guy would call. As she came back from the bathroom; her lover called, saying he was on his way. My naughty Ana said I should get into the closet and make myself a comfortable place to watch. I watched as my sensual wife put on her garter and black stockings.She said that her man loved her long toned legs in those black stockings?I promised to be quite inside the closet. Ana laid onto our marital bed and began fingering her smooth freshly shaved pussy. I offered her my help; or my hard cock. But Ana laughed, saying her lover wanted to enjoy her soaking wet cunt in a tight condition?The doorbell rang and Anita jumped out of the bed to let him in. I went inside the closet and they entered the bedroom. The guy was unknown to me. I saw he was a huge black man; Ana had never told me about it. Anita sat on the edge of the bed and the lucky nigger had his back to me as my wife reached out and unfastened his trousers.I caught a glimpse of his semi hard cock as it swung to one side. My sexy wife leaned on this huge cock and she gave him a wet blow job for over ten minutes. Ana then slid back on the bed and spread her legs wide open for this man.He leaned down and started eating her beautiful juicy pussy. He finally mounted Anita and he worked his hard black cock between her pussy lips. I heard her moan as he pushed it in. Her long legs were wrapped around his waist and he started fucking her with long slow strokes. After a few minutes Ana claimed she wanted on top. So he on his back and my sensual babe straddled his lap, impaling herself onto his hard cock.She leaned down once to kiss him and this gave me a good view of how tightly her pussy was wrapped around his thick black dick. He reached up and pinched her hard nipples, asking her why she was so horny today?Ana giggled, saying his hard huge cock always made her horny?The lucky nigger grabbed her ass cheeks and began fucking Ana like a mad man. She was letting out loud cries of lust as he hammered her pussy with no mercy at all.He fucked her at full speed for over twenty minutes, before he grunted and I knew he was coming in my wife?s cunt. She laid on his chest and his soft cock fell out of her full abused pussy. The black man said he needed to go. So he dressed up and he soon left.Once I heard his car leaving, I joined my sweet wife on the bed. I rolled her on her back and pushed her nice legs apart. Before she could protest I placed my mouth over her freshly fucked pussy and sucked on her swollen clit. Her thighs squeezed my head and she grabbed the back of my neck, pulling me even tighter.After I enjoyed sucking on her cunt and making her coming twice, she opened her thighs and let me go?My face was covered in a mixture of her juices and the black guy?s semen.I spread her legs again and stabbed my throbbing dick into her extremely loose cunt. Ana wiggled her hips and asked if I had enjoyed witnessing her new black lover fucking her so wildly?Anita got my answer as she felt my burning urgent sperm bursting into her ruined cunt?
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