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Nylon Awakenings

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Nylon AwakeningsFinding out about nylonOh, those awkward teenage years. The sexual awakenings of one?s youth and the sexual desires and tastes that would be brought forward into adulthood. I think I must have been about 12 the first time that I masturbated myself to orgasm, and from that point on I had developed a new hobby that I would participate in several times a day! And it really didn?t take much to arouse my younger self in those days, either. There would be unwanted erections in school lessons, watching TV with my parents or a stray dirty thought as I daydreamed, causing embarrassment and consternation.It was at this point in my life that I discovered a little kink about myself. My mother was not an especially feminine woman. She very rarely would apply any kind of make-up, and had a preference for a casual look of jeans and T-shirts. She didn?t care for anything frilly, and was a wearer of tights (pantyhose) as opposed to stockings and suspenders (garters). When she hung out her underwear it was a row of beige bras and panties, almost industrial by design. She definitely preferred comfort over styling.I would visit my grandmother at least a couple of times a year, staying for a week or two to break up the monotony of school holidays. My grandmother was a very beautiful woman in her youth, and still a handsome woman in her later years. She would apply her make-up every morning and kept her greying hair at bay with henna dyes. But what caught my teenage attention was her wardrobe of vintage lingerie. It was new and alien to my teenage self, and I didn?t understand the stirrings in my loins as my eyes rested upon the collection of frills and beautifully embroidered nylon, cotton and silks. My curiosity and fascination had been awakened.One morning, when my grandmother was attending a church jumble sale one rainy day, I was left in her house alone. I knew I would have at least a couple of hours to myself, so I decided that I would investigate the magical kingdom of her wardrobe. As I stood and admired her collection of basques, bodices and girdles, and felt the swelling of my young cock in my trousers, I couldn?t resist reaching out to fondle the delicate materials with my trembling hands. They felt so soft, and the whole wardrobe had a lovely flowery, perfumed aroma to it. Then I opened the first drawer in the wardrobe and discovered her collection of vintage seamed stockings. My cock twitched once more in my pants. Once again, my shaking hands couldn?t resist from touching the smooth nylon, and as my fingers softly caressed the fibres a jolt of electricity flew around my body. They felt amazing!Things never went further than that. But it had awoken something in me that I couldn?t fully understand, but I knew it turned me on and I was fully aware that I would be paying her collection of underwear another visit soon. And so it was that a few days later, once more I had a few hours to myself alone. And once again I stood at her wardrobe, my cock tenting in my trousers, admiring the femininity of her clothes. Once again I reached out to feel the soft material, delighting in it?s feel between my young fingers. And then I thought to myself, ?I wonder how it would feel against my skin??In seconds I was naked and stroking the soft nylon against my young skin. Then I slowly pulled a black pair of stockings up my teenage legs, and my cock was twitching and oozing out a load of pre-cum as I did so. By the time I got the other stocking on I was about ready to blow my load! That first lingerie clad wank did not take long, and I knew I had found a brand new way to enhance my hobby!And so I explored more of her collection for the next couple of years, learning how to attach stocking tops to suspenders and girdles, and even how to apply lipstick and eye shadow, and it all finishing in an intense orgasm. Afterwards I would be consumed by guilt and promise myself that I wouldn?t do it again, but even as I heard those words in my head, I knew it would be a promise I couldn?t keep.But when I turned 16 I entered into the world of full time employment, and such thoughts, kinks and desires were stowed away and forgotten about? until that day when I came across someone with the same tastes as myself in my local toilets!
04 Temmuz 2020, at 15:22


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