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Dragon s Hole Part 2

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Dragon s Hole Part 2
On the long trek back to the room, something else catches your eye, another sign. This one says Dragon’s Persuasion. Just the name on the sign is enough to pique your curiosity, so you turn and head down this hallway. Unlike all of the other halls that are adorned in medieval decorations, this one has various colors running horizontally down the hall. The colors, you notice, are the colors of the rainbow, but very faint. You wonder what could be down this hallway and continue along until you reach a heavy oak door. You push this door open and right away, you hear moans. Not the same moans that were heard earlier, but very close. As you continue through the doorway, it slams shut behind you with a dull thud. As you walk slowly along, not sure of what, or who you’ll find, you come across a room adorned in a doctor’s office style. “Strange” you say to yourself. You think this because all of the other areas that you have stumbled across have been decorated in swords and shields and the like. You decide to leave this room behind and continue. As you come to a bend in the hallway, the moans that you heard earlier suddenly become unbearably loud. Soon you find out why, a very burly bear has a twink tied into a sling with his fist going in and out of the twink’s not so tight hole. This twink, whom you name Kevin, moans and screams with every thrust of Robert’s huge hand. Robert nods his head in a “Come over here” kind of look. At first you shake your head “No” because you realize the time is going on 5:30 and dinner begins at 7, you don’t want to be late due to the warning from Rene, the desk clerk about anyone being late for dinner service will be punished. You don’t want to find out what that punishment may be. Robert, looking rather annoyed at your lack of obedience does his “Come here” nod with his head again. You have no idea who Robert and Kevin are, but you are thoroughly enjoying what you are seeing going on, so you step foot into the room. The instant you step foot into this room, take two steps forward, you are blindfolded from behind by someone behind the door that you did not see. Without your use of sight, your other senses are heightened and it only now that you hear the breathing of a third person in the room, the person that must have blindfolded you. You are lead somewhere, but you have no idea where. As you’re escorted, you know you pass Robert and Kevin because Kevin’s moans move in your ears and you can smell Robert’s sweat. After what seems like an eternity, you finally arrive at your destination where a soft female voice whispers in your ear, “Kneel, bitch.” You do not kneel right away, your mind still trying to wrap itself around what is happening or what is going to happen.

“I said ‘kneel, bitch’. Now!” the voice louder now, but still not loud enough to drown out Kevin’s continuing moans. Now you obey this soft but firm voice. As you kneel, your hands are pulled both down and forward where they are locked into stocks so you cannot move. Your ankles soon follow. You soon realize that your ass is up in the air and open for anything that anyone may do with it.
You soon feel very soft fingers gliding over your back and you cringe with the chills that these soft fingers are giving you. After what seems like 20 minutes, but is actually closer to 5 minutes, these soft fingers seem to grow claws and scratch your back which makes you arch your back to try to get rid of the pain. The person with these claws whispers in your ear, “You like this, don’t you bitch?”

“Yes” you say, barely audible.

“Good boy.” The voice responds and grabs your balls and proceeds to give them a good tug; a tug so hard that you now moan in pain, or is it pleasure? You’re not sure. The one thing that you do know is that you are enjoying this feeling with every minute that passes.

“What is your name, please?” you beg of this person that is using you for her own pleasure.

“Why should I tell you?” The soft voice says. As you are about to retort, she says, “Lana” she says with her soft whisper of a voice again. As the last syllable slips from her lips, you feel a hard smack on your ass and you cringe in pain. As you raise your head, when you cringe, you feel something very familiar in your face, a pair of very ample breasts, C-cup at least. You soon come to realize that the moaning from Kevin is gone and the smell of Robert is missing, so you know it was not Lana that smacked your ass, it must have been Kevin. As you suckle on Lana’s ample breasts, Kevin is behind you playing with your exposed balls and rimming your ass with his tongue. You feel Kevin’s face suddenly pushed harder into your ass and Lana’s breasts are out of reach of your mouth. “It has to be Lana forcing Kevin into me” you think. Kevin’s moans return as his face is shoved into your willing ass and Lana also moans at the sight she is seeing and causing. Your moans also increase as Kevin’s face is stuffed deeper into your ass. The force disappears after about 30 seconds and at the same time, your hands are freed so that you may sit upright but your feet still remain bound. Soon you hear a different pitch of moans in the room and realize that these new moans are coming from in front of you and they belong to Lana.

“Fuck me. Fuck me. Deeper, boy, deeper.” Is what you hear from Lana. “Is Robert still here?” you wonder. He must be, he’s the only other one that you saw when you first entered this room. “Open your mouth, bitch.” Lana says. You do as you’re told. As soon as your lips part, something is shoved in your mouth, an open hole gag. Then you feel something else enter your mouth through the gag. Something warm, hard and a little salty. The blind fold is removed and it takes some time for your eyes to adjust to the flood of bright light hitting your face. As your sight returns, slowly, you find a beautiful woman with large 36C breasts standing in front of you and Robert standing behind her fucking her. It’s then that you realize that the warm and hard thing stuffed in your mouth through the gag is Lana’s cock. “Oh my god. I’m sucking off a CD. I’ve always wanted to do that” Kevin now stops rimming your ass, grabs some lube, and eases his very thick 7 inch cock deep into your now warmed up ass. As he pushes in, you lean forward and gag on Lana’s cock. Of course the forward momentum from her being fucked from behind by Robert is not helping the situation. Kevin does not last long as he blows his load into your willing ass. Lana is not far behind. All the excitement from binding you and seeing Robert and Kevin going at it must have had her very close to exploding, but she needed that little bit extra, and you are that little bit extra that she needed. She explodes into your mouth through the gag just as Kevin pulls out from giving you the cream pie that you have been craving for nearly 15 years. Robert is still fucking Lana when the other two hit their respective orgasms, thanks to help from you. Robert stops fucking Lana and pushes her aside to have you finish him off. You turn your head away, but Robert grabs the back of your head and forces himself upon you and he soon also hits orgasm, a much larger orgasm than Lana’s. You try to spit out both loads, but both Lana And Robert tilt your head back to make sure that you swallow, which you have no other choice but to do. Kevin unlocks your feet, but binds your hands behind your back with a leather collar and wrist restraint. The three of them then smile and start to chuckle a bit. You wonder why they are doing this. You try to ask why, but with a gag in your mouth, it is a pointless venture. You look around the room and find a small clock mounted on the far wall, barely visible due to the dark nature of the face and hands against the dark wall. You see that the time is 6:50. As you see the time, your eyes widen and you know that you will not make it to dinner on time. “What punishment awaits me?” is the only thought running through your head. That’s why Kevin, Robert and Lana are laughing, because they know that you aren’t going to make it in time.

Lana puts the blindfold back over your eyes and the three of them lead you from the room. With every step, you can feel Kevin’s cum trying to ease its way out of your ass. You clench your cheeks as you walk to try to keep it in. After what seems like an eternity, you smell charcoal grills and freshly baked bread. You are lead into a large room that is abuzz with all kinds of various conversations that all but cease as you enter, still unable to see what’s going on. The trio lead you to an area somewhere near the front of the dining hall, at least that’s where you think it is. You hear the creak of a door opening and you are pushed to your knees by one of the trio. You are then forced into a small cage, the door is slammed shut with a loud clanging sound and then the familiar sound of a padlock being fastened to the slide bolt on the cage. Your blindfold is removed. It is then that you see that you are not in fact at the front of the dining hall, but rather right in the middle, put on display for all to see.
02 Mayıs 2020, at 10:56


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