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Same sex - sex slave part two

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Same sex - sex slave part two
Following on from the first part of the story, we both stayed naked while we drank our coffee s chatting about almost anything - we both felt that the chemistry between us was strong and that we were a good match, we went on the discuss kink in all its forms , what really appealed and what did not, he went on to explaint that he had always felt submissive from an early age, but for him he said he only got ultimate pleasure from being used and abused, on hearing him say that was music to my ears and other areas, suddenly things went quiet , he dropped to his knees and begged me to punish him,

Without any spoken word from me i clipped on the heavy metal chain to the slave collar he still had on, he crawled on his hands & knees back in to the play room , he did not move fast enough for my liking so i pulled on the chain and whipped his back to encourage him to move quicker , hearing he cries as the whip took him only served to whip him harder and longer, once we reached the play room, i montioned to him in silence to raise his arms up to the chains hanging from the ceiling, i quickly hooked him up to those making sure he was having to stand on tip toe to reach,

I stood back to admire him, hanging there - him trying to balance on his toes, gasping to find a more comfortable postion, i like to torment subs & watch their reactions, so the next thing i did was place a cane under his chin but across the top of his shoulders , this forced his head up towards the ceiling, then i took out a horses bit and forced that between his lips and buckled that on tight behind his head, hearing his little cries at the pain he was in suited me on end, what i did notice was his cock by now was very erect , ozing pre -cum, i scooped some of it up and brought it up to his mouth, he tried to shy away but i smeard it all over his bit, taste yourself i snarled at him , he groaned at this moment, or maybe it was because as i was standing behind him he could feel my rock hard cock poking him between his arse cheeks ,

As i stood behind him i reached down to feel his cock, slowly i began to wank him, he just moaned at the attention he was receiving , i just rubbed my hand up & down his shaft , just gently as if it was a delicate item , teasing him around his helmet - then without any warning a slapped it - hard , again and again i slapped it, had he not been chained up he would have been kneeling on the floor , i then stood in front of him , standing close enough to hold on to him and giving him some spanks on his backside, i could feel him trembling as i did this, god he smelt good with his aftershave and a certain body odour, i had an a****listic lust for this man by then , yes a wanted to fuck him , but also wanting to play with him, see what would hurt him etc, as i said before maybe that makes me a bit of a sadist ?

As i stood close to him i started to grind his nipples, for a bloke he had very pround nipples which i was going to torment - yes very much so, while i was doing this his cock seemed to be enjoying the sensations judging by the way it was jerking, again out of his sight i had in my hands a pair of nipple clamps, i made sure he saw them out from the corner of his eyes , what he did not know was they were an old fashion sort, again on me showing him - me taking off the little black rubber ends to reveal the serated metal teeth underneath, these were adjusted by a little screw thread that worked them , his face was a picture as i started to put these on his nipples, just tight enough to stop them falling off,

Now one thing i never do with a sub is tell them that they are going to receive so much of say the whip/crop etc i like to mess with their heads as much as anything else, in his case i used his house number, which was 58 , that i told him was the ( minimum ) amount of strokes he would be receiving but what those strokes would be would be of my choosing, he had just to endure, i reminded him that he was here for my pleasure not his, i asked him if he understood, the ever so slightly nod from his head was a pure delight to see, again i stood close to him as proceeded to crop his backside, with the leather crop in one hand and letting the fingers of my other hand stroke his bum and probe between his arse cheeks as much as i could reach , just feeling him tremble at what i was doing to him was a turn on yes very much so, i slowly tighten the nipple clamps as the serated teeth of those began to bite into his flesh , i stood to one side with a very whippy schooling whip - again making sure he could see it, bringing it up close to his eyes so that he could see the little tail of the thing that he would be receiving, i had no need of using a blindfold,as this stage , the gag was doing its job , i stood back and swished the crop a few timed without hitting him - keeping him guessing as to when it would fall, suddenly i lashed him , hard stingy lashes across his backside, i was keeping count in my head , 12 of these in fast sucession each laid on hard as the first , he was moaning in agony and we had only just started , prior to any play we agreed to have a safety signal should he need it, i always insist on one anyway regardless of subs being men or women , once i stopped he was panting away his arse showing lovely red welts where the crop had fallen,i said do you wish to use your hand signal, he shook his head so i knew he wanted to carry on, with that i took the littke leather cat of nine and whipped him front and back , i reached 46 lashes before i stopped, he was covered in little red lines , some were gentle , most were hard , all subject to playing safe etc

12 to go i remined myself , i don t know if he was keeing count in his own head but it matter not, he was there for my pleasure i reminded him and not his, with that i unchained him from the ceiling and told him to take up his postion kneeling on the bed , once in postion i instructed him to pull his arses cheeks apart ready to be fucked, this i duly did and i slide into him as deep as i could, he was still wearing the gag and i managed to screw down the nipples clamps really tight , they were by now really biting into his skin, i said take a sniff of your poppers if you wish , i took some of mine, the joint effect was electric , both of us at a given point lust, i whipped him hard across his back and arse , seeing more and more red lashes only increased my lust for him i quickly took the second hit of poppers and indoing so fucked him without mercy hard and fast , it seemed as if i would not stop cumming such was the volume of spunk i pumped into him and by now with me trembling with the sheer lust or what ever you wish to call it, i quickly releashed his gag, only to have lots of praise heaped upon me for such a wonderful experience. it went beyound his wildest dreams he said, as well came down from our highs we showered , had a coffee and went our separate ways ...... until next time.
20 Haziran 2020, at 05:31


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