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Project Anna (Working Draft)

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Project Anna (Working Draft)
Project Anna -- Preface.

Anna is now 30 years old and I have fucked her twice a week for the last seven years. She is married with two c***dren, but I am their biological father, which only Anna and I know. She has one boy, 3 years old and a girl who is 5 years old. Her husband, Robert, is unaware of the sexual relationship I have with his wife and has no clue that his k**s are not from his seed. Her father introduced us indirectly by sharing his spying on her and sharing the fruits of his covert activity with me. I was fascinated by her and she became Project Anna.

This book chronicles those seven years. The story unfolds in 700 episodes over 7 years, which episodes are divided in five sections as follows:

Part 1 – The Seduction. This chapter details our meeting and what led up to it. This chapter has several sub-chapters that detail how I met her, took her confidence, our growing relationship and the development of her emotional dependence on me, our initial intimacy and her initial unknowing transformation into my prostitute. The sub-chapters include a detailed description of our first sexual intercourse at my home.

Part 2 -- Becoming Submissive. This chapter details her becoming my submissive and our sexual experimentation with various forms of bondage, initially undertaken as her means of earning her weekly pay and the increased importance of the funds in her life. Sub-chapters include a description of the bondage process and the sensual nature of our encounters, including binding her to a bed blindfolded and then washing her feet and body without her knowing what part of her body I would touch next, massaging her with scented oils and manipulating her nipples to cause orgasm without touching her clitoris, clitoral stimulation of various kinds and other sensuous sexual experiences. During many of these experiences, her dad was present and watched us knowing that Anna was completely unaware of his presence because of her blindfold. Her dad would masturbate watching my manipulation and caressing of her body, and one time, was able to fuck her while her legs were completely immobile, spread wide tied to the bed.

Part 3 - Anna s Humiliation. This chapter addresses Anna s growing dependence on our relationship and her need to come to me. Most importantly, the humiliation was her becoming aware of this dependence and of her reliance on the additional stipend she received from me once she realized that her nurses salary was not enough to make ends meet, let alone give her those extras she has become accustomed to. The chapter addresses her humiliation as she realizes all of this. It includes a conversation with me where she confesses to being helpless to change and acknowledges that she is, in fact, my whore. She admits her having lied to others about our relationship, including her allowing me to video her sexual experiences with me and set up hidden cameras in her home so that I can watch her sex acts with her fiancé, who would eventually become her husband. The humiliation extended to her realizing that she is my sex toy and allowing me to video her sexual encounters with me. In a poignant and tearful sub-chapter, she recognizes her humiliation as she tearfully agrees to allow me to be the father of her c***dren, realizing how totally dependent she has become on me for her emotional stability as well as for financial support. While sassy in public, in private with me, she is totally submissive and dependent.

Part 4 -- Part four summarizes how I shared all these experiences with her father, who was able to watch your six play., Including watching my having sex with her when she was bound and blindfolded being in the room with us. And ejaculating on her without her knowing.

Part 5 -- Afterword. Chapter 5 includes a description of many of our sessions together over the last seven years in their wide variety, including her first golden shower, her fist anal intercourse, which was painful, but exhilarating, and many other sex acts, all by reference to the 700 episodes that summarize the 7 years Anna has spent under my influence.

Anna’s Personality and Home Life
[to be revised and reordered]
The following description of Anna and her life was provided to me by her father over a few beers at a local pub:
“Ana has a personality similar to her mom s. It is a little complicated as she is tough on the outside but on the inside is very kind and caring and compassionate, especially towards c***dren. If anybody tries to hurt her, she acts like it doesn’t bother her, like she’s really tough, but on the inside she hurts. She makes friends easily and is somewhat outgoing. She is in her last year of nursing School and she currently works in a hospital. She loves her job; she enjoys helping people. She is basically a homebody; she prefers to stay home and hang out or watch TV rather than go out all the time. But she does go out with her boyfriend, Robert. It’s funny because her boyfriend has a personality similar to me, her father. Anna and her dad get along the best because her personality is similar to his wife’s and they say opposites attract. She always teases people, but you can never tell that she’s teasing; she comes off as if what she says as being serious but she’s not. She’s not afraid to tell people what’s on her mind and if she does not like what you were doing she will let you know with no problem.
She loves c***dren she loves to care for them and play with them or babysit them. But she is not so sure that she wants to have her own k**s. When she goes out she always likes to be well dressed with make-up and hair done. When she wants something, she is not afraid to just go out and get it. She will do what is necessary in order to achieve her goals.”
“Anna’s bedroom is like a typical young girl’s room really really messy! U can barely see the floor because it’s covered in clothes and shoes. She love to shop for clothes and shoes and she only buys expensive clothes and shoes. She wears thongs and bras from Victoria Secrets. She mostly wears her hair in a pony tail. But she looks so much hotter with her hair down. She loves to go on day trips to visit different places of interest or go to parks and picnics. She enjoys going to movies and different restaurants she loves trying new cuisines she has never had before but her favorite is Italian food especially pasta dishes with seafood. She really doesn’t have many friends she goes out with. She mostly goes out with boyfriend or her sister Maria. She is rather quiet if she is around people she doesn’t know but when with people she knows she is talkative. Her favorite color is pink. She loves to tease people and joke with them. Her boyfriend is 3 yrs older than her he is Mexican also. They do not get to go out very much because of work schedules. Her mom and I really don’t see that they have a future together and we hope she meets someone else. She does not cook very often but when she does she is a very good cook. When she goes on vacation she enjoys going to exotic far away places. She is very adventurous when she goes out but most of the time she prefers to stay at home and watch a movie or read romance novels. I hope this helps if I think of more I will let u know.

Also when she goes out she mostly wears dresses that look rather short on her because she has long legs but at home she dresses comfortably in pajamas or sweatpants and a t-shirt. When she was a teen she always hated that her breasts were small but later on her breast grew larger to what they are now I believe she is a 34b. She is 5’7” tall. She also goes once a week for a mani-pedi. She loves getting her nails done and wearing nail polish she likes pinks, dark reds, blues, and yellows nail polish.

When she was a teen she was a rebel. Always staying out late and always doing what we told her not to do. She does not like being told she cannot do something or what to do. So I think u making her submissive is really hot!! She never told anyone about the tattoos she has I only found out when I got the spy cam so only I know Celia does not know.

Anna works now at St. Francis Hospital but when she finishes nursing school she wants to work at Evanston Hospital which is closer to where we live. And one of the things she also likes to do I forgot to mention is to go down and take walks by Lake Michigan

This is so exciting that I am exposing her to you and you know all these personal details and everything about her. I find it very exciting that I am exposing her to you and you know all these personal details and everything about her. I find it very erotic and it turns me on very much. “

Project Anna -- Part 1 -- The Seduction of Anna

Project Anna -- Episode 1

This is the true story of the seduction of Anna, a beautiful Mexican-American in her early 20 s who became known to me through the good graces of her dad. I am in my fifties and happily married. But I have sexual appetites that cannot be satisfied by my wife, Dawn, alone. Anna was very different from Dawn -- she was young and chubby, with a beautiful round face, a bright smile and dark beckoning nipples that I longed to know well. Her dad had shared clandestine photos and videos of her naked, that inflamed my imagination. i just had to make her mine!
Anna has been working at St. Francis hospital as a medical assistant and hopes to get a job as a nurse at Evanston Hospital, just outside of Chicago.

Project Anna would take time, but needed to start somewhere and I chose to do that by becoming her friend.

Anna, you ve been so kind. Would you consider joining me for lunch? I said, oozing as much friendliness as possible. That one lunch turned into a regular weekly lunch and after a time, we became very very close friends. I would give her unexpected gifts at unexpected times. Each gift was carefully thought out to be something that I knew she either wanted or needed. She was reluctant to accept them at first, but since they were incrementally valuable, interspersed with silly or just thoughtful, gifts -- a new pen when I knew she had lost hers, a flower for our table at lunch, a book on a subject that interested her, tickets to a popular fashion show in town that she could attend with a girlfriend, tickets to another event that she could attend with her mom and her older sister.

I always let her, and in fact encouraged her, to talk about herself and her life and in particular her work. She grew to rely on me as a sounding board and more. As time went on, out talk got more personal and more into how things made her feel and what she was feeling right then. She would sometimes get mad at her boss or at colleagues at work. I would listen and never judge and I would try to reinforce her feelings or give her something to think about, but never suggested a course of action. I did not give advice, just listening and supporting. She appreciated this a lot, even if she could not articulate why she always looked forward to our weekly lunches.

Anna had a boyfriend and would talk about him. Poor guy did not have the experience to let Anna feel as important in his life as she really was. That was to my advantage because I could say and do all the right things to draw her closer to me. Emotionally, she was beginning to be dependent on me; to feel so close that she could discuss anything with me and I would listen to every word with interest and what appeared to her to be true caring.
Eventually, I began to share some of my (made up) troubles. I made up stories to elicit her empathy and compassion. She would get so interested. I told her about my marriage and the problems we were having (all made up!). It got to where she asked me if my wife and I were still intimate. I lied and said no. I said I hadn t had a kiss in months, never mind anything else. This moved her. We would often sit in the car and just talk and talk. I finally pretended that I was getting up the nerve to ask Anna something.
Anna, I said.
Yes, Roy, she responded.
No, nothing. I said.
Roy, please. You have to tell me what s on your mind. We have no secrets, remember.
I smiled inside, knowing that I had been successful in gaining her complete confidence. I had become her best friend, even if she didn t realize it yet.
Anna, I replied. I am desperately sad. Dawn is paying no attention to me at all and life is frosty at home. So much so that I often cry myself to sleep.
Anna had a tear in her eye hearing this. She reached over and gave me a hug.
Oh, Roy, she said. I wish I could make your pain go away.
I turned my face, as our tear moistened cheeks rubbed together, I let my lips touch hers. We kissed softly once, and then returned again, and then again, small but soft kisses. Then, our lips parted and our kiss became more passionate. Tongues touched; mouths opened. My hand went behind her head and caressed her hair and her hand went up and her fingers passed through my hair in return.

Oh, Roy. she said as we finally separated. I hate seeing you so sad.
Anna, I replied. You are the only light in my life right now. With my marriage in shambles, you fill my mind, and my heart.
Oh, Roy, she said. You are so dear to me. I too think of you always.
Anna, come to my house tomorrow. Dawn will be away and I would like to make you a meal. It would make me so happy to be able to cook for you.
Ha! You are so sweet, Anna said. Her eyes searched my face for any sign of insincerity, but she found none. I was well practiced!
OK, Thank you, Roy. I look forward to your cooking for me.

The next day, Anna was off from work. I picked her up at her parents house at 11:30 a.m. and brought her home. In fact, Dawn would be away for a few days and I had the house to myself.
I prepared chicken parmigiana, which I knew she would enjoy. It’s a favorite meal of hers according to her dad,.

I had soft music playing in the background. I poured us a glass of wine and we conversed and enjoyed our meal. After our meal, I asked her if she would dance with me. We held each other close and danced to the soft music.

I then began to weep quietly; feigning trying to keep it to myself.
Anna said, Roy, what s the matter? Did I do something to upset you?
No, no, I replied quickly. It just that you make me so happy and it is so different from my real life. It is why it is hard to tell you what I am about to say.
Oh, my dear man, she said.
I can t see you anymore, I said.
She pulled back and looked at me hurt and tears filler her eyes.
But why? she asked, holding back her sobs. You can t mean that

Anna, you mean too much to me. After last night, I don t think I can resist wanting more of you. I know my marriage is a wreck, but you are too young, and I want to be fair to you. I long for you in ways I shouldn’t, and I know you cannot feel that way about me. I want you and I know that I cannot have you, so I need for us to stop seeing each other.

Oh, Roy. she said. I cannot bear the thought of our not seeing each other. You have become an important part of my life. I need you in my life. Please don t say anything more. Her sobbing started and she shook a little convulsively. I need you, Roy. I need you.
I love you, Anna. I said through my tears. And I know that I cannot have you.

She started crying in earnest and said,
Of course, I love you, you silly man!
She kissed as we had kissed the night before.
But what about Robert, I said.
He s such a boy. she said. Do you want me to give him up?
No, I replied. I just don t know what to do.
Then don t be silly. I want you too. she said.
Oh Anna! I said.
We rushed to each other s arms and hugged passionately. Our kissing became wanton and before you know it, we started removing each other s clothing as I eased her toward the bedroom and by the time we hit the bed, we were both naked.

Oh, Anna, I said finally, You make me so happy.
Oh, Roy, she replied. You make me so complete.
She then took my stiffness in her hand and before I knew what was happening, she had mounted me, inserting my penis in her wet vagina, and began to rock wildly. She orgasmed almost immediately, and then again and again and again. By her forth orgasm, I ejaculated. and she fell on top of me smothering me with kissed.
Oh, Roy! You dear dear man!!! she said.
Anna, I want to propose something. Please hear me out and don t judge me harshly if you have reservations. I am just thinking out-loud. I said.

I then continued and the essence of my proposal was as follows.
Anna, I know that I am much much older than you. I know that you will have a life complete, whether with [boyfriend] or someone else. But clearly, we have an affinity for each other and an affection that transcends age and time. I would like you to accept periodic payments from me to be my companion and spend time with me. I cherish our friendship, but for a transition period, I don t know how long, I would like you to be my lover. Please don t say no. I love you and I think that you love me. I know you have another relationship, but this would be our secret and no one will know. # As I said, I know you have other commitments and I know your time is precious. I think you should look at me as a part time job -- You could work for me two evenings a week and I would pay you for your time at the rate of $35/hour and you would work for me for 4 hours twice a week. That would be $280/week or almost $15,000 a year. I am sure you could use the money and it would allow us to preserve both our time and our secret.##Anna protested. You don t have to pay me! she exclaimed. # I know I don t, but it would make me feel better if I did. And besides, I know that you can use the money. Please accept this from me. I pleaded. # Well, I don t know, she said. ##We concluded that we would try it for a while. Tuesday and Thursday evenings she would reserve for me, telling everyone she had a part time job at the [Evanston teen center]. We would actually meet at the club my company belonged to that had private rooms. When Dawn was away, we would meet at my house. I paid her the following Thursday, our first time under the new arrangement. #At the end of our evening of love-making, I gave her US $560, which was for the earlier time at my house and for that evening. ## This is so much money, she said. I don t know. It feels like too much. # You earned it and I love you; please don t argue about it. I said. ## I feel like I should do something special for you to earn this, she said. #I knew she was hooked! # OK, I said. I will think of something for next time. Deal? # Deal! she replied, not having any idea what she had just agreed to. ##Anna was now my whore and she didn t even realize it!##Project Anna Episode 70 (week 35)–First Time Anal#Project Anna Episode 70 (week 52)–First Time Anal #Anna lay on the bed face up. I had her spread her legs and she herself put on her blindfold. I’d tied her hands to the bed frame using fur covered hand cuffs. I did the same with her ankles. She was completely naked with only her face partially obscured by the blindfold. Anna’s face was otherwise framed by her beautiful long raven black hair. She was familiar with the drill; we’d been doing gentle submissive bondage for the last six months. Submissiveness did not come naturally to Anna. She has a strong, feisty personality and keeps a lot inside that troubles her. But maybe that is why here, with me, she has completely embraced it. She now often refers to me as “Master“ as I perform the functions that she loves so much. With warm soapy water I wash her feet gently. I separate each toe and channel the warm water between them and back into a bowl. She especially loves it when I then been to lick her the soles of her feet and then suck each toe into my mouth separately, rubbing my tongue between them and playing with each crevice. She moans with each stroke of my tongue, and her cares are carried away in heavenly bliss.##The next thing she knows her face is being softly caressed with a feather, also a regular feature of our love making. I lift the feather and gently tickle her ear. I lean over and suck her earlobe into my mouth. She murmurs: “How I love this,” as I move on to gently touch her lips with my own moist wet lips and said softly “Shhhhh.”##The feather then caresses her cheeks and then her neck and then her chest finally coming to her nipples, slowly growing hard as the feather whips gently back-and-forth over her breasts. The little bumps surrounding her nipple begin to get hard and raised, as does her nipples themselves. Her nipples are very sensitive and if handled properly, she will orgasm just with their touch. Her body begins to tremble a little and I know it had begun.#The she begins to feel the drip of a warm liquid on her belly and down her legs. She can smell the frankincense of the massage oil as I rub it into her naked body, releasing its scent as it warms. I gently need the warming fluid into her muscles focusing on her thighs but staying away from the crown jewel that is her clitoris. She squirms.#“Please, Roy,“ she whispers “please, please, … please masturbate me!“##She wants to be manipulated but I resist. Then she feels the very tippy tip of my tongue as I begin to flick it against the tip of her clitoris. She let out an almost inaudible sound expressing intensifying pleasure, but not quite relief. The tip of my tongue flicks faster and faster. And she squirms. And then it happens -- she begins to convulse, pulling against the braces on her legs and arms. She is completely helpless. My tongue’s performance orchestrates the violent twisting of her body and then I suck her clitoris into my mouth. She lets out a scream, as I suck hard now, before returning to rapidly vibrate my lips against her clitoris and its surrounding sheath, bringing her to an intense orgasm and again and then again and then again until she is completely spent and I lap up my reward.##Whenever Anna orgasms, she releases the most delicious nectar. I devour every drop. And then I let her rest.#She is almost to sleep as I undo the binding about her wrists and ankles and eventually turn her over. Again, I bind her wrists and ankles, this time face down. She knows only that more gentle massage is coming, as she feels warm droplets of massage oil on her shoulders and down her spine and over her ass. Along the back of her thighs, over her calf muscles to her ankles and down her feet to her toes.##I gently massaged her entire body finally focusing extra attention on her ass. She loves having her ass massages, but she has no idea what is coming next! For the first time I rim her soft anus and insert my oil covered middle finger past her asshole deep inside her ass to the hilt. She screams. It was the first time Anna had had anything up her ass since the one time as a k**, she had her temperature taken there!##“Roy! Stop, it hurts. And worse, it makes me feel like a whore.” Anna blurted out. “Stop stop. Please stop!”##“But sweetheart,” I whispered, “you are a whore.”##Some of Anna’s natural sassy feistiness then came out.#“What did you say?!“ She said, trying to turn her head toward me, but it would only go so far.##“Come on, sweetheart. You know it as well as I do,“ I said.##“What are you talking about,“ she said.##“You are a whore. My whore, but none the less, a whore, “ I said quietly but firmly. “Over the year you’ll have earned and accepted almost $15,000 to have sex with me twice a week. You’ve used my payments as evidence of your total income in applying for a loan to buy an apartment. And you have asked me to co-sign your mortgage on the apartment! In exchange, you have serviced me well and will continue to do so! You are my whore! Can you deny that? You know it’s true. “##Anna struggled against the braces holding her down. As she turned to face towards me, I could see both rage and tears and confusion.##“And now, my sweetheart, I’m going to fuck you in the ass.“ I said.#I slathered massage oil all over my penis, which is now quite hard. I slid it up and down the crack in her ass, as I had done many times, but never had I done what I was about to do. My hard cock head played with the rim of her anus and then, quickly and quite unexpectedly, pierced her anus and drove home deep inside her.##Anna screamed, but I continued my strokes, long strokes in and out and in and out and in and out and in and out and in and out. She pulled and turned but nothing could unseat my ever-stiff penis. Finally, release came for me in a torrent of sperm filled semen filling her deep in her bowels.##She laid there crying and helpless, just weeping. I unbound her wrists and ankles and puller her close to me. She closed her fist and pounded against my chest:#“I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!“ She explained over and over again hitting me. But I pulled her close to me.##“Do you really?“ I asked. Then she turned and buried her face in my chest just under the crook of my neck, and sobbing said, “No. No. No. I don’t hate you, I love you.” And then she whispered, “and I am your whore, though it is hard to admit. I love you very much.“##She buried her face again, sobbing. And saying softly over and over again, “I love you, I love you, I love you“ I pulled us up on the pillows so we could lean against the headboard and held her close. “I know, sweetheart, “ I said softly caressing her face. And softly looking down at her and I kissed her face gently as she turn back to seek comfort in my neck and whispered “I love you and I realize now that I really am a whore; I really am a whore; a whore; una putita – tu puta!” We then just lay there in silence, as I continued to gently caress her long black hair.##Episode 700 (7 years of Project Anna) – A recap##It has been almost 7 years. Anna truly fell in love with me but continued to except payments of now $500 a week. She reported the sum on her financial statement submitted with to the bank to get her own apartment. I cosigned the mortgage for her. She continued to date Robert and they were married in a couple of years. He was still not aware that I was with his bride to be naked twice a week. And she was not very experienced sexually for a 23, now 24-year-old. She was reluctant to suck cock for example. Surprisingly, she had never sucked Robert‘s penis and she obeyed me when I told her not to! Sometime during our fourth or fifth month I let her know that it was unacceptable not to suck on my penis. I surprised her with my first ejaculation in her mouth. She swallowed involuntarily, choking slightly on my cum. I praised her performance and said she deserved an extra Reward that week. I bought her an emerald pendant. She loved it! I told her I needed her to have ‘Robert start to wear a condom and that he could fuck her only once a month, always with the condom. She was to say that the pill was giving her bad side effect and that she had stopped taking it, which was not true. Robert accepted the entire story!#Somehow, it did not seem strange to Anna that she would lie to ‘Robert about us. This was so, even after I became more demanding. The secret, of course, was to make sure that she had the best orgasms ever with me and always before any pleasure for me! By the eighth month, she was excepting my bondage and reveled in the loss of control. From the outside and to the outside world, she was a very controlling, even bossy, person. She became a nurse, and was no nonsense. While extremely affectionate with little ones, she did not suffer fools. Especially anyone who would harm or disrespect them. Robert did not suspect that I was the father of his offspring, but it was easy to tell Anna that that is what was going to happen. And she lactates and feeds me almost as often as her offspring. She brings me bottles of milk daily, which I enjoy with my coffee and with my cereal and warm before bed every night.##Project Anna -- Episode 18 (9 months) - With Daddy##Anna was now well versed in the art of sucking cock and it was time to expand her horizons and my desire to be a voyeur watching her perform. It has been only two weeks since her first anal experience and she was just coming to terms with being a whore, largely satisfying herself that it was all right if it was just me. ##But that comfort would be short-lived -- Anna was about to have another humiliation. I was going to have her perform on someone else while I watch and guide her. #“Anna,” I said as she arrived for the evening. “Tonight I am going to share you with another man.”#“What?!” she exclaimed. “The hell you are!”#“Anna, Anna. Calm down. It will be fun and an education for you.” I said.#“Why would you resist … in fact, you know you cannot resist. I am your Master and you are my submissive. Right?” I cooed.#“Yes, Roy.” Of course. It’s just that, I kinda talked myself into thinking I am not really a whore if I am exclusive with you. Can’t we keep it that way?” She begged.#“No, my dear one. We can’t.” I said curtly. “You will do as I instruct, … always. Right?” #“Yes, sweetheart, yes. Whatever you want, I will do.” She said, almost sincerely. But interestingly enough, while there was no conviction in her voice, she was nonetheless fully compliant!#I told Anna that she would be wearing a blindfold and so would the subject. I told her I was bringing her a small dick, which required a different skill set than sucking on mine, which was more than twice the size. Since she had no experience to speak of with dicks at all, except what I have taught her, this was all so new to her, and it was clear that the though of sucking a little dick was beginning to intrigue her. #“Who is it?” she asked quietly. “Do I know him?”#I told her that the subject would also be blindfolded so that neither would know the identity of the other. I said that it was likely that their paths would cross, but since neither would know who the other was, they would have no idea. #“Maybe you know him and maybe he already knows you. But since you will both have blindfolds, neither of you will ever know.” I said.#“You are so clever, aren’t you Mr. Roy … I mean Master Roy?” She said coyly. #I told her she should be silent during the exercise and just do as she is told. She would be wearing ear plugs also to muffle noise, but she should still be able to hear me and would feel my hands guiding her.##What Anna did not know and would never find out, is that the man is Justin, her father who had first introduced me to photos of Anna taken secretly in the bathroom of his house! That is where this all started. Justin has expressed to me a horny desire to masturbate over his daughter many times and I have fulfilled that desire when I had him watch Anna naked and bound and blindfolded on the bed and allowed him to masturbate watching us together [ see Episode 10]. But I would have two special surprises in store for Justin tonight – he will be thrilled and Anna will never know!##Once Anna was prepared with blindfold securely in place, I explained to her that she would be sucking a small dick tonight and set out all the above. Again, she protested and said she would not do it. ##“No, I wont do it Roy! It is one thing to be your prostitute. It is quite another to service someone else! I just wont do it.” She protested.#“Yes you will Anna.” I asserted. “You will because I am telling you to and you MUST do what I tell you to do. You know this. We went through this last week. In these matters, you have no choice, you have no will. If I command it you must do it.” ##“Your going to blow the dude this week. And maybe more, if I say so!” I said.#“No! Come on, Roy. I don’t want to.” She continued to protest.#“You will do it and be grateful that I have him blindfolded too so he wont know you are being such a puta!” I was firm.#Anna started to cry.#“None of that!” I exclaimed. “Save your tears for later if you must. For now, I am bringing in our gentleman and I do not want him to know you’ve been crying.” I didn’t really care, but it was something to say.#She acquiesced. “Ok. Ok, As you direct, Master. I don’t feel good about it, but I love you and I will do whatever you tell me to do … always! “##I had her kneel on a pillow at the side of the bed. #“Stay there and do not say a word. Just kneel there and await instructions, OK?” I said.#She nodded her reply and obediently did as she was told.#I went to the vestibule of the club and summoned Justin. He had assumed that I was just going to allow him to masturbate while he watched Anna and me. #I said, “Justin, we are going to do something a little different tonight. You are to pretend you are wearing a blindfold and this time, Anna will know someone is in the room with us, but she will not know who. You must be careful not to speak or otherwise reveal who you are. Do you understand? This is very important for both of you … and for me!” I instructed.#I led Justin into the room. I told him to disrobe and he was naked in seconds. He already had a nice hard on. Remember, his dick is only 3” long, and that is fully erect. #I then said out loud: “My dear, our guest is here. Tonight, I will be calling you Lupe and you will call me Master. Our friend will be “Jose.” These are not anyone’s real names. You both understand the ground rules. Please nod if you do.” They did. “Thank you.” I said.##“Now, Jose,” I started. “I would like you to lie on the bed, here along the edge – feel with your hand. Lupe, before we get started, please run your hand along Jose’s body starting at his chest and ending at his knees. Now again, this time pausing at his penis. Feel his penis and his balls, gently. Good. You are doing find. “#Jose was watching her, being propped up slightly by pillows. He was amazingly stiff! Lupe’s hands were so soft and beautiful. She had just been for her weekly manicure, her nails a light bright pink, her favorite color. #“Now Lupe,” I continued my instruction. “Lean forward and begin to lick Jose’s cock head. That’s good, very good.” Jose’s eyes rolled to the back of his head as he watched his daughter lick his penis. Never in his wildest dreams had he imagined how wonderful this would feel – his dream come true, thanks to me! But it was the least I could do. After all, he introduced her to me, if indirectly! My God, Justin thought to himself, Roy is amazing! How can I ever thank him for this experience! I could die happy now!##Lupe continued. I instructed her to take as much of the penis into her mouth as she could. It fit in easily and I had her suck him while she fingered his balls, occasionally scratching them gently with her shiny pink nails. That too drove Justin crazy. #Then I told him to turn and sit up, with his legs hanging over the side of the bed. I told Lupe to get between them and lick his testicles. She did and then she took one into her mouth and sucked gently, then she did the same to the other. And then, she took both at once. Finally, I had her try to take all of his penis and his two balls at the same time. It was a little too much for Justin and he began to ejaculate. I told Lupe, “Quick now, release his balls and suck him dry!” She did exactly that and Justin let out an incredible moan as his daughter consumed every last drop of his semen!##I then said “Jose, please go sit in that chair and recover while watching Lupe and me, if you like.” #I pulled Lupe up and we lay on the bed together. She was still in her blindfold. I held her close and kissed her, tasting a bit of what was left from Jose.#“Thank me, sweetie.” I said.#“Oh Master, thank you for introducing me to Jose and teaching me how to suck his small hard penis. It was a wonderful learning experience and will make me such a better whore for you!” We both then cracked up laughing. “You really are getting into this, aren’t you,” I asked. She replied, “What’s the expression, if it’s inevitable relax and get in to it, or something like that!” We both laughed again and kissed passionately. #I then began to manipulate her clitoris and she began to orgasm from her pent-up sexual energy. #Then I turned to her and said, “Lupe, I want you to hang your legs over the side of the bed and get ready to receive something new. I motioned to Justin to come over. “Jose, can you get stiff again. Just nod please.” He nodded frantically. “Ok, good. Please do so. When you are firm enough, enter Lupe and fuck her. I want to see if you can come again and how long it will take. I am sorry you cannot gaze at this gorgeous body, but please let your hands be your eyes and feel up her lovely body first.” I directed. ##Justin eagerly did as he was told and felt up his daughter, focusing particular attention on her dark nipples. Anna’;s body responded nicely, meeting his caresses. I then moved along side and pushing Justin into place, guided his penis into Anna’s waiting pussy. Justin was ecstatic! ##Then I got an idea of my own seeing them there fucking. I moved behind Justin, gently pushing his ass so he would enter her a little further, and then again and then again and then again. I then dropped my pants, lubed my penis with Anna’s massage oil, and penetrated Justin’s anus. I thrust deep in and out as he did the same to Anna, faster and faster now. Anna began to convulse and to moan loudly, “Oh, Jose, that feels too good. Fuck me, baby; fuck me!” Justin was dumbstruck. His daughter was saying these things to him and it made him hornier than ever. “I’m cuming; I’m cuming.” She announced, almost out of breadth. “Me too,” I said and we all three of us orgasmed together.#I withdrew first and wiped my penis. I then pulled Justin out of Anna and had Anna turn to the side, so her head was hanging off the bed. I moved Justin over and placed his now small flacid penis in Anna’s mouth and instructed her to clean him up. She did so eagerly. “You are such a whore,” I said as she finished. She smiled. “Yes, I’m your little girl, daddy,” she said to me. Justin and I laughed, since Anna/Lupe had no idea how close to right she was.## #Episode 19 “Jose” Returns#The phone rang. It was Justin. He called to thank me for the phenomenal experience last night. #“I didn’t expect your dick up my ass,” he said. “That was fun, but the best was fucking Anna! I have masturbated over that thought for years. You made my fantasy come true! Is there any chance, any chance at all, and I could do it again?”#“I don’t know if I want you to make a habit of it,” I said. “But tomorrow night why don’t you come over around eight. We will start the same as before. Be very quiet. Do not arrive before eight!” I reiterated.##The next night, Thursday, Anna showed up as usual around seven. #“How was your day, sweetie,“ I asked. #She smiled. “It was a little tough. But, every time I felt annoyed, I thought of you and I felt all warm inside and smiled knowing that I would be with you tonight,” she sighed. #Anna has such a beautiful, round face and when she smiles, her teeth sparkle. She has a little bit of that Cheshire Cat evil grin to her. #Anna hugged me and kissed me deeply; her soft wet tongue was amazing as it encircled mine and I felt the gentle, minty texture of her saliva mixing with mine. Her wet kisses were to die for!#But I suddenly needed to feel them with my stiffening cock. #“Would you mind,” I said, pushing her shoulders gently down. She did not need any more instruction. She dropped to her knees, still fully dressed, and she unbuckled my trousers, letting them drop to the floor. She pulled down my briefs, and let my cock swing free. She gently caressed my balls, and then took my stiffening prick into her mouth. She sucked gently, then with increasing speed and forcefulness. It is amazing that just a few short weeks ago she had never had a cock in her mouth. Now, thanks to me, she was a pro! #I let her keep going, encircling my cock with her tongue and she gently tugged on my stiff member. She then began to suck, and then to bob, on and on and on she sucked and bobbed. She knew just the right combination of pressure between her thumb and forefinger around my penis as she did so, loosening as her hand moved in to touch my body and then gripping more tightly as it pulled away and then back again and again and again. The sensation was incredible. She knew the effect it was having on me and increased the speed for head bobbing until I couldn’t hold it anymore. Normally, I would’ve waited. This would be the first time she gave me an orgasm before giving her several! #“Oh my God,“ I said just before releasing a torrent of sperm filled semen deep in her mouth. She almost choked, but she consumed every drop and kept on eagerly sucking driving me totally crazy! #Anna licked her lips, collecting the few droplets of semen that had landed there. “How was that, Master,” she said, looking up at me coyly as only she could. She knew damn well that it was perfect and it pleased the hell out of her that she could bring me to orgasm that way. “I may be your whore,” she said, “but I know you will never leave me if I keep servicing you that well!” She cracked up laughing as lifted her, taking her in my arms and kissed her deeply.#“What’s on tap for tonight, Master.” She said as she pulled away slightly to look into my eyes.#“I hope you don’t mind,” I started. “Jose has asked if he might come back and have you. I hope that is all right with you.”#Anna was crest fallen. “Oh, Roy,” she sighed, knowing that it was a rhetorical question and that she would have not choice. “I fell a little more like your slave and whore than your mistress, which would so be my preference.” She said after a moment. “Can’t I just be your mistress?” She begged.#“No, sweetheart. You are my mistress, but you are also my whore and yes, I suppose, my sex slave. Actually, I kinda like that characterization. So, let’s get ready for our guest.” #Anna began to disrobe. I watched her. I just loved it as she exposed each piece of her dark skin. I especially loved her dark areolae and dark nipples. I interrupted her when they appeared, and drew her close to me and sucked gently on her nipples. They became hard under my moist lips. I sucked as if to nurse on her. Anna hit my head softly with the fingers of her hand, “s**t, pest.” She exclaimed, “let me finish getting naked!” She laughed. I released her to let her drop her bra and then push down her panties revealing her nicely shaven pussy, under her soft plump belly. Then she did a half turn and exposed her just slightly too large fat ass to my gaze. I just loved the softness of her skin and the ever so slight plumpness to her. I sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her toward me and felt her up all over. I wonder, is there enough time to fuck Anna before Justin arrives? I looked at the clock. It was just 7:15pm. I pulled Anna on to the bed, separated her thighs and began to devour her pussy.##I withdrew my wet penis as the clock chimed 8pm. “No time to clean up,” I said. “Here, put on the blindfold and sit on the edge of the bed. Jose will be here and I need to get the blind fold on him.” #“OK,” she said, and did as she was told. The door bell rang. Justin was at the door.#[To be continued]##Anna got on the bed like the good little girl she can be when she is in the zone and affixed her blindfold. Justin was at the door, eager and ready to go. I could see his dick was already hard through his pants. #“That must be uncomfortable,” I said, laughing and giving him a little squeeze. I continued, pulling him into the room by his penis. “You can relieve yourself shortly! Get naked, if you like.”#We walked to the bed and both gazed down at Anna, fully stretched out and naked on the bed. #“OK, guys.” I started. “This is a continuation of our group lesson from Tuesday. Please follow my instructions and do not speak unless I ask you to and then keep anything you say to a quiet, short whisper. Got it? Please just nod yes or no.” They both nodded. #“Lupe,” I said. “I would like you to fondle Jose while I disrobe.”#Anna reached up and I guided her hand to Justin’s balls. She began to manipulate them softly, first with one hand and then she turned and used two hands, one to stroke his penis. Without my coaxing, she lifted her head up and began to suck on Justin. I looked in amazement! #“Lupe,” I said. “Getting a little ahead of ourselves, are we.” Everyone laughed. But she continued to suck on him and caress his balls. #I was totally naked now and I came to the bedside. I gently pushed Anna’s head back and she released Justin’s penis with a little popping sound and finally let go of his balls as her back reached the bed. I then moved Justin to one side and pulled Anna’s legs to the side of the bed, so that they dangled off and she was perpendicular to the bed with her arms stretched up and to the other side of the bed. She knew this drill as well. I went to the other side and affixed the wrist constraints to each arm so that they were spread wide. Her lovely tan body was spread open against the white linens. I handed Justin a vile of massage oil, pointed at Anna’s breasts and said, “Jose, proceed to the other side of the bed, mount and begin.” Justin went to the otherwise of the bed, put one knee on each side of Anna’s head so his balls were on her face, and leaned forward and began to massage her breasts with his hands using the massage oil. “Ok, Lupe,” I whispered, “do what comes naturally.” Anna began to lick Justin’s balls and maneuvered her head so that she could take them into her mouth and gently suck. Her nose was practically in his asshole. She wiggled a little, so that her nose gently rimmed it. Justin was taken aback, but liked the sensation and moved a little to get a better feel for her nose in his ass.#I was stiff as a board now and moved between Anna’s legs on the other side of the bed, got on my knees and began to lick her already moistening gash. I wet everything and then used the tippy tip of my tongue on her clit, which I knew would drive her to distraction. She writhed under Justin as I licked, increasing the contact her nose made with his anus, as she let go of his testicles as her breathing became shorter. She approached orgasm with greater tossing of her head and greater force against Justin’s anus, as he positioned himself for maximum pleasure around his sensitive rim.#As Anna’s body began to convulse with the first in a series of orgasms, I got up and drove my penis quickly home in her now very wet cunt. It was so tight and warm. I had rapid in and out and in and out motions driving my penis as deep as it would go, my body crushing her clitoris with every thrust. This went on for a while until Anna had a series of rapid orgasms and screamed in delight. Justin had raised his body so that Anna’s nose was deep in his anus, and he stroked himself and let out a torrent of semen that went flying as far as Anna’s hairless mount, adding to the lubrication greasing her clitoris and fuck hole. I came deep inside her moments later and kept plunging my semen as deep as it would go in her womb.#We all came to rest, still panting. #“Jose, please come here.” I finally said. I pulled my penis from Anna’s pussy and motioned to Jose to kneel between her legs where I had been. “OK, son,” I said, wanting Anna to think Jose was a younger man. “Please clean this up with your tongue.” Justin began to lick Anna, as she moved her hips slightly but steadily from side to side. Jose licked and licked. “Lupe, please push out my discharge for Jose.” Anna did as she was told. A stream of semen mixed with Anna’s cunt juices began to flow. Justin greedily lapped up every drop! Suddenly, Anna began to convulse again and much to my surprise, began a series of orgasms from Justin’s eager lapping! He continued until she begged him to stop.##[As he made his way home, Justin reflected on the evening. Never in his wildest dreams had he ever thought that he would get a close up view of Anna’s grown up pussy and here, tonight, not only did he get a great view of her pussy, but he tasted it; he felt the texture of her folds; his tongue explore its nooks and crannies; and best of all, he tasted her secretions, albeit mixed with Roy’s. How fucking fantastic to have had her suck his cock and lick his balls! To think of her as Roy’s whore also thrilled him. Here she was in her early 20’s and having more sex than she had ever had; introduced to concepts like sucking cock that she had never done before and to think, Justin was only the second man to have had his cock in her mouth and his testicles licked and devoured as well. Poor Robert, he thought. The guy thinks Anna is a prude – that she doesn’t like cock sucking, that her ass is off limits, that he must always wear a condom and that he is forbidden from licking her pussy! My God, Roy was a genius – an evil one perhaps, but a genius nonetheless! And how lucky I am, thought Justin, how incredibly lucky I am that Roy has been kind enough to allow me to partake of Anna’s sexual charms! Incredible! Gazing down on her naked body, Justin felt a sense of pride, in addition to incredible lasciviousness. Anna was his creation, after all. He and Celia – oh God, if she knew what had occurred this evening, she would kill him! Justin found that he knew this among other secrets about Anna (like her tattoos) and Celia did not, made him horny all over again. He just had to get home and fuck Celia – she would be on top, but that was all right; he would shut his eyes and imagine it was his whore daughter Anna!]##
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