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Another wild pool party, as usual...

Post #1

Another wild pool party, as usual...
Saturday afternoon my sexy Anita set a pool party at our back yard.
I knew she was aroused and horny, just seeing the tiny bikini she was wearing. My sensual babe was looking for a big cock for sure.

Her swimsuit was green lime; a very tiny piece of nylon that barely covered her nicely shaven pussy lips and her hard nipples.
Her sweet camel toe was in plain sight for everyone…and it was wet…

During the whole afternoon, Ana went from time to time inside the house, coming back an hour later. Every time, she let me know that she had enjoyed a very big cock from a friend in our own marital bed…

By the evening, mostly of the couples had gone and there remained just several single guys. Ana went inside to change out her green lime bikini and she returned wearing a jean short skirt and a tight white tank top. As she bent over her waist to pick something from the ground, I could see her glistening bare pussy lips, since she was not wearing any thong…
She sat to talk with one of the guys and spread her legs wider.

One of our friends, Samuel, came over to set next to me and he almost immediately saw what I had been looking at. I noticed him staring at my wife and I asked him if he could see Anita s pussy. He just nodded a yes; his eyes glued in my wife spread thighs…
Samuel said he had already fucked my sensual wife during the afternoon; but he was now ready for more of that hot sweet cunt…He added that he would wait until the last man had left the pool party; so he could fuck Ana during all night long...

I called Ana by my side and told her about our good friend’s intention.
My sexy wife looked at Samuel, nodding it was fine; but she was now trying to get a black guy, Deshawn, to in the house and let her suck his huge cock.

After Anita returned to Deshawn; she grabbed his strong black hand and led him inside of the house. Samuel was curious and he then woke up to walk after them. I stayed there, sipping a beer.
But just a minute later, Ana came outside, saying that Samuel and Deshawn were going to double team her; so, she invited me to watch…

I just jumped from the lounge chair and followed her inside.
Both guys were in the kitchen waiting on her and Anita then informed them that I was going to watch as they fucked her. Both guys nodded it was fine.
We all went upstairs to our bedroom and once there, Ana stripped down.

The guys followed her lead and soon both of their hard dicks were swinging around. Anita climbed onto our marital bed and soon Dashawn fed his black dick into her wet mouth, while Samuel began sucking on her dripping cunt…
I watched as these lucky bastards took turns pumping my sexy wife’s pussy.
Deshawn, as he had a bigger cock, made her straddle his massive thing and he buried himself deeply into Ana’s tightness, while Samuel began pushing his hard dick into her tight butthole.

Samuel pulled her back, so Deshawn could sink his hard cock all the way to his balls into her now sloppy cunt. After they had finally had enough of my sexy Anita’s body, they finally left.
I went to check on my sexy babe. She was lying there with her long legs wide spread and touching herself. Ana gave me a very evil grin and said now she was ready to feel my tongue licking her both abused holes…

And I just crawled between her spread thighs…
20 Haziran 2020, at 05:30


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