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Poker night, a very wild one...

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Poker night, a very wild one...
Wednesday was poker night with a couple neighbors.
Matt and Dawson lived a few houses down the street. They were nice guys, in their early thirties and they lived together since Matt’s divorce. Dawson was a handsome black guy, tall and muscled; my sweet wife had put her eyes on him; but she told me for sure that she had not fucked him…yet…

As they arrived, I poured them some drinks.
My sexy Ana was wearing a pair of tight jeans and a loose flannel shirt and a jacket, since she said the evening was a bit cold. As Matt hugged her, he said that she looked hot in these tight jeans.

Ana giggled, looking at Dawson; but the black guy just stared at her from head to toes and he said nothing.
After having some drinks inside, we all went to the back yard for playing cards. The normal game was counting with Jeffrey, another neighbor; tonight he was busy, so Ana would be the fourth player.

We started playing Black Jack, with the losing hands taking a shot of tequila each round. All three of us guys were feeling pretty good, but my wife was more than a little fuzzy after just one hour playing.
Matt was a big flirt, which my wife enjoyed so much. On the other side, Anita was giving Dawson a run for his money as well.

After midnight, Ana began to act tired of the Black Jack game.
She told us she was bored and asked if we knew any other games. Matt immediately replied we could play strip poker. I was really surprised when Anita responded it was fine for her.
The only matter, was that she did not know how to play poker…

Matt quickly dealt each of us five cards, explaining Ana the game.
I had the losing hand in the first round; so I took my trousers off…
Over the next few rounds, both Matt and I were naked while Dawson was only showing his toned torso and Anita had lost her jacket and her sandals. I knew she was not wearing bra and thong; so she just kept her jeans and shirt now, for cover her bets…

My wife was having a blast and she announced that she soon would see Dawson’s huge black cock…
The black guy opened his eyes, asking my wife how did she know he had a huge cock. Ana giggled, saying it was part of the legend…

Maybe bastard Matt stacked the cards; because Ana lost every hand until she drew it out before eventually removing her jeans.
Both guys whistled as they saw my wife’s shaved mound exposed.
I notice Matt had a full boner very quickly. Anita said it was not fair, since Dawson was not stripped like the rest of us. So Matt gave me an evil smile, saying we could continue playing until his black mate lost his clothes as well. My wife agreed, but then Dawson told her if she lost since she was naked already, she would have to accept a dare. I started to get worried about what could happen now…

Dawson lost some hands; so he finally dared my wife to come over and strip him off…When he told her, it was more in the tone and manner as a command rather than a request.
But Anita did not even hesitate. She moved in front of the black guy and unzipped his trousers. As his dick sprang free, my sweet wife gasped, since Dawson had already the biggest rock hard black cock she had ever seen…
This massive dark thing nearly slapped her in the face when it sprang free and now she had her face an inch or two away.
Without pausing or hesitating, her little hand reached up and gripped hard this tremendous thick shaft...

With my wife slowly stroking his huge cock, Dawson reached down grasping her boobs and pinching her hard nipples. Matt knelt behind my wife and grabbed her firm bare buttocks.
Dawson moved his hand to Ana’s head; he pressed forward until my wife’s red lips were close to his cockhead. Anita did not hold back as she opened her mouth and allowed him to push the tip of his massive cock inside.

As she started to suck on Dawson, Matt had Anita’s butt cheeks spread wide as she widened her legs apart, kneeling in the grass.
Matt’s hand traced around the outline of her tight rosebud before finding her pussy, where he thrust his finger deep inside.
He slid it easily, since my wife’s pussy was already soaking wet.
Ana was sucking on very hard, as she had at least five inches of Dawson’s black cock buried into her throat.
Matt was now grabbing Ana’s hips and pounding her from behind.

Dawson began to cum a couple minutes later, as held himself tightly against my wife`s mouth. Anita swallowed every drop of cum.
Thought her muffled grunts, I knew she was also climaxing.

The other guy suddenly groaned and tensed his back, filling Anita’s womb with his seed. As he pulled out, a trail of sticky semen oozed out from her fully stretched labia.

Before I could take my turn to fuck my wife, Dawson pulled Ana to a standing position. He leaned her over the end of the wooden table while he lined up behind her. I stood and observed as he made her open her legs wide to the point they were near the seat benches on each side of the table. He then separated her cheeks even further until her asshole was gaping open…
Her swollen pussy lips were parted, leaking cum.

Without any warning, this black bastard shoved his entire hard dick inside my wife, prompting her to cry out. Her discomfort quickly turned to pleasure as she muttered for Dawson to fuck her harder.
I moved to the other side at my wife s face and put my cock at her mouth. Ana took me inside her greedy mouth, and between cries and groans in pleasure, she sucked my dick while getting fucked.

I was watching as her facial expression became contorted.
I then saw she whimpered in discomfort briefly. I looked back to see Dawson had her butt cheeks spread, with both her holes at his disposal. He was alternating between her pussy and ass, driving balls deep in each hole.

I had not sodomized Ana in several weeks; so I guessed her anal ring would be very tight. But now she appeared to be relishing the feeling. After a few hard strokes, she began to orgasm wildly.
Dawson pounded her for another twenty minutes, until he finally grunted, announcing he was close to come. Instead of pulling out, the black man shoved his dick balls deep into my wife s tight anal opening while holding her tight by her shoulders, so Ana could not move forward away from the full length of his hard black cock.

He remained impaled as my wife cried in painful tears.
When he finally slipped out from her ruined asshole, his cock poured semen in a pool on the grass.
Matt said he wanted to try a piece of that sweet piece of ass…

He mounted Ana from behind, balls deep into her stretched anus.
This time my sweet wife did not complain as he fucked her butt.

When both neighbors were done with my wife’s body, they just dressed and left; saying next Wednesday they would come back for a bit more poker game and bets…

Ana was exhausted and still bent over the table, with fresh cum oozing out from her both orifices and trying to catch her breathe.
But she smiled, saying next time she would deal the cards…
20 Haziran 2020, at 05:30


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