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My wife Izzy : Deployed Pt 1

Post #1

My wife Izzy : Deployed Pt 1
My name is Cameron. I’ve been kind of a nerd my whole life and people say I’m probably too nice for my own good. When I met my wife Izzy , short for Isabel, I feel like I got a little cooler but I still felt like people took advantage of me being so nice . Were both 24 , my parents didn’t want me to get married so young but we both thought it was a good time to do it. They also wanted me to marry a white woman since I am white, I think but Izzy grew on them pretty quick . It was your standard court house deal where you go in a sign some pages . The old black man who was doing some of the clerical work told Izzy to give him her phone number incase there were any issues with that paper work we noticed after we left. He was so nice that he checks up on us and calls Izzy on the phone here and there . They’ve even gotten coffee together. Izzy told me once at the coffee shop the young barista girl thought they were dating and said they look good together And they both laughed and told her that she was married to me. It was funny like how could you believe my Izzy is dating an old grey haired black man haha.

Any ways , I wasn’t making a lot of money at Publix Grocery store and Izzys parents moved in to our small house cause they were broke too so I decided to join the army reserves ! I felt super cool all throughout boot camp even though a lot of the women were out performing me and almost all the guys were . They put me in as a cook. How cool is that ! I wasn’t too bad and I made E4 which is a specialist . It’s not anything special there’s a bunch of them.

Well we got bad news one Friday and said we were getting activated and I was going to deploy for 14 months with 4 of our very new guys. They’re all fresh out of high school and 19 years old. Izzy was super sad she was gonna miss me. One of the guys Darius was bringing his lap top though so he can talk to his girlfriend and the three others were gonna share it too.

Well that weekend me, Darius, Rakim, Skylar and Dewayne spent time with our families and packed up our gear and made our way to our pick up point. They drove us to an airbase where the u it we were getting attached to was getting ready too. Appears as though they were infantry . Thank god I don’t have to do patrols cause that stuff is scary. The flights were really long to Iraq. And our base was super gross. I thought we would have it better . Darius said the internet was high speed and he paid extra for something to make his computer better so the internet is fast or something .

The first week was down and I asked Darius if he could set me up on his computer. He showed me how to make video calls and what not and then left me alone . Me and Izzy were talking and laughing when rakim entered the room. He came to the computer and said hi to Izzy. He was annoying though because he kept talking to her and making her laugh and giggle when I was trying to chat. I got up to go to the bathroom and he sat down and talked to her for a few minutes. When I got out he said she had to get going with my mother in law. He told me he took some screen shots though. It was of the screen, so you could see my wife in one screen and rakim in the other . He showed me how to do that and how to record the screen too! Darius was living with the other 3 guys in a 2 bunk bed bunk cause they all pretty brand new k**s. They’re all 19 too I was the only older one . Work kinda was hard. I was awake a lot of the day checking in on the guys and doing paperwork while they took shifts cooking. But knowing I can call Izzy or she can call me feels good .

A week later I went to the guys’ room and Dewayne was sitting in front of that computer already talking to Izzy and laughing and Skylar was peaking over his shoulder . I think I’d feel uncomfortable being that only white guy in that room if I was Skylar . They’re not mean to me and Skylar but I don’t know . It’s different . So I asked Dewayne if I can sit down but he said him and Izzy were talking about how skylar was dumped by his girlfriend before he came here cause he wanted to make a baby with her but she didn’t want to . Izzy was laughing with him about it when Darius and rakim came in . She said hi to the guys and started telling Dewayne about me and her. Darius agreed with Izzy saying it was messed up and Izzy told Darius and Dewayne how much she loved babies. They said they did too and by then Dewayne Darius and rakim were having a conversation with my wife and me and Skylar were just trying to see the computer over their shoulders . Rakim said she’d be a beautiful mother and make amazing babies. It was strange but I think it was a compliment . I told them we aren’t trying to have them so I wear a condom. Then Skylar asked her if she took birth control and she said no. I guess that’s a good thing cause Dewayne said that’s amazing ! I eventually was able to sit down for about 5 min to talk to her when her radio she was listening to played a song by one of her favorite music people, Anuel AA. She started dancing and Darius came over and hit some buttons to start recording the screen.

Izzy “what was that you just did Darius! “

“Oh I’m just helping Cam out and am screen recording so he can watch you dance later too!”

“Hey that’s a good idea babe! You should record video chats every time !” My wife replied and I told her I would . And we talked for maybe 10 min more and hung up. Darius said he’ll make a folder for videos of my wife on that desk top so i can find it super easy.

The next day I came over again and Dewayne was hanging out alone in there. I said I was gonna call Izzy but he said he just hung up a video chat with her and said her and my in laws were going to dinner . I was kinda sad but he said she’s doing good just hanging out . He says they talked for almost 2 hours. He recorded it too! I tried to access the folder on the desktop labeled “Cam’s wife” but it was password protected . Dewayne said Darius put a password on it cause he thought Skylar was going to look at it . I was pretty thankful they were looking out for her. He said him and Darius made it up and rakim knows the password too in cases any one forgets . They thought of everything! He put the password in for me “propertyofblackmen” and I asked him why that and he said because it’s Darius’s computer and he’s black . He laughed about it too and I felt really dumb .

I watched some of the video of him and Izzy talking but I had to get back to that mess-hall. It was just small talk. He had her laughing a lot too like they’ve been friends forever which I love because we don’t have many friends. She even sent a pic when he asked for one so he can give to me . Dewayne told her she looked thick as hell or something and her dress was nice and full which I didn’t understand . Dewayne said he saved it in the folder too. Thank god he saved it cause I miss her .

A week later I went in to make a call to her and rakim and Dewayne had her on video chat already . She was so excited to see me and me her.
“Hey babe rakim said if I wanna send you sexy videos like of me dancing that they would record if you’re not there or I can send one and they can drop it right into that folder on the computer you use” Izzy excitedly told me

I said “wow that’s great babe ! But guys the video isn’t for you “

Rakim immediately replied “no way bro we know the videos wouldn’t be for us. It was just a suggestion for you and then you can watch them whenever you want”

“Well what are you gonna do when she’s dancing and the screen is recording “ I asked

“Nah bro we are just gonna be doing other shit looking at other stuff on the computer . I’ll probably even message my girl “

“Babe they won’t even be paying any attention to me!” My wife chimed in

It made me feel better for sure and I wasn’t worried anymore . Izzy told me how much she loves and misses me . I kinda waited for rakim to get up out of the chair and let me sit down but he just stared at me.
“You ok rakim?”

“I’m all good man what’s up ... me and Izzy were talking about some stuff before you came in soooo” rakim replied

“Ohhhh ok I was trying to talk to her “

“I’ll grab you when I’m done bro “ he replied

So I went to lay down and get some sleep back in my room . I guess I was tired cause I slept through the night and well into the morning . I checked in on rakim at work during his shift but Skylar was there instead. He said rakim was on the computer all night with Izzy. I thought that was odd. I stayed and helped Skylar out as he was running behind and we were replaced 3 hours late because Dewayne and Darius slept in. Dewayne told me when he got in too that there was a dancing video my wife sent In the folder . I went to their room and rakim was sleeping which stunk because the password wasn’t working. So I had to go back to work and tell Darius .

“Yea we had to change the password again cause we thought you may have told Skylar the password . We just wanted to protect you Guys” he told me

“Wow thanks man “ I told him “ can you give me the password ?”

“I think we are just gonna keep the password secret. Me and Dewayne know it and rakim came up with it so I’ll go back with you to put it in but so Skylar does get it we are gonna keep it between us bro “

Rakim was still sleeping when Darius put the password in and there were quite a few videos saved now . The one from last night Darius told me was the one rakim said she danced .
“My dawg putting in work with her for you bro!”

The video for about an hour was him talking with Izzy about stuff. He can get her to laugh so easy but she’s pretty dumb and will laugh at anything. I mean I’m not very smart either but still. It’s pretty cool you can see her on a big window or whatever you call it and he’s a small window. So if I were on her video she would see me big . But it was cool and they’re getting along like friends . I noticed it was an incoming call so she called me . She didn’t bring me up though she must’ve figured I wasn’t there. Rakim took up working out here cause he’s really skinny . He’s gotta be 5’4” maybe 125 pounds . He thinks he’s big though so he’s always got his shirt off like he did in the video. Maybe about an hour into them bonding and laughing she said she wanted to make a video of her dancing for me. He told her to get on it then and she laughed .
“ you’re good babe I’m recording so I’ll save it to our folder of you “ he told her

“Ok and you promise that white guy Skylar won’t be able to see it ?”she asked

“Hell naw! He don’t have the password . We even changed it again and didn’t tell your husband incase he let it slip” he promised

“Ok good . So just you have it ? And wait what are you gonna do when I’m making the video?”

“Nah me Darius and Dewayne all have it. And I’m gonna chill maybe hit up and message with my girl . Hurry up! Haha make this video “ he laughed . She walked off the screen and she was telling rakim how she was changing and whatnot but he was just sitting in his chair looking at that screen . He told her not to pay any attention to him and pretend like he’s not there
“ what do you mean pretend like you’re not there papi haha you’re the only thing on my computer screen !” She told him while she was off screen . I forgot all she can see is a big live video of him.

“I mean forget about me haha make that video for your hubby . I’m on Facebook right now anyway “ he told her . I’m not really good with computers but it didn’t show Facebook on the screen recording . Wonder if it records the entire screen or just what you want it to. She walked back into the screen and wowzers did she look beautiful . My wife could always lose some weight I think but she says she not interested in that. She wore a pretty dark blue dress with some strings that made its way to a metal heart in front of her chest . Thank god rakim was on his Facebook .
“OH FUCK” he said as soon as my wife walked into frame.

“What’s wrong papi?” She asked worriedly

“Nothing something happened on Facebook don’t worry about me baby girl . Go on now and Dance for your man “ he told my wife

“Oh yea I forgot you’re on Facebook haha “ she said

“I know I’m the only thing on your screen right now but don’t worry about me or anything I do ok? I’m just gonna be on Facebook “ he assured her . Being from the Dominican Republic she knows how to dance . Her mother told her dancing is a passionate and sexual way to be yourself . So Izzy always danced .

“Come on be a good wife and dance for a nigga. Hey by the way I’m gonna start getting ready for bed while I’m talking to this girl on Facebook so try hard to ignore me ok?” He told her

“Ok hun I will pretend like you’re not even here “ she smiled and started playing music . Unfortunately my wife really isn’t a small girl . When the woman dances it’s really embarrassing cause she bounces a lot . But rakim wasn’t paying attention anyways . He was talking to some girl on Facebook . Probably his girlfriend I’d imagine .

“Goddam then are some big ass tits. You were built for a nigga” he said in that power right corner of that screen . He pulled out this oil looking stuff and sprayed it in his chest too.

“What babe?” She asked nervously

“ I was talking to my girl on Facebook baby I’m sorry “ he told her . I still didn’t see the Facebook window on that screen recording . He must’ve recorded it wrong

“Ok babe haha I totally forgot ok but I remember now . And your rubbing oil on yourself for her too! You’re so romantic” she gushed

“Thanks . Really though dont pay me attention ok ? We are trying to keep our love life alive too so I’m gonna do my own thing while you do yours “ rakim said

“Ok baby yes rub oil on your body for your woman ! Ok I’m gonna dance for my hubby now “

He said “dance for your man Izzy hell yea . Fucking Facebook ...” she danced “got damn the ass is phat too? You’re stacked bitch “ I sat there and looked at rakim sleeping and wondered what his girl looked like . He was rubbing oil on his chest and over the top of his pants when he just scooted his pants down . His thingy came into full view and slapped his tummy when it sprang out of his pants . She turned around from facing away from the computer and doing a dance with her butt and she must’ve saw rakim’s big thingy.

“Rakim omg haha what are you doing on Facebook ! “ she asked nervously

“ oh shit I’m sorry ! forgot I’m all that’s on your computer screen “ he said never stopping from using both hands to stroke the oil in “my woman gets me going like this “

“That’s how it supposed to be ! My husband kinda gets like that too. But that’s our business . Ok this is embarrassing I’m gonna get back to making this video for my man. You’re clearly occupied with you girlfriend on Facebook haha”##“Shake those big tits for a black man damn !” He said to his Facebook girl. Coincidentally my wife did start shaking her womanly body parts too “fuck baby your body is stacked . Goddamn “ he uttered in the lower right corner of the screen. I couldn’t help but notice it took both his hands to do that to his big thingy . I know it’s just a small screen window but maybe it was a foot long . ##“Keep it up babe fuck twerk that phat ass. “ he said loud ##She turned around away from the computer when he said that and did some type of dance move with her booty again. “ hey rakim can you keep it down a little ? Haha I’m having trouble focusing because I can see your video and I keep hearing you talk it’s distracting haha“##“Shit I’m sorry Izzy. A woman has never gotten me hard like this before “ he told my wife ##“Your girlfriend on Facebook ? Well yea that means you love her . Your dick should only react the strongest towards the woman you Need the most “ my wife told rakim ##“Def ! Just pretend like I’m not here anymore until you finish ok Izzy?” He asked ##“Yes for real this time haha” ##My wife began dancing and I thought wow . To love someone or need someone the way rakim needed his woman on Facebook . She must be special. His dick like my wife called it was huge for his woman. I felt like cheering him on . Get harder for her my friend. If a video could hear me this video did cause I swear it looked like it grew harder haha. ##“Yes bounce that phat ass for a nigga” he uttered again. I looked away from rakim and watched my wife doing a dance on a chair bouncing her booty. Her skirt came up too and naturally she was about to pull it down but instead she pulled it up above her waist . I heard rakim tell his Facebook girl “no don’t pull it up” right before she second guessed pulling it down but I don’t think she heard him. I don’t think she knew what she was doing either cause she was just looking at her screen the entire time . ##“Turn around and shake those big married tits for me let’s go! Shake em for a black boy let’s go !! Her favorite song was playing and she did turn around and start moving them around . ##“Keep shaking” he was stroking so hard and fast I couldn’t help but watch . His Facebook girl friend is perfect for him. I wanted to tell her myself do everything rakim wants you to do ! He needs you! ##Izzy was still dancing towards the screen when rakim told his Facebook girl “you’re gonna just these big black nuts oh my god “ he closed his eyes and bit down showing all of his teeth “take it all iz-dammit” and for a whole minute he was ejaculating . There was stuff all over his tummy ,hands, chest and arms . Give it all to your woman buddy . We are all cheering you on . She deserves it . My wife was still dancing and shaking around . ##Izzy kept dancing and rakim told her “hey Izzy I’m gonna go my Girlfriend signed off ok?”##She stopped dancing and said “ok sweetheart. I love that you can screen record and save this for my husband . It’s really going to help us over these long months “##“Hell yea girl you know it “ he told her “ hey Dewayne said he’s gonna call you later too by the way!”##“Ok!!! Tell him not to forget to call his girlfriend too not just me haha! And tell my husband to watch my dancing video“ my wife said. “And your woman is very lucky to have you. I didn’t want to disturb you from her so I kept dancing and watching you until you were finished haha”##“Haha she isn’t lucky yet ! I don’t take no for an answer!” Rakim said ##“You better make this woman yours then boy! Haha” Izzy laughed ##“Don’t worry Izzy! Nothing and nobody can get in my way of the woman I want “ he told my wife and my wife appeared to be shutting her computer down too. ##“Never let anything or anyone stand in your way rakim. You’re a very special man and great a great person. You will make her yours I have faith. “ my wife was so kind to my friends and coworkers . Then they hung up . I looked over at rakim thinking these guys I’m deployed with are my brothers. We’ve got some great women in our lives ! I’m the only married one but they’re finding love too!#
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