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Jamaica Blacken PT7

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Jamaica Blacken PT7
Sunday – Ist Day as BBC slut wife

We managed to get up and shower for a late breakfast, and my wife surprised me by not wearing her ever-present bra and panties to the dining room - only a T-shirt and shorts. The waiter, Andre, did his usual flirting,

Missy, ja look especially good this mahning! (his eyes on her chest) Didja have a fine night?

She blushed, and I thought her nipples pushed harder against their slight covering.

Yeah, I did! she answered.

A fine Jamaican night, Missy? he asked with a wink. That brought a bigger blush, but to my surprise she also sat up straighter and pushed her tits out toward him.

Oh Yes, Andre!

Ah, good! I get ja some more orange juice - ja need ja energy!! and with another wink he was gone.

We looked at each other and giggled. Do you suppose he knows? Well, he does now!

During and after breakfast we talked about what had happened and what it meant and where we were going from here. I asked her if last night had fulfilled the craving she had for hard cock – Big Black Cock.

She blushed and lowered her eyes. Forgive me, B – but no. If anything the craving is stronger now that I know what it feels like! Even after last night, although I m sore, my pussy is still aching to be filled!

She teared up. Are you disgusted with me – with what a slut I seem to be?

I reassured her that I loved her and if she wanted to continue her vacation adventure – actually our adventure as I was having one also watching and participating – that was ok by me. I told her again I was actually proud of her. What she had done had taken courage and stretched her from her comfort zone. But I was concerned what she felt about all this (translation: was he better than me?)

She said she loved exhibiting and, yes, degrading herself in front of others. All her life people had told her not to act this way or that. As a 7 year old she loved to run around her back yard naked but the neighbors complained. Each one of our beach adventures had given her an increased feeling of freedom and power. She loved the sun on her bare body – and the eyes of people watching her do things she had been told her whole life that she shouldn t.

She also loved the attention from Samuel and the other young men at the club. They made her feel pretty and sexy in a way she hadn t in the years we were raising the k**s. She acknowledged that I often told her all that, but she said that she felt I had to - even if it was sincere – as her husband, but to hear it from strangers was a special boost - especially when their erections proved the compliments were real. The feeling she got by acting slutty was another turn on. She lowered her eyes again as she told me about the flood of emotions and physical feelings as she had given herself to a man not her husband for the first time – felt him possess her body and fill the aching that she had been feeling the last few days: his muscles, his hardness inside her, how he had brought her to orgasms like she had never had before. All while I watched. It wasn t that he was better than me, but the newness, the adventure, the taboo were like a d**g. After the rush, there was an emptiness again in her pussy that needed to be filled again. She wanted more.

There was another aspect also. Samuel was laid back, gentle, romantic and flirty, but there was a darker side of him also that caused her to respond as if she had no control. It was the same feeling she had when we played bondage games, but with an added sense of danger – she knew I wouldn t harm her and she could stop things at any time, which took some of the edge off, but there was a sense of threat in Samuel that kicked the submissive side of her into high gear. She felt she had to submit with no reservations or safety net. Last night he had demanded things of her that she normally would have refused – and did initially – but the look in his eye and his take charge attitude in the bed made her want to do anything he demanded.

B? One question: If we continue this: what about my rings? Do you want me to take them off when I am with another man?

I had thought about that last night when the moonlight glinted off them as she held his cock to suck it. The fact that she asked the question with the word when and not if told me she intended to continue. The fact that I had already formed an answer meant I wanted her to.

No, keep them on. In fact make sure everyone sees them when you dance or perform on the beach – or fuck. Let them know you are a married slut. But they are also a reminder of us – a tie between us that no other lover will have with you. She glowed. Thank you B!

I m a 42 year old mother of two but with him I feel like a teenager just discovering sex!

But, she assured me, there was no love here. Just athletic sex and some interesting mind games. I was her lover, husband, provider and the father of her c***dren. No matter how carried away she might get here, I should remember that and that she would always be going home with me.

So, that still leaves us with where we go from here. What do you want to do today? (A test)

Her eyes dropped. Samuel told me to meet him on the beach at 12.

And you feel compelled to go? I didn t tell her that I wanted to go, too.

A deep blush. Forgive me, yes

The die was cast.

So we headed back to the cabana and prepared for the afternoon. I arranged for a picnic lunch and some beach towels, and Jaye took a shower, douche and enema in order to be ready for anything Samuel demanded.

When we got to the beach, we stripped and headed to our area. Samuel wasn t there yet and there was no sign of the Couple. Jaye told me to oil her up, standing in front of the couples/threesomes and smiling at them. Gone was her shyness of the previous week. Now she stood proudly, legs spread, bald pussy and dangling clit exposed, hands behind her head to push her little tits out. When I started to do her front, she told me to do it from the side – on my knees – to give everyone a good view.

Then she lay down on her back, spread her legs and told me to oil her pussy and asshole, raising her knees to give me full access and all the onlookers a better show.

When Samuel showed up he smiled approvingly. They made small talk for a minute or two, him clothed, Jaye naked and glistening next to him and me naked on her far side. The dynamic and politics were obvious to everyone in the vicinity. Then he stood and told her to undress him. He was only wearing shorts and sandals so she got on her knees and made a show of taking off his sandals. In this position her ass was presented to any onlookers who wanted a view of her glistening pussy and asshole. Then she slowly unbuttoned his shorts, letting them fall to the sand. She reached up and pulled down his red briefs, very slowly, kissing his belly and curly pubic hair. When the briefs came down a little more, his turgid cock popped free and hit her in the forehead. She rubbed her face all over it, and it jerked in response.

I was going nuts watching this display, wondering if they were going to do it right there on the beach.

Then he had her oil up his legs and butt. She took what seemed forever, almost tasting his muscled body with her hands, glancing at our audience as if to say See me! She was so obviously happy, and I was proud of her confidence. Then, he lay down on our towel and told her to do his back.

Again she took a long time, working the oil into his muscles.

Finally he rolled over on his back and told her to do his chest and work her way down.

On her knees like that, her ass in the air and her little tits jiggling with the effort, she was beautiful. He told her to spread her thighs so she could work lower. The lower position also made it easy for her to draw circles on his chest with her nipples.

This gave me – and the rest of the beach – an improved view of her pussy and anus. I could see her labia beginning to puff up and a trickle of wetness carving a path through the lotion down the inside of her thighs.

When she got to his Black cock, she paused, looking around and uncertain.

It all right, missy, no one say nuttin. Jus be natural

With that, she blushed and proceeded to oil his cock and balls. Slowly, reverently, erotically. Hand sliding down his shaft, cupping his balls, and then, as he adjusted himself and she got the message, down into his ass crack.

Then up again. Then down.

In a couple of minutes his cock started to harden and stand up on its own. Jaye was panting now, sweat dripping off her distended nipples, and her butt twitching as her labia and anus pulsed in and out in response to the intrusion she was dreaming of. I don t know if it was sweat or pussy juice, but there was an obvious wet spot in the sand below her crotch. She was now oblivious to everyone else on the beach, her whole being seemingly focused on the 8 Black, heavily veined cock growing and twitching in her hand.

Suddenly he rolled onto his side and told her to lay down next to him. As soon as she was settled, he started to massage her oiled tits, kissing her all the while. Her arms went around his neck and her legs parted without being told, her knees raised in welcome. My wife was long past modesty.

He worked her nipples - rubbing, rolling and sometimes twisting them - again commenting on how pretty they were, then down her belly, then down her thighs, avoiding her dripping pussy. Then up her thighs until almost there, then down the other side, then back. She was mewing and humping up trying to impale herself on his fingers.

Finally, he slid one along her labia and she let out a louder moan, her body jerking. Then again, then two fingers at her pussy mouth.

He worked her like that for several minutes until she was moaning continuously. Finally he slid two fingers into her pussy, then out, then in deeper, then out, around the mouth but avoiding her clit. She was arching her back trying to get them back into her. At that point he jammed three fingers into her, deeply steadily, hard deep. It only took about ten strokes and she came with a squirt and a scream, her belly jerking violently as the spasms consumed her.

As she came down, he broke the kiss. Ya be Samuel s missy, right? Yes! Oh yes! Anything you want!

After she regained her composure, Samuel got dressed, and we returned to our cabana. On the walk, he circled her naked waist with his arm and they held each other close, demonstrating their relationship to the onlookers, as I followed, also still naked.

We all showered together with much groping and giggling from Jaye. Then she got a serious look on her face.

Samuel, you haven t cum yet!

Ja take care dat, missy!

Taking him to the bed she stroked his Black cock to semi hardness, then sucked him fully hard, then mounted him, grabbing his Black Cock and rubbing it along her labia and clit. Unlike last night, she kept her eyes open as she guided it into her pussy, watching as his shaft slid into her. As she set up a rhythm she waved me over and started sucking my very hard cock.##The scene at the beach had primed all of us and shortly Jaye started to moan heavily, her eyes closed. That set me off and as I came so did she. Samuel let her ride a few aftershocks, then rolled her over and took her hard and fast, bareback, of course, triggering another climax in her as he dumped his load deep inside. She sucked him clean, then headed for the bathroom, and then we all curled up together for a nap.##After resting, Jaye asked Samuel to show us around down in the village – not the tourist stuff but real Jamaica.##He guided us for a while but there wasn t really much scenic so we headed over to the tourist area where Jaye went on a shopping spree: Large hoop ear rings like the Jamaican girls at the Z Club wore, an ankle chain with a spade charm on it like she had seen the Wife wearing, small triangle tops and short skirt, and platform sandals.##She immediately put on the earrings and lifted her leg onto a bench so that the Black salesman could put on the ankle chain – and get a look at her panty-less pussy – then she had him remove it and made me kneel and put it back on. All along she was making a show of her wedding and engagement rings to the clerk and pointedly telling me to pay for each item while she snuggled with Samuel. We walked back to the resort and through the lobby with her arm around his waist and me following.##That night Samuel had dinner with us at the resort and we didn t go dancing – Jaye was hot to trot. After dinner we went back to our cabana. I put on the radio and Jaye started a slow sensual strip for us – or Samuel.##Once she was naked Samuel and I sandwiched her for a long slow dance then retired to the bed where we had another threesome.##I came in her first (there was no point in condoms any more), then started to switch positions for her to clean my cock while he fucked her. She stopped me.## B, I didn t cum, will you finish me off with your tongue while I clean you? She had me lay down on my back and positioned herself over my face. As she sucked my cock, big wads of cum slid into my mouth. Then she lowered herself so I had to stay in position and swallow.## Keep licking, baby, I m almost there! ##The combination of licking her clit, sucking her pussy, and sucking cock brought her off, and as she spasmed, it forced out another glob.## That was fantastic B!. ##When she caught her breath and I was done cleaning her, Samuel started fucking her missionary style, with me holding her legs open for him, then shifted her into other positions, fucking her into one orgasm after another for 30 minutes. At that point he put her back on her knees and told me to get under her again. By this time she was so used that she couldn t stay up and just sort of collapsed on top of me. Then he straddled us both, pushed into her pussy and started to speed up to his own release. In that position there was no way I could avoid coming into contact with his Black cock and balls and when he came he kept on stroking into her, faster and faster as she moaned, grunted, and quivered. From my position I could see the cum on his cock being whipped into a froth that collected at the base. When he finally eased his Big Black Cock out it flopped into my mouth. It just seemed natural suck it clean as well as her pussy. It felt rubbery – and kind of nice in my mouth.##When I was done I rolled her over and mounted her, sinking my recovered cock into her cream-slick pussy. It was an amazing feeling.##Around midnight I left them alone and once again listened to the sounds of lust from my chair on the patio. Finally, Samuel called me in. Jaye was already cleaning him. Without being told, I began to clean her. However, she stopped me and told me to finish cleaning him before her. After that it became a routine for me to clean cum out of her cream filled hole, no matter which of us deposited it there, and his cock as well if she was too spent to. When I finished, Jaye roused herself, held me in her arms and gave me a big cum-flavored kiss.## Do you want some more? Are you up for it? Not really, but I ve never said no to you. ## Let s get some sleep. By the way, you were beautiful tonight – I m so proud of you! Thanks B – for everything. #
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