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A trans top and her bottom bitch - Part 3

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A trans top and her bottom bitch - Part 3
It was our fifteenth day together, and we were downstairs in the kitchen when she said to me, I need you to suck me now. She said it so matter of factly that it was as though she was asking me to take out the garbage but my heart skipped a beat in excitement. Yes, my dear! I answered eager to obey her wishes. Yes I know, what a bottom bitch.

We went upstairs and she lay down on the bed and lifting up her skirt, she pulled off her panties to expose her cock and balls lying there for me like a tasty treat.

How can I convey the effect on me of seeing her cock? I completely lose any self control when I see it. I feel weak and dizzy as though I am in a trance or d**gged. It s like a magic wand that has me under its spell and I will do anything to have it. In my mouth. In my ass. I JUST WANT IT.

Her pubic area was completely hairless so I could easily lick her balls and the base of her magnificent penis. Moving upwards, I drooled a little saliva over her shaft as I licked it. Reaching the knob, I put my lips around it and sucked the cock head gently. Then I took the length of her prick in my mouth and felt it gradually stiffen from a spongy rubber to a rock hard iron rod. Her engorged penis throbbed like a hungry a****l ready to be satisfied.

I had been curious as to her size so I measured the length of her cock with my phone. It was a little over seven inches long which meant she was bigger than 99% of the cocks out there. I was in awe of her size especially since I had always wanted to be hung like her. Now I would have to be content with being the one who worshipped it with my holes.

Her big fuck stick was all mine to play with but my cock sucking skills still needed work. I was improving but when she felt herself getting close, she took her dick in her hand and jerked herself hard with knowing strokes as I sucked the swollen knob. She grunted softly with the onset of her orgasm and held her cock in my mouth as it convulsed with each ejaculatory jet of hot cum. I had to swallow quickly as the semen poured out of her urethra until her balls were empty and every drop of her cream was down my throat. Start to finish it took no more than five minutes for me to service her. She smiled at me in contentment pleased with my dedication to her sexual satisfaction.

That night after we went to bed, she decided to let me have a special treat. Up until this time, she had been fucking me either spooning on our sides or doggie style. I told her that I wanted to see her pretty face while feeling her fuck pole spearing me deep in my ass hole. So I was surprised when she said, Okay, you can sit on my cock if you want .

Oh my God, this was a dream come true. I was so happy and excited as I moved my naked body over hers and straddled her to get in position. I reached down between my legs and felt around trying to find her hard cock. When I found it, I held it in my hand so I could insert the head into my anus and sit down on her cock. It was a little difficult to get her inside because she wasn t as excited as she normally is. After a couple of tries I could finally feel her fuck stick impaling me as I moved my weight down onto her pelvis.

Once I could feel the entire mass of her meaty sausage stretching out my rectum, I was in sheer ecstasy. There she was joined with me in a carnal sexual union while I looked down at her beautiful feminine face. I started moving my ass up and down on her cock fucking myself while I held myself up with my arms on either side of her head. This was the fucking that I had dreamed of - to be able to see her face while feeling her cock fucking me.

I was loving her so much as we fucked and I told her, You are so beautiful. I love you. I was in such a blissful state of love that I would have stayed impaled on her big cock forever. Unfortunately I could tell from the expression on her face that she was not as into it as I was, so I asked her, Is there anything wrong, darling? She answered a little sheepishly, Sweetie, I don t think I can cum like this.

It didn t surprise me really. By now I had so much sexual experience with her that I suspected lying beneath me was not going to work for her. She liked to be on top and in control of the fucking so being pinned down like this left her feeling a loss of control. How could she be dominant lying underneath me especially since I was almost twice her size? Poor girl.

After I got off her, I lay on my side and I thought that she would be able to mount me like that. She tried jerking her cock to get it hard but gave up after a few half-hearted attempts. So in some strange way I took her orgasm away from her by getting on top of her. I had changed the dynamics of our sexual intercourse so that they no longer worked for her. She needed to be dominant and in control in order to fuck and cum successfully.

In the morning we talked about it and she thought that she had disappointed me by not being able to fuck me and cum but I assured that this was not true. I said that I felt bad about wanting to be on top and ride her cock and that I had robbed her of an orgasm. Actually I had robbed us both because when she had her orgasm, I felt as though it was our orgasm. My desire to be inseminated by my mate was all I ever really wanted.

The next night when we went to bed, we had an experience that made up for the previous night s fiasco. Earlier in our time together, we had been discussing various sexual practices and I asked her, Have you ever had your ass eaten? She said, Oh no, I never have but I think I would love it.

Tonight she had bathed in anticipation so when we got in bed naked together, she asked me to eat her ass. I smiled happy with the thought that we were going to have this new experience together. While she lay on her back with her feet on the bed and her knees drawn up, I got down and buried my face between her legs under her ball sack. Lifting her ass up off the bed with my hands, I was able to lick and kiss the area between her butt cheeks before working my way to her puckered little asshole.

No man had ever fucked her ass so I felt especially privileged to put my lips onto her virgin anus and start licking her tight asshole. I thought that I might detect the taste or smell of shit but in fact her asshole was wonderfully fresh and clean. Eating her out was like eating a bowl of succulent forbidden fruit. I put my tongue into her anus and swirled it around inside and she squirmed in excitement as I rimmed her. To me eating her ass was a lot like eating pussy and I really got into it. She was vigorously jerking her cock as I licked and sucked her butt hole and her perineum.

Suddenly she reached down with her free hand and lifted my head up so she could stuff the knob of her cock into my mouth just before she started to ejaculate. Her timing was perfect. My mouth was immediately filled with the streams of hot cum pulsing from her cock as she had a powerful orgasm. I was still busy swallowing her cum as she thrust her big fuck stick completely into my mouth and finished blowing her load of jism. I was surprised that I didn t gag but I was able to take the whole length and let her use my mouth and throat as her fuck hole. Obviously the ass licking had done its job - she said she loved it and wanted it every time we had sex.

When she was single, she had a long series of one night stands with various foreign men. Usually after getting a drink together, they would go to his room and after getting naked, the guy would suck her cock until she was good and stiff and ready to fuck his ass off. She would finish the job by getting her fuck stick in the guy s ass and fucking him brutally until she pumped his hole full of her cum. This is how she satisfied herself sexually while avoiding entangling relationships. Find em, fuck em, forget em was her motto. I knew her history but I hoped that she would finally have a lasting relationship and never leave me.

The next day, we had no sex during the day which was unusual. At night she wanted me to suck her and I thought she would finish in my mouth but instead she said that she was too horny and needed to fuck me.

So I lay flat on my stomach and she straddled me while she lubed us. Then she pushed the head of her cock into my hole and within seconds, she thrust the whole seven inches up my ass balls deep.

I had been having diarrhea earlier in the day and this made my asshole sore so when she got in and started to fuck it hurt more than usual and I groaned with pain. This excited her knowing that her big hard rod up my ass was making me moan in pain. She fucked hard, jack hammering my rectum like a construction worker tearing up asphalt. Whenever I felt as though she was near her orgasm, she slowed down so she wouldn t cum too soon. She was going to make her bottom bitch suffer.

In spite of the pain I loved being sodomized in such an aggressive almost sadistic manner. The contrast between her powerful male sex organ and her delicate feminine body thrilled me. I was attracted to her beauty as a woman but I loved being submissive to the big cock that she used to penetrate me like a bitch whenever she was horny. That part of her was like a teenage boy who has just discovered sex and how good his cock feels fucking a warm wet hole.

When she finally allowed herself to cum, she lay face down on my back holding my hips while she thrust up into my ass with the force of each ejaculation. I reached behind me with my hands and pulled her buttocks tight to me as she finished her orgasm. Afterwards, she lay on top of me spent from our mating and I wished we could lay united with her cock up my ass forever. It always made me feel in love with her after she was finished breeding me.

The next day, sex was a disaster. I had been having diarrhea and with diarrhea you are never really clean even if you think you are or no matter how many times you have douched. Welcome to a bottom s nightmare! I guess it was bound to happen when you are using your shit hole as a sexual organ.

For a while I had been asking her to fuck me missionary style so I could see her beautiful face as she fucked me. So tonight was the night that I was finally getting my wish. She had just gotten her cock into my ass hole when she realized that something was wrong. She immediately pulled her cock out and looked down to see that there was shit on her cock. Oh no! I was so embarrassed and ashamed of myself. Yes, I had been cleaning myself but the diarrhea had gotten the better of me. She laughed it off but I was mortified.

We decided it was probably better to satisfy her need to cum with oral sex. My oral skills had been improving but I had not mastered the knack of sucking cock without teeth. During the day, I had been experimenting sucking on my fingers and I discovered that if you don t do anything with your lips, your teeth will touch whatever you are sucking. You have to kind of purse your lips so they are folded over your teeth and then use the resulting hole that your mouth makes along with your tongue. In fact it s the same kind of position your mouth makes when you blow.

I was eager to put this new found knowledge into practice and it worked! It was the first time that I sucked her off without her assistance jerking herself. While I was sucking on her cock using my mouth properly, she used her hands to hold my head applying pressure and I could tell from this pressure whether she was enjoying what I was doing. As her excitement increased, she pulled my head into her groin so she could skull fuck me with her cock deep in my mouth. I continued with the same sucking motion up and down on her shaft until she blew a tremendous load of cock milk down my throat for me to swallow. I was kind of proud of myself and she said not only was it the first time she felt no teeth but that it had been a really great blow job.

The next day, in the afternoon she was horny and even though we started out practicing my BJ skills, she said she wanted to fuck me after she was hard. I got on my side and she lubed us up and then quickly mounted me. My asshole was clean as a whistle but sore from the diarrhea the day before. It hurt at first but after she got in deep all the way and she started fucking, it felt fine.

Actually it felt fantastic especially when she got her cock in as deep as it could possibly go. Her swollen cock sword was engulfed in its sheath to the hilt and I could feel her cum filled balls tight up against my butt cheeks. My ass felt so full with her big hard rod that I was squirming in pleasure. I had been moaning as she fucked but then she started to fuck harder and I groaned, Baby, fuck me hard . So she did. It was delicious and then she reached her climax making little thrusts as she shot her fuck juice into my bowels. I held her buttocks close to me with my hands reaching behind me and she stayed inside for quite a while before pulling out and rolling off me. As usual I was loving her and I told her so.

It was time to leave Baguio so after a rough day of traveling, we made it back to Manila and we ate lunch. We checked into the hotel and had a nice nap with a good old fashioned ass fuck. It was great sex but I was a little disenchanted with her. She had to go meet her friend and then she wanted to shop with her and eat. I really didn t want to spend time with the friend. I had two days left to stay with her and this is how she wanted to spend it? Thank God she sent the friend home because I was really annoyed with her.

At night we went to a bar called Mixed Nuts where we had been before and picked two of the transgender hookers to join us at our table. One of them was especially beautiful and I really liked her a lot. She sat next to me and made sure that she was always touching me and rubbing up against me. I could really see myself falling for this girl even though she was a hooker. She was just so sweet and gorgeous that I felt extremely attracted to her. They have a lot of Chinese customers and she laughed as she described topping them, I fuck them like a Barbie Doll! Part of me wanted to be her Barbie Doll and feel her cock in my ass.

We stayed there late and when we got back to the hotel, she was horny and so was I. She face fucked me for a while and I put my BJ practice to good use. This was my sluttiest blow job yet as I sucked her big cock slobbering all over it and really getting into it. I was kind of drunk so that loosened my inhibitions and I sucked her cock like a whore. It was really the first time that I was completely into sucking her cock. She held my head tight to her groin and from the pressure on my head I knew she was going to cum soon. It made me so horny for her cum I was making noises and gagging as I took her entire length in my mouth. I didn t care about my gag reflex - I was just going all the way getting skull fucked and taking her cock down my throat. Finally she had a incredible orgasm shooting stream after stream of hot cock cream down my throat. She said it was really excellent so I was finally the cocksucking bottom bitch I wanted to be.

On the last day after breakfast we came back to the room and we were joking about the previous night s blow job and she asked if I wanted to repeat the performance. I wasn t drunk so it didn t have the same kind of feeling but it was pretty good. I gave it my all and when she was having her orgasm, she was holding my head again with her hands and I had my tongue up against the shaft of her cock in my mouth. I could actually feel her cock pulsing inside as the cum was being ejected through it for her ejaculation. Each time I could feel it throb, another jet of cum was propelled from her urethra into my mouth. I collected her semen until she was finished and I could swallow it all. I felt as though I had been sucking the cum right out of her cock and it was amazing to feel her orgasm in such intense detail and close awareness.

That night, it was our final fuck and we ended just as we had started in doggie style. After putting on the lubricant, I could tell she was jerking behind me and she said later she was getting super hard fantasizing about the damage she was going to do to my ass. Then she entered my hole and here too she delayed by not getting all the way inside but by doing a little fucking and pulling out various times. I really wanted her to go balls deep but she was enjoying her play time. Finally she got her big fuck stick all the way in and settled down to brutally fucking my hole. She used it like her personal fuck toy that she needed to beat into submission and I loved every minute of it. Then she was on top of me holding me close as she started to cum. I held her butt cheeks with both hands reaching backwards and pulled her tightly to me as she deposited her seed deep up my ass. For one last time I was her bottom bitch having his ass bred by his dominant top girl.

In the final week she had ten orgasms with me, five in my mouth and five up my ass. The diarrhea had not helped with the ass fucking that was for sure and my new skill in sucking cock led her to want blow jobs more. Even though I was getting into the oral sex, it was always just sex to me no matter how exciting it felt. Of course I liked to please her with what she wanted but the real lovemaking was when she fucked me in the ass. It never failed to leave me deeply attached to her and in love.
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