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Post #1

It began with a cold wet April late night knock on my door. Bedraggled, wet, and wretched, clutching a small satchel, Bobby stood at my door. “I’ve been kicked out; can I come in?” Of course I let him in. He was a young man, whom I had tutored before his university admission tests. Bright, articulate, personable, but he did lack focus. Decades younger than I, I was never tempted by him, although there was no doubt he was attractive. He just seemed too young, although he was legally an adult. He had an elfin look to him: long hair, skin and bones.

I suggested he shower and change into dry clothes. Over a mild tea, we talked. Bobby was quite upset, justifiably so. Upon his return from university, he had come out as gay to his parents. They went ballistic and threw him out of the house. He loved his family, was badly hurt by his parent’s rejection. Exhausted, he went to bed in my spare room. Later, as I came to bed myself, I could hear him crying. I knocked on the door, and we had another talk, with chaste hugs after.

Bobby was great to have around. Not only was he a very nice companion, but he loved to help around the house and property. He had a part time job, so he also contributed to household expenses. Things could have coasted along that was all summer. But it was only a few days later that the energy changed.

I had been sitting with him at bed time, as he seemed to feel his loss more at that time. He had an invitation to wake me, if he needed a friend in the night. So one night he came to my room, clad just in his undies, and sat on the bed. It was a cool night; he began to shiver. I invited him under the covers. We talked for a while longer, and then both fell asleep. It was all still innocent.

I sleep with a dim nightlight. In our lovely night-times, I could watch his body as he came toward the bed, see his face as we talked.

His visits became nightly. I looked forward to them. The sight of his lithe form was big part of that, although it was also satisfying to sleep with a friend. And it was nice to be touched lightly in the night. And a few times we spooned but careful not to be sexual.

One night he seemed particularly sad and vulnerable; we had a long talk then. We slept. But I woke in the night to feel his body spooned against mine, his arm around me. What was more I was pretty sure I could feel his hard cock in the crack of my ass. Of course sexual desires surged in me, I got very herd myself, but I had no idea whether his hard prick was just his sleep talking, or something else. I didn’t want to wreck what we had by an unwanted advance. But I had no idea how I was going to lay there, let alone sleep, in my current state. Things came to a head, though, when he moved his body against me, his cock sliding easily up my crack. I felt a wave of pleasure, but Bobby moaned and started to cum. In an instant my crack and my back were soaking in sperm. But then he jerked awake and almost fell out of bed.

I could feel his embarrassment and tension. “I’m sorry ... I didn’t mean ...maybe I should go ...“. I said “Easy now, it’s all right, get a towel and we’ll go back to sleep”. As he went to get a towel, I managed to swipe and slurp some quite delicious cum. After a while he did get back to sleep, but it was a long time before my hard-on diminished enough.

The following nights he seemed to be very careful. A little touching, no spooning. I was pretty sure that wasn’t going to last. I could feel the sexual tension in him. I could feel it in me.

And then one night it happened again. I awoke lying on my back. Bobby’s leg was thrown over my hips, his hard cock twitching on my stomach. My own cock sprang to full life right away, growing in size almost to touch his. I tried not to move, just reveling in the feel of his body. Clearly he was still dreaming, but his dream was building toward a climax. I could hear his breathing change, and then a low moan. His bony hips started to grind against mine. I couldn’t help myself. My hand moved to touch his ass, holding him to me. Our cocks met. My hips heaved; I moaned as a wave of pleasure washed over me. I managed to hold back my orgasm. But Bobby started to cum, sperm gushing all over my stomach. And at the same time he woke up. At first his body became rigid and he started to pull away. I’m guessing that then he felt my hand on his ass, and the hardness of my own cock. He relaxed into his orgasm, hips thrusting, sperm gushing, voicing small cries. My lips found his, and soon we were locked together in a wet and wild kiss. His needs were still urgent. The way he sucked my tongue and swallowed my spit told me he wanted to be fucked. And I could use his sperm as a lubricant.

This had gone from chaste, to yearning, to a****l need in no time flat. Our shared lust had been pent up over those days being with each other and the nights sleeping together. All forgotten now. He rose up off me, and lay on his back. He raised his legs up to his head. In the dim nightlight of the room, he was still a sight to see. All bone and taut muscle. Heavy hair around his groin. Cute little balls. Decent semi-erect cock. But his ass! His lean buttocks showed his crack to perfection, and his sweet treasure of a hole stood out rosy pink against his dark hair.

As I moved into position before him, I saw eager anticipation in Bobby’s eyes, but also some nervousness. “I’ve not ... done ... this ...” . “Let me help you get ready”, I murmured, and leaned down to make love to his crack and his hole with my lips and my tongue and my spit. As my lips massaged his hole, it began to flex open and shut. Soon I could tell that this was no reflex; Bobby was doing this. I could have happily gone on longer, but I could tell that he wanted me inside him. When I raised my head, he pulled me up his body.

On the bed I sat back on my hips, raised his to me. My cock, as hard as it gets and O so eager, touched his opening. Bobby looked up to me in yearning. His eyes popped wide as I began a gentle push into him; he began to tremble. I whispered: “Deep breaths now”. But I could see pain beginning to etch his face, his eyes showing fear and hurt. I moved back. When his face said let’s try again I began another push, as gently as I could, almost tantric in is slowness. At first he seemed to be OK, then he was managing the discomfort, but then his face became wild again. He burst into tears: “I can’t, I can’t, it hurts!” I lay down beside him, whispered words of caring and encouragement. “It might take a while”, I murmured,” but your body wants this and it will happen, we have all summer”. He laughed and relaxed a little. As we held each other close, he talked about what he hoped to feel with a cock inside him. He wanted his man to join with him, to invade and take over his body; his lover’s semen within him would be the lasting mark of his love and his dominance. Both our cocks had hardened again as he spoke, I could feel the sexual heat of our bodies. “I think I’m ready now”, he whispered, and then in a stronger husky voice: “O yes, I’m ready now”.

This time as my cock pushed gently into him, we held hands, our eyes locked. His breaths were deep, but natural, controlled, like an athlete. He gave a little cry as I broke through his rim, his body tensed and I could see pain in his eyes: but he wore a smile of triumph. After a moment I could feel his body relax and I could see his face giving me a welcome. As I eased into him, he started moaning and gasping, but his hands moved to my hips and kept pulling me in. A couple of times, his eyes rolled back into his head, I thought he was going to pass out. Finally I was all the way inside him, my groin pressed against his bony cheeks. Bobby broke out into a huge grin, said “Yes!”. I leaned down and we kissed deeply, our tongues thrusting. When he raised his hips to me, pushing me that little bit more, he was telling me he was ready to make love. We moved together easily, tenderly, as if we had done this before. What began as gentle love making eventually turned into raunchy fucking. I was floating in paradise: filling and owning a beautiful young man with good moves and a tight and responsive hole. I could tell his climax was coming when his body started to tremble. His ass muscles started to contract around my cock. I raised up back onto my hips to thrust more deeply. His little cries became small screams. His whole body was heaving. Cum shot from his cock like a cannon; snot shot from his nose; his tongue protruded, his eyes rolled up into his head, and he fell limp. He had passed out. I placed my hands on his stomach, collected his cum, savoured it in my mouth, spread it on my face.

Somehow I hadn’t yet cum myself, although my pleasure was off the scale. Since he was passed out, I felt free to take my own pleasure. So I withdrew from him quickly, rolling him onto his stomach, spreading his legs. I moved back inside him again. He was still tight, but his ass felt like it had been well-fucked. Which it had. My full weight was on him as my thrusts opened him further. My arms moved around his shoulders, my mouth moving to where they joined with his neck. I could feel my orgasm rising like a tidal wave. As I came, my mouth closed down on his shoulder, biting hard. A few hard thrusts, holding deep, and then some gentle moves. Bobby woke during this, moaned and then sighed. I could tell he was smiling. As I withdrew from him to lie exhausted at his side, he looked at my with caring and satisfaction: “You’ve made me yours now”. Before we slept, Bobby licked his cum off my cheeks and shared it with his mouth on mine.

I’m no spring chicken; I need my rest. We both drifted off. At times, I surfaced to feel his body next to mine, sometimes just its heat, sometimes with a touch or caress given and received. But this youngster’s sexual drive was unlimited, and supercharged by the relaxed encounter with me.

I found out a few hours later, as our hands found each other’s cocks. Bobby wasn’t shy at all about what he wanted then, pushing me down his body. I didn’t need any pushing really as I wanted to swallow that sweet cock of his. It wasn’t large; but it fit his frame well. And it was very hard, and hot to the touch.

Coming down on him, my mouth first met his glans, beautifully shaped and succulent. I wanted to explore first, though, and my mouth found the base of his cock, right where it joins to his balls. He was thick with hair, curly, prickly, pungent with the last night’s sex. My soft licks and kisses had him heaving his hips, presenting his balls. Balls which were also not large, but very loose and edible. I am always tender with balls; I love mine, I knew he loved his. Later I would learn to take his whole sac in my mouth – what a sensation! But this early morning licking and mouthing were what he wanted. By the time I finished loving him that way, Bobby balls were wet with spit, the scent of sex even stronger, and I could feel the passion building in him. So strong was his passion, that he could have come right then. His initial furtive oral sex with others had always been fast and furtive. But I wanted to give him a special experience. My progress up his member was at a snail’s pace: gentle kisses, licks and flicks, sometimes a side mouthing. I could feel the heat rising from his body; I could hear his deep breathing, that of an athlete on a long run. Just touching the base of his glans sparked an involuntary heave from his hips, a little cry from his mouth. As I circled the tip with my tongue I tasted pre-cum. I knew he was ready, but there was a little more to do on the path to climax. I mouthed all his tip, bathing it with my tongue, then slipped just the tip in my mouth, holding him there. I could feel the groan of desire through his body. I moved my head down his length in slow stages, licking and sucking. By the time my lips met his groin and his hair was scratching my face, Bobby was over the top. His breaths were moans. His hips heaved, I took him all, riding him with my mouth as he poured out another load of cum. He tasted so good, increasing the wave of pride and satisfaction that poured over me. He had just got first class head.

Bobby had started out timid with me, and a willing bitch. But now he wanted to be dominant too. I found that out later that day. He had joined me working outside in the morning; he was a good conversationalist as well as a good worker. But after lunch I was feeling in need of a nap, and told him. He asked: “Can I fuck you first?” My jaw dropped in surprise, but quickly opened in smiles. I arched my brow and said” “Guess I get lucky”.

His needs were strong; he wasted no time. We were sweaty and dirty from the outdoor work, adding an a****listic element. He took off my clothes at the bedside, in a focused and compelling way. His clothes were still on, but he kneeled down and took my cock in his mouth. There was no subtlety to it; he was trying to deep throat me, and getting there fast. His thrusting head and mouth pushed me onto the bed; I was in heaven where the feel of his mouth had complete possession of my being. I was aware of nothing else. That’s when he changed gears, and moved his mouth to my ass. I gave one low multi-toned moan; a whine of regret, moving toward a groan of pleasure. As his fervent tongue worked on my vibrating hole, he raised my legs up in the air. Once again I was gone in lust. Once again he changed gears. As his mouth left my ass I knew that his cock was next. I knew this was going to be fast and hard, so I gave his some lube. He entered me in one thrust, not a hard one but not all that gentle either. I cried out, but I’m not sure whether it was in more pleasure than pain. I could feel my orgasm building, but I was able to hold back. This was too good to be too fast.

It might have been his first time fucking someone in the ass, but Bobby was a natural. His thrusts were steady and long. Each withdrawal was complete; my ass was reopened every time. No doubt about it I was being fucked. After a while, my orgasm began to build in an unstoppable way. I could feel my ass muscles pulsing even before my cock exploded. By then I was making so much noise – begging, praising, babbling, screaming – that Bobby’s eyes snapped open; his face lit up with carnal pleasure. His rhythm continued at the same pace, but he was slamming into me. And then one last thrust, his hips held against me, my legs wrapped round his neck.

And then he pulled out. Not fast, but unceremoniously. “Have a nice nap”, he whispered, winking. And I did.

Our summer was like that. I was more fucked than fucking, but I was happy with the balance.

When he returned to school on scholarship, I was sad. I knew he would find lovers his own age. But I was glad for him. And I must admit I don’t know how long I could have kept up with that level of sexual activity. Bobby’s sexual needs were prodigious; his stream of cum seemed to be endless. He had transformed from a timid virgin to an insatiable lover in one night. And I got to be part of it.
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