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The Woods

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The Woods
As I drove to pick Sharon up from hers, my heart was racing and ideas spun around my head. We had arranged a walk in the woods followed by lunch. I ran through last minute checks in my head to make sure I had everything. Money, Stanley Knife, camera, handcuffs and 1 ½” diameter butt plug. I pull up at Sharon’s and she was already waiting at the door. She got in and gave me a long kiss before giving me directions as where to go. About twenty minutes later we pulled into a pub car park. Sharon got out and went into the pub and came back smiling, she’d been in to ask if it was ok to park up whilst we went for a walk and we would be back for lunch. I got my stuff together, leaving just the handcuffs behind.
We walked into the woods from the car park, holding hands, talking, laughing and a little kiss every so often. I noticed there was a lot of vines growing and mentioned to Sharon how good they were for tying things up!!! Sharon looked at me with a look of intrigue and slight worry. We walked a little deeper into the woods, until we reached a small clearing. My mind was racing with ideas, some good, some very dark. Sharon leaned against a tree, I pushed her back to it, kissing passionately and held her arms back to the sides of the tree. I pull away and told her not to move. I grabbed a couple of lengths of vines and wrapped them around Sharon’s wrists, she started giggling. “you kinky fucker, you gonna tie me to this tree and have your wicked way with me?” she said. As I pulled her arms back to the sides of the tree and bound her wrists with the vine. I walk round to Sharon and kissed before stepping back to admire the view. Her long thin black dress that already emphasized her breasts was now in danger of bursting open with every breath Sharon took. With an evil glint in my eyes I step up to Sharon and roughly groped her heaving breasts. Her breathing rapidly increased, her eyes focused on me. I kissed her before grabbing the material of the dress, ripping it open to expose a very sexy looking bra that was only just serving its purpose of trying to contain Sharon’s huge breasts. I stepped back to admire the amazingly sexy view before me. I got my camera out to Sharon’s horror and took a few photos before ripping the rest of the buttons open on the dress. Sharon was staring straight at me, not a word was spoken. From her face my eyes slowly took in the view, black bra my eyes moved down, no panties to cover her smooth shaven pussy, my eyes moved down a little more, black lace top hold ups and again my eyes moved down to the tight leg hugging knee length leather boots. Sharon modestly crossed her legs to keep some dignity. I again got the camera out snapping away at the beautiful sight before me. My mind began racing again with ideas and scenarios. I pulled out the Stanley knife, the look on Sharon’s face turned to sheer terror and she pleaded with me as I stepped up to her. With one quick upward slash on the centre of the bra it burst open let Sharon’s breasts fall from the cups. With one hand I cupped her breast and with the other I placed it on her pussy as I kissed her. Sharon started to calm down as my fingers worked their magic on her pussy. Again, I stepped back and took my camera out, I could see Sharon was starting to enjoy this but she kept her legs crossed. I scanned the floor and spotted a branch and took it over to where I was holding Sharon. I lashed her ankles to the branch and completely helpless, the last of her dignity was exposed for all to now see. I was now growing in confidence with the camera and pushing the limits with Sharon. I stood up and gently kissed as I placed my hand between her legs but this time I began to finger her roughly before slapping her pussy several times. I then pulled the steel butt plug from my pocket, I don’t know if she saw it or had resigned herself to my abuse. I pushed it in her pussy to lube it up before I reached round to her arse and lined it up with the hole. With a firm push, it slipped in as Sharon gave out a huge scream. She looked at me in shock and with a look of “I want more of that you fucker”. I then moved onto her breasts, roughly groping them and twisting her nipples. A grimace of pain etched across her face and muted whimpers as the assault intensified. Sharon’s immense breasts had become my focus, I grabbed a breast with both hands and squeezed it hard before taking the nipple in my mouth. I sucked hard on the nipple before biting and twisting between my teeth, Sharon let out a scream. I then slapped her across the rock-hard nipple, a tear run down Sharon’s face. I spent several minutes abusing her breasts with an intense and unforgiving assault of biting, pulling, twisting, squeezing and slapping. I pulled away to take more photos, her breasts were red raw, the nipples incredibly swollen and a deep red colour. The tears were streaming down Sharon’s face, it was an intensely erotic sight as I snapped away with the camera. I started back at my breast abuse, squeezing them tightly. I noticed a drop of clear liquid form on the tip of her nipple, I squeezed some more and watched as it started to drip. I moved onto the other breast and again that started to leak, I took the nipple in my mouth and sucked hard on it, the more I sucked the greater the flow. I could feel the nipple swelling the more I sucked. My deepest desire was to get Sharon lactating milk for me but that would be near impossible. I placed my hand between Sharon’s legs to find it soaking wet and the juices had soaked into her stockings. I finger fucked her to a body shaking orgasm before finally freeing her and letting her slump to the ground to recover. I cut the bra straps off with my knife and discarded the bra. I made Sharon stand up as I fastened her dress up, leaving the last few buttons open so a huge amount of breast was on display. Sharon tidied herself up before giving me a slow tender kiss and whispering “thank-you that was amazing baby”.
We walked hand in hand back to the pub. I sent Sharon to the bar as I’d noticed a young lad behind the bar when we walked in. Sharon’s nipples like bullets stuck through the thin material of her dress and add to that there was a huge amount of breast on show, the poor lad didn’t know where look and went bright red when Sharon ordered the drinks and food. On her way back to the table she suddenly remembered she still had the butt plug still inside her arse and sat down very carefully. After a few minutes I noticed she was rocking her hips and asked what she was doing, “I’ve just nearly had an orgasm with the plug.” She said.
Sharon was trying to cool her nipples down by running the cold glass over them, this only made them harder and leave wet patches on them! Soon our lunch was brought out by the young lad who was having a good look at Sharon’s tits and she notice, causally adjusting herself so he got an even better view. When he had served us, she turned to me and said “what have you done to me, I would never dream of flirting like that!”. I just smiled as I took a drink. Sharon continued to ease her nipples with the cold glass as we ate lunch. We chatted and kissed some more before getting up to leave.
As we drove back to Sharon’s, I started plotting more sexual exploits which would include the use of the handcuffs. As we pulled up outside Sharon’s she asked me if I wanted a brew. I replied “I was hoping we could go upstairs!”. With a huge smile Sharon got out of the car and opened the front door. I walked in and was dragged upstairs by an extremely excited Sharon. I pulled the handcuffs from my pocket, which seemed to instantly excite her as she slipped her dress off and discard it to a corner of the bedroom. Sharon’s breasts were still red from the extreme groping in the woods and her nipples were incredibly swollen. I took her in my arms and kissed, running my hands slowly over the curves of her body. I then ordered her to lay face down on the bed. I cuffed one of her wrists to the leg of the bed and went to the other side of the bed, doing the same with the other wrist. Sharon’s face was buried in the pillow, I stripped off and climbed on the bed behind her. I tucked her legs in, so she was now in a kneeling position, with ass in the air. I suddenly remembered my camera and reached for it. Sharon’s wet pussy and the butt plug sticking from her ass made the perfect picture. My cock was rock hard and dripping with precum, I was aching to have her again. I put the camera down and moved up behind Sharon, before taking hold of my cock and guiding it into Sharon’s bald pussy. The combination of my precum and Sharon’s wet pussy meant I slipped inside her with ease. She gasped as I slipped in, I thrust a few times before stopping. I could feel the butt plug pressing against my cock and it was taking me close to the edge. I pulled out from Sharon’s pussy to take the edge off me wanting to cum. I started to finger her pussy and twist the butt plug, which seemed to arouse Sharon even more. With her pussy sopping wet by this point I decided that the butt plug was no longer needed and with one sharp tug I pulled it from her ass. Sharon screamed into the pillows in agonizing pain, I discard the plug before pushing my cock into the gaping hole that it had left. Sharon’s hole body shook as she took every inch of me in one hard thrust. I gave her a moment to calm down and catch her breath before I began to fuck her, my pace increasing as my balls slapped against her smooth pussy. I then felt a warmth on my balls, I reached down to feel Sharon as squirting with every thrust I made. This only made me thrust harder and with that Sharon cried out louder. Then I felt a deep tingling in my balls, then suddenly I cum and pushing my cock in deeper as I spurted a huge load deep into her arse. Another thrust shot more cum in Sharon, at that point a huge orgasm ripped through her body, her whole body shaking as it controlled her. We were both motionless for a moment as we recovered, I pulled from her arse and freed Sharon from her bindings. We slumped on the bed next to each other, smiling, kissing and enjoying the afterglow.
What seemed like just a moment later, Sharon stroked my cock before taking in her mouth. I lay there still exhausted as she slowly worked my cock hard again. Once I was ready, Sharon climbed on top and eased herself onto my cock. Slowly riding me as she held the headboard of the bed as she rubbed her breasts in my face. Little orgasms running through her body as she worked me slowly, her pace increased and so did the intensity of the orgasms. Her body jolting as she gripped the bed even tighter. I grabbed her swaying tits that were slapping me across the face and began sucking hard on the swollen nipples. That was the beginning of the end for Sharon, hardly able to move with my cock still deep in her pussy, her face etched with the effects of multiple orgasms still ripping thought every inch of her body. I took control again, grabbing Sharon’s hips and started thrusting my cock deep into her swollen and extremely sensitive pussy. That spelt the end for Sharon and very soon afterwards, me! One last huge thrust sent Sharon’s whole body into orgasmic spasm, her pussy contracted tightly around my cock, her eyes round back in her head and screamed out before she collapsed on top of me. The whole sight pushed me over the edge and without warning my cock erupted with several huge loads pumping deep inside her pussy. Sharon lay on top of me for a few minutes as her body came down from the sexual high, as she eased herself off my still semi erect cock, a large blob of cum ran down my cock. Being the prefect lady Sharon took my cock in her mouth and made sure there was hardly any wasted.
Sharon lay down next to me and kissed me. We cuddle for a little while before getting up, Sharon slipped her dress back on and did just a couple of the buttons up. I wasn’t sure if that would mean I was in for another treat or she couldn’t be bothered with it, I through my clothes on quickly and went over to hug Sharon. Our embrace lasted several minutes before we headed downstairs. Sharon stopped suddenly halfway down. Her daughter was sat at the kitchen table with a brew. “hi mum, you had a good afternoon? Sound like you two had some fun. Would you both like a brew?” she said. Sharon asked how long she’d been home. “oh about 2 hours” she said. I looked at my watch, about the same time we had been back……….
17 Haziran 2020, at 13:12


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