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Making Amy Beg

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Making Amy Beg
Here is the story of how I seduced my beautiful blonde friend, Amy. We were both eighteen at the time, and in our first year at college.

It was the start of my first proper lesbian relationship and my second relationship involving BDSM. This all happened a few years ago, but thankfully I wrote detailed diaries about what happened at the time.

In retrospect, there is a lot that still makes me smile, and a few things that I regret... but let s leave that aside for now. Why don t we start at the beginning?


My heart thumped in my chest. A battle raged within me. I was torn between my nervousness and my desire. As my friends began to file out of the common room towards their afternoon lectures, I took a deep breath. I was going to be alone with Amy. Alone to talk to her. Alone to flirt with her. Alone to make a move... if, of course, I was brave enough to actually do it.

And was I brave enough? I simply didn t know. As I waited for the crowd to filter away, tension started to pull through my muscles. I shifted in my seat and adjusted my short white dress. Should I take the safe option of doing nothing? Or should I take a dangerous step into the unknown? I reached up to my shoulder-length red hair and twisted a strand between my fingers.

Be strong, Katie, I thought to myself, reciting a silent, internal pep-talk. Be strong, be confident, be alluring. You ll be okay.

I looked towards the door. The last person left the room and strolled away down the university corridor. Then I looked back at Amy. She sat in the middle of one of the common room sofas. I was directly next to her, but positioned at right angles, with my knee-boot coated legs d****d across her lap. Her eyes were fixed on the TV, watching the credits of our favorite lunchtime soap opera roll down the screen. My eyes were fixed on her.

I couldn t help but drink in her beauty. It was April, and the sunlight of the English spring flooded into the room. It bounced from Amy s long, naturally blonde hair and the smooth, pale skin of her face. Her legs were clad in a pair of tight blue jeans, and a figure-hugging pink sweater clung to her torso. It molded to her slim waist and her generous, round breasts, which rose and fell with every breath she took.

Her breasts had always driven me crazy. They were eye-catchingly large, but it was their shape that really enticed me. Even beneath her clothes, I could just tell how high, firm, and delicious they were. If I hadn t wanted to sleep with her, I d have felt jealous of her... but I did want to sleep with her, so all I felt was desire. I craved the opportunity to touch her, spank her, and play with her until she screamed my name.

What s more, recent events suggested she might actually be open to it. That s what was so exciting. Perhaps all I needed to do was coax her out of her shell.


One day earlier, I d been sitting next to Amy in the student canteen. This was normal. We d been friends since our first day on campus, roughly seven months before, but I had hoped we could be more.

I d been attracted to her from the moment I set eyes on her. Unfortunately, I had no idea if those feelings were reciprocal. Amy was always very coy about her sexuality. I didn t know if she was attracted to girls, and even if she was, I didn t know if she was attracted to me.

Nevertheless, there were encouraging signs. As the months had passed, Amy had started to say things that were verging on flirtatious. It was a trend that I was enjoying, even though I was unsure about what it actually meant.

As we sipped down the last of our water after our meals. Amy turned and looked at me.

I like your dress, she said.

Thanks, Amy, I said, as a genuine smile glowed from my face. I thought it was a cute dress too: a little white sundress with orchid patterns on it.

It s really nice, she said. And it really shows off your body.

My smile grew wider. I stood up from my chair and spun around happily. The hem of the little dress flared out around my 5 4 body as I moved. I was glad she liked my dress. I was even gladder for her compliment about my body. I go to the gym and keep myself lean and trim. It s nice when people notice.

You think? I said. I cupped my hands over the material that covered my small but perky breasts, and gave Amy a seductive smile.

Definitely, she responded.

Maybe I should wear it more often, I said, and deliberately touched her shoulder.

You should, she said.

She looked me up and down once more, and excitement began to flood through my body. She had to be flirting, didn t she? Or was she simply just being nice? It was hard to tell. It was always hard to tell with her.

I couldn t help but give her a little test. As I sat back down next to her, I made sure my chair was just a fraction closer to her than it had been before. It was close enough that our arms now brushed against each other. I tensed, waiting for her reaction, but she didn t move away. Our arms just stayed there. I could feel the warmth radiating from her body.

I took another sip of my water and wondered what to say next. Rather than allow myself to get nervous, I got out my notepad and began jotting down a list of books I needed from the library.

Amy leaned over to me, and I felt her head press onto my shoulder. A surge of excitement passed through me, all the way to my panties. She d complimented my body; she hadn t moved away when I d pressed up against her; now, she was getting more tactile. This all seemed very seemed promising.

Then she took it upon herself to tease me.

Katie, she said, bringing her other arm around and pointing to my notes, I ve seen monkeys with better handwriting than you.

I let out a little pant of mild outrage.

Whatever, I replied and jabbed her gently with my elbow. Just you keep your mouth shut, young lady.

Or what? she said with a giggle.

Or I m getting my handcuffs out, I replied.

Ooh kinky, I like it, she exclaimed, raising her head to look at me, with a big grin on her face. Maybe I ll just have to mock your handwriting some more.

I locked eyes with her, enjoying the flirtatious tension between us.

Look, Amy, I said. Do you really want me to go 50 Shades of Grey on your ass?

She laughed, Well... I guess that was a fun read.

Then she turned pink and looked down at the table. Maybe she d revealed more than she d intended to. As I mentioned before, Amy didn t usually admit anything about her sexuality.

So, you ve read it? I asked in surprise.

Yeah… she said, with a hint of nervousness entering her voice.

I hadn t read the book myself, but I knew exactly what it was about, and the topic excited me. I was very much into BDSM - at least on the milder end of the spectrum - and had built up a little bit of experience. I liked dominating and submitting, I guess you could call me a switch.

Something within me couldn t help but dig a little deeper into Amy s newly-revealed desires. I forced a calculated grin across my face.

Well, well, well… so have you ever done any bondage, Amy? I asked. I kept my tone light-hearted, but my question had a serious intent.

No, she said, shaking her head. But… I guess it s pretty hot…

As she spoke, her words had got progressively quieter, until the word hot came out as just a faint whisper. Upon finishing her sentence, a look of mild terror flicked over her face. She turned away, partly obscuring her features with her hair, and stared down at her almost-empty glass of water.

I felt a little surge of pride that she d confided that little secret in me. I don t think she d have said that to many people. My inkling was that she had let it slip out because, despite her obvious shyness, she knew that I was open-minded when it comes to sex. It s not like I sleep with lots of people, but I am quite vociferous when it comes to defending people for expressing their sexuality. She d witnessed one of my rants on the subject before.

As she rotated her glass in her fingers, I leaned in and whispered into her ear, I think you d look hot in a spreader bar.

Katie! she exclaimed, almost choking as her face rapidly transformed to the color of beetroot.

Eventually, she peeked at me out of the corner of her eye with a mortified smile on her face.

I bit my lip, then winked at her, Ha, I ve got to get to the library. ##I rose to my feet, then bent down to her ear and whispered, See ya later, slave girl. ##I saw her knuckles go white as she gripped her glass hard, but I didn t stay for any further reaction.##I strode out of the canteen without looking round. I delighted in the thought of Amy sitting there, red-faced and squirming. My pussy began to dampen, and I grinned, mentally congratulating myself on my flirting. It left me horny for the rest of the day.##As soon as I went to bed that night, I slipped my hand between my legs. I masturbated furiously, my mind filled with thoughts of Amy: tying her down, teasing her body, making her squeal, and making her beg. I kept on going until I brought myself to a shuddering orgasm.##In my post-orgasmic bliss, I couldn t help but wonder if I could turn my fantasy into a reality. Amy had reacted so well earlier, and the thought of being with her sexually seemed so tantalizingly close. Maybe I just needed to play my cards right.##**##Back in the common room, I opened my mouth, then closed it again. I was trying to think of the right words. I desperately wanted to steer the conversation back to the kinkiness of the day before.##Then a thought struck me.## So, have you finished your essay yet? I said, absolutely knowing that she hadn t. I d overheard her earlier that day, saying that she was struggling to even start it.## Ah no, she said, and turned to look at me, I keep letting myself get distracted. ## Bad girl, I said with a grin. Then poked her thigh gently with one of my heels, making her body jump. You need to be punished. ##She sighed and looked like she was trying to hold back a smile. ## Katie… you keep making these remarks... she said.## Because I know you love it, I replied.## Whatever, she said with a laugh.##I allowed myself a little laugh too, then put on a slightly sterner face.## So would it actually turn you on to get tied up? I said.## Katie! She exclaimed, then went pink and turned to face the TV.## It s okay, I said. You know I m pretty open about this stuff, you can tell me if you want. ##She started breathing deeply, keeping her eyes fixed on the TV, but clearly not watching it.## Okay… maybe… yeah… it does, she said, raising a hand and gripping the collar of her sweater. Don t say anything to our friends, though. Please. ## Of course, I won t tell them, I said, but, I know what you mean, it is pretty hot. ##She seemed to sigh a little sigh of relief, her fingers un-clenching her collar slightly.## Have you ever done it? she asked.## Yeah, I smiled, a little bit of bondage is awesome. ##She seemed even more relieved, so I decided to probe a little further.## So, what else are you into? Spanking? Blindfolds? I said.##Suddenly her fingers gripped her collar even tighter than they had before. She breathed heavily, and her cheeks went very pink. I almost thought she was going to run away and hide under a rock.##I tried to reassure her further, It s okay, I m not going to judge. There s loads of kinky stuff that I m into. ##She paused for a while then said, What the hell… okay… if we re going to go there… umm… yeah, spanking… blindfolds… being dominated. I don t know. You know, that kind of stuff. ## Giving or receiving? ##She took a deep breath. Definitely receiving. ##I grinned at her widely, enjoying watching her squirm, but also trying to mask any of my own insecurity. Then I bit the bullet.## You know… I said, I could do that for you. ##Time stopped. We just looked at each other for what seemed like forever. Her mouth opened slightly.## What? she spluttered.## I could tie you up, I said calmly but with a hint of seductiveness in my voice. Just gently, we could, you know, experiment. ##I think her face was about to set on fire at this point.## What? Katie… I don t know. Maybe. I don t know… Are you actually serious? ## Very serious, I replied. I gave her a seductive half-smile, and poked her thigh again with the heel of my knee boot.##Her body jumped. She took a deep breath and hid behind her hair. I could still see her face burning beneath it. Gradually, I felt her start to shake.## Okay, she said. Let s say we did something... what would we actually do? ## Well… hmm…. if you wanted, you could come over to my room later, I said. I ve got a few soft restraints that I can put on my bed. And I could give you a little tease. Just to see if you like it. ##She seemed to think for a very long time. Her mouth opened a few times, but she seemed to stop herself before the words came out. Eventually, she managed something.##Almost choking on her words, she said something that approximated to, okay. ## You don t say, okay, Amy, I said with a grin. I think yes, Mistress, would be more fitting. ##She choked on thin air and looked away. Then she turned back to me and bit her lip. I could now almost feel the heat coming off her face.## Yes, Mistress, she whispered.## How about you come over at eight? I said.## O… she stopped, then corrected herself, Yes, Mistress. ## Cool, let s just do this as an experiment, I repeated. Nothing serious. ##She smiled, Okay… I m sorry… I m excited… you re not joking, are you? Please tell me you re not joking? ## I m not joking. Now come here, I said, swinging my legs off her lap and patting the piece of the sofa next to me.##She paused for a second, then shuffled over, wiping the hair from her face. I could still feel her body trembling through the cushions. I looked over my shoulder to check if the coast was clear. Then I turned to face her and slowly leaned in to kiss her.##She leaned in too, and our mouths touched excruciatingly gently. So gently that little tingles and fizzles spread across the surface of my lips. She gasped. Then we shared one of the softest, most tender, and most delicious kisses of my life. She kept pushing in a bit more forcefully, but I kept pulling back, trying to tease her and make her want it more. It seemed to work.##I made sure I ended it first, and when I did, she leaned into the vacuum between us.## Later, I said.##She looked at me like a deer in headlights, Um… okay… yes, Mistress, she said back.## Excellent, I said, standing to my feet. I ll see you later then. ##**##I really hoped that Amy was going to show that evening. It was going to be awkward as hell if she didn t.##I didn t get a whole lot of studying done that afternoon; I was simply too excited. Eventually, I had a shower. While I washed myself, I kept thinking about Amy being there with me. I fantasized about pushing her up against the shower wall and kissing her until her knees went weak. ##As the water cascaded over me, my hand slipped between my legs, and I began to play with myself. Then I stopped abruptly: I wanted to save all my sexual energy for Amy.##I turned off the shower, toweled myself down, and consider what to wear for the evening. One option was to get back into what I was wearing earlier, but I wanted to feel fresh. I kept the boots, but put on some sexy underwear and a short black skirt. I tried a few different tops before settling on a figure-hugging red shirt. It made me look like a little female devil, which seemed perfect. I didn t want to look too strict; I wanted to look like a playful little minx.##Then I got a text from Amy, Hey, are you still okay for tonight? ## Yep, definitely! I m looking forward to it! I replied. I didn t want to put any doubt in her mind that I intended to play with her that evening.## Yes, me too But I m scared. What if we don t like it, won t it be weird? she texted back.##I knew I had to say something good here. I really didn t want to fuck this up. I chose my words very carefully. ## I know we ll enjoy it, but I ll go easy, and I ll make sure you re safe. Whatever happens, I absolutely promise you that I ll still be your friend in the morning .##She simply texted back, Thank you!! Oh Katie! I ve never done anything like this before! I m going crazy over here! ## You ll be going crazy over here when I get my hands on you! Now put on something sexy and be here on the dot! ## Yes, Mistress!!! Amy responded.##I tidied my room and dusted off my box of tricks under my bed. I had acquired a few little bits of equipment over the past year, some of it from sneaky visits to sex shops, some from a guy I used to date. It wasn t an extensive collection, but enough to have some fun with. I had some soft leather handcuffs, a couple of blindfolds, and some velcro restraints which could be tied to the bed frame. I also had an extendible spreader bar. I couldn t wait to use some of it on Amy.##Then I sat at my computer and did a bit of internet browsing until she arrived.##Just before eight, I heard a knock at my door.##I waited for a few seconds to make her suffer. Then I put on my best Domme face and strode slowly and purposely across the floor, enjoying the clicks my heels made on the tiled wood. I wondered if she could hear them.##As I swung the door open, I saw her.##I crossed my arms and looked her up and down. She had this silly grin on her face, but looked incredibly awkward. She was staring down, unable to keep my gaze, and her cheeks were glowing bright pink all over again. One of her feet was tiptoed, and her leg swinging from side to side in nervousness.##I was glad it was a hot day. Her short 5 2 body was clad in a gorgeous tight, pink and white dress. It hugged her torso and brought out the delicious curve of her waist. It also clung to her tits, making them look huge and delicious. I could even see the little upturned nubs of her nipples sticking out through the fabric. It was short, but it frilled out over her thighs, wonderfully emphasizing her feminine figure. Further down, I could see delicious swathes of juicy bare thigh and calf.##I remember she d worn that dress once a few months before, and I d told her she looked hot in it.## Is this okay? She said, kind of meekly, while smoothing down the fabric, I didn t know what to wear. ##Internally, I grinned the biggest grin. The thought that Amy had dressed up for me; and that she d remembered that I d liked that particular dress; and that she was desperately seeking my approval… it all made me feel very in control.##I nodded and answered, You look very hot. ##Her head remained slightly bowed, but her eyes flashed up at me, and she smiled at my approval.## You look hot too… she said. You always look hot… Mistress! ##Her eyes sparkled when she said the word, and she bit her lip.## Come in, Naughty, I said.##We both giggled. Amy stepped inside, then I closed the door behind her.## Take your shoes off, I said.##She took them off like a good little girl and put them in the corner. This made the small height difference between us a bit larger and emphasized my dominance.##I didn t want to waste time on small talk: I needed to stay in the zone. I took Amy s hand and led her over to the bed. We both knelt down on the covers. I ran my fingernails lightly down her bare arms, and she shivered in delight. Then I took my hand, gently cupped her face and kissed her. I placed my free hand on her bare thigh where her dress had ridden up, and my palm absorbed the soft, smooth feel of her skin. God, she felt heavenly. ##Arousal and excitement flooded through me, and my panties started to saturate. My lips tingled like mad, and I could hear cute little murmurs emerge from her mouth. Every time I pulled back slightly, she just whispered the word, Mistress… ##I guessed that she must have been thinking about submitting for a long time. Months maybe, since reading that book? Years? Her whole life? Now it just seemed like it was all just bubbling up out of her, and she didn t have a whole lot of control over it. At least that was my guess. I swear I could even smell the faintest hint of wet, horny pussy… although maybe that was just what my nose wanted to smell.##I grabbed the back of her hair into a bunch and firmly yanked it backward, exposing her neck. She gasped. I took my free hand and slipped off one of the shoulders of her dress, revealing more smooth, vulnerable flesh along her shoulder. ##I look a second to enjoy the view. Then I moved down and gently nibbled on her shoulder. She squeaked. Then I kissed it. Then I nibbled a bit closer. Then I kissed again. With each contact, Amy squeaked louder. I guess she knew I was heading towards her neck. As my mouth advanced along her shoulder, she started to writhe, and mouth the words, Oh God, oh God, oh God! ##Eventually, her sounds descended into uncontrolled squealing. Her feet kicked against the bed in a frenzy.## Stay still… slut! I said. But she couldn t. Every kiss and nibble closer to her neck seemed to drive her a little bit more insane.## Katie, oh God, fuck, Katie! she said, but I didn t stop.##I kept going until I hit the sweet spot right where the shoulder meets the neck. As I made contact, her body spasmed.## Fuck! she wailed, before her vocal cords twisted into a high pitched squeal. I delighted in kissing and teasing her vulnerable skin.##Then I grabbed her and forced her down onto the bed on her back. She yelped. I grinned at her, grasped her wrists, and pinned her with her hands either side of her head. Then I moved her hands together, so I could pin both of her wrists with just one of my hands.##I guessed I might be a little bit stronger than her due to my gym sessions, but I didn t know by how much. Maybe she could have pushed me off if she tried, maybe not, but she wasn t resisting. She was being a good little slut for me.## You look so fucking hot in that dress, I growled, as I grinned down at her.##She didn t respond. Her mouth was hanging open, and she was panting heavily. But I wasn t going to go soft on her just yet.##I gently raked my fingernails down her body, all the way down to her bare thighs, making her squirm. Then I started to feel and caress her body through her clothes. I thought it best to be bold. I murmured to myself in satisfaction as I felt her waist and her delicious tits, compressing the firm flesh beneath my palms. Little whimpers of delight escaped her lips.##I reached down and kissed her, and we shifted onto our sides, facing each other. Our legs entwined, and I reveled in the feeling of her smooth bare skin sliding against my own.##I helped myself to her body with my hands, and she helped herself to mine. I began to graze my fingers around the edge of her dress, which extracted high pitched squeals from her throat. I raked my fingernails over her bare arms, her bare legs, and her back, which made her body gyrate. Eventually, I felt her start to grind her crotch into my leg. As she pressed against me, I swear I could feel her dampness on my thigh.## No grinding yet, slut, I whispered into her ear and grinned. Amy flushed red. I m not sure she d even realized what she d been doing.## Take off your dress, I said.##She complied hastily, but awkwardly, without saying a word. Her face was still flushed, but I guess she was getting off on the dominance too much for her embarrassment to be a barrier.##She shifted up on the bed and pulled off her dress. My eyes bulged. She always looked cute, but damn fucking God, in her underwear, she looked absolutely amazing.##Her skin was so pale, smooth, and beautiful. She was wearing the cutest white and pink polka-dot bra. Then my eyes flicked down to her matching panties. There was a surprisingly large damp patch on the front. I could see the wet sheen on the fabric glisten.##As I stared at the patch, her eyes followed mine. Her mouth hung open in embarrassment.## Filthy, little, slut, I whispered, emphasizing every word. Then I giggled.##Her tits looked magnificent. They were jealousy-inducing in their size and shape. I didn t actually peak at her cup size, but maybe D? Double D? E? I couldn t tell for sure, but whatever the case, they dwarfed mine.##I was still fully clothed and booted. I wanted to stay that way for a bit to remind her that she was the slut, and I was the one in control.## Mmm, I said, you are so fucking sexy, it s untrue. ##She gave an embarrassed little smile. I loved how simultaneously nervous and excited she was. I dragged her down on to the bed again and stroked my hands all over the newly exposed skin, absorbing its delicious silkiness and warmth. It was driving me a little bit crazy. I started manhandling her. Squeezing her arms. Grabbing her ass and thighs… all of which made her moan. It was incredible to feel the little jerks and twists of her body as I roughly compressed her glorious, tight flesh.##As we kissed and touched, I raised my hand up and gave her an experimental spank on her panty-covered ass. I struck carefully. Not so hard that it would hurt, but hard enough, so she knew what I was doing.##I aimed for the lower part of one of her cheeks. Having been the recipient of spankings from past boyfriends, I knew what felt good for me. When I d been hit in that particular spot, the vibrations had gone all the way to my clit. I hoped Amy would feel something similar.##I hit pretty cleanly, and she yelped in surprise. Then she smiled, and her eyes sparkled. I spanked again a bit harder. She yelped once more, but kept on smiling. These reactions were perfect, so I kept on going, alternating between her cheeks. She bit her lip, her body started to writhe, and her legs shifted back and forth along the covers.## I want to spank you properly, I said.##She nodded, Yes, mistress. ## If you actually can t take it anymore, say red, if you re close to your limit, say yellow, okay? I said.## Yes, Mistress, she replied.## The rest of the time you can just moan like a little bitch, I said teasingly.##She giggled.## Okay, get over the side of the bed, I said with a grin.##I made her d**** herself over the side of the bed. Her knees on the floor and her face, tits, and arms stretched out over the covers.##I pinged the waistband of her panties.## Take these off, I commanded.##She quickly took one hand and pulled them down her thighs and over her legs and threw them over to the corner. I d clearly activated the submissive part of her brain.## Now spread your legs, I said, slapping her inner thighs.##And she opened her legs. Suddenly I could see her pussy. It was shaved, smooth, and glistening with wetness. She had been leaking everywhere: her entire public region was slick with girl juice. It had even oozed down her inner thighs.##I reached for my spreader bar and attached a cuff to each of her ankles, making sure her legs were kept apart.## Oh God! she squealed as I clipped the cuffs shut. I stood back for a second and admired her. ##Her hot little body was stretched out over my bed, with her legs spread and her pussy on show. Her skin was pale, glossy, and smooth. Her butt had a red tint to it from the spanks I d laid down on it. I could see the muscles in her thighs and ass clenching and unclenching. She shifted from slightly from side to side, maybe in anticipation of her forthcoming spanking, maybe because she was trying to get some friction on her pussy.##I took my hand and placed a solid spank on her left cheek. Her body jumped, and she inhaled sharply. I caressed her butt, delighting in the warm, firm flesh.##Then I spanked her right cheek. Then back to the left. Then right again. I counted to ten. As I went on, she started squealing and yelping until it became one almost continuous, tortured moan. Her ass muscles clenched harder, and her butt was glowing deep pink.##I took a second to admire my handiwork, then reached down and touched the base of her inner thigh, where it met her knee. I began to draw my hand slowly upwards towards her pussy. The sensation seemed to drive her a little bit mad.## Poor little girl in a spreader bar… I teased, what will I do with you? ##As my hand went higher, she started to squeal, Katie, Katie, KATIE! until I reached all the way up to her soaked snatch. ##A huge groan left her throat as my fingers ran through her drooling pussy lips. The heat coming off her was like a furnace. I coated my hand it in, then smeared it down her thighs.## Wet little girl, aren t you? I teased.## I m sorry, she said, with a very embarrassed tone in her voice.##I laughed, Don t be sorry! I love feeling how soaked you are. ##I knelt down behind her, put my face between her legs, tilted my head up, and drank in her scent. It was heady, musky, and sweet. Arousal flooded through me.##Then I licked all the way along her slit, taking her juices on my tongue.## Fuck! she squealed.## Mmm! I said with a giggle.##I pulled back and watched her squirm. Then I unleashed another spank. Her body jolted. Then I rained down a few more, alternating between her cheeks.##Squeals and shrieks left her lips, getting louder with each spank.##I counted out another ten until the pink glow of her ass started to turn red.##I could see her hands were clenched on the covers, bunching up the fabric. Her teeth were also biting down onto the sheets, and she was drooling slightly from her mouth.##I looked at her pussy and saw something that I ve never seen before, at least not in real life. Her pussy dripped. It actually dripped! A slimy little band of moisture dribbled down out of her pussy to the floor. I could only imagine how turned on she must have been.##I unclipped the spreader bar and told her to get up. She got to her feet shakily and looked at me open-mouthed. I could see little tears running down the sides of her cheeks.## Did you like that? I said.##She didn t answer verbally, but she nodded with vigor.## Now off with this too, I said, snapping her bra gently.##With her face burning red, she reached behind her and unclipped her bra. It fell down onto the floor. Her breasts were beautiful. Astonishingly beautiful. Totally natural, but so round, and so gravity-defying, with little upturned nipples.## Nice, I said.##I bent down and licked one of her nipples. She gasped. I straightened myself and grinned at my naked little prize.##Then I pushed her down onto the bed.## Get on your back and spread yourself out for me. ##She complied.##Before she had arrived, I d secured my velcro ties to the corns of the bed frame, and hidden the cuffs under the covers. With Amy now spread out for me, I pulled out the cuffs and restrained her.##She stared at me with wide eyes as I wrapped the cuffs around her ankles and wrists until she was secured, spread-eagled on top of the covers. I watched as she tested the restraints: her arms pulled and struggled, her thigh muscles tensed and strained, she wriggled around, but the ties held. I knew they would, I d tested them earlier. ##I cast my eyes over Amy s spread out body. It was all helpless and vulnerable for me to play with. I had a beautiful view of her soaked snatch with moisture glistening over her entire pubic area and down her thighs. Her chest rose and fell with deep breaths, her big, delicious tits went with them.##I crawled onto the bed on top of her and kissed her. Then I started kissing down her body, very slowly and deliberately. This sent her into a frenzy of writhes and moans. When my lips almost reached her public area, I lifted my head, give her a wicked teasing grin, and left her pussy unstimulated. I shifted down the bed and moved my lips to her knee. I began kissing up her inner thigh.##I can barely describe the sounds that came from her lips, but they were loud, horny, and tortured. When I reached the top of her thigh, I ran my tongue along the crevice between her leg and crotch. Then I ran it all the way along her bikini line. This seemed to drive her absolutely fucking nuts.##I did the same thing on her other leg, starting at the knee and working my way up. Her hips began thrusting, and her whole body started tensing and un-tensing.## Fuck! she squealed as, once more, my tongue slid along her bikini line.##Then I put my face between her legs and ran my tongue up her slit. Amy gasped loudly.##I started to gently suck on her pussy lips. Her mouth released a mixture of mewling, whimpering, moaning… and all manner of sounds. Her hips began to buck up towards me with force. I could see she was losing it and more tears leaking from her eyes.## Please, Mistress! she begged.## Please, what? I teased.## Please... she said, then she paused before saying more. She squirmed and screwed her eyes shut in mortification. Please... lick me. ## Really, you want to be licked? I teased. I m not sure about that. ## Please! she moaned.## Maybe, I said, then sucked on her pussy lips again.## Oh God! PLEASE! she screamed.##I pulled back and looked at the poor, struggling, mewling girl in front of me.## Okay, I said, but you have to lick me first. ##I grinned at her with the most evil grin. Her eyes seemed to roll back into her head with frustration.##I kept my clothes on, but whipped off my panties. Then I positioned myself so that my thighs straddled her head. I lowered my pussy down close to her lips and steadied myself against the headboard.##I was very wet too. Just to make her squirm, I shifted my abdomen around to smear my own juices all over her face.## Lick me, slut! I demanded.##I groaned as she started lapping my clit. She didn t have any particular skill, I guess this was probably her first time with a girl, but it didn t matter. I knew it wasn t going to take long for me to get off. I was too drunk on horniness. Each little lick sent a hot rhythmic pulse of pleasure flooding through me.##I found myself getting hot, too hot, in fact. I made Amy stop for a second, and I pulled off my shirt and my bra — leaving me only in my little skirt and boots. Then I leaned back down, pressed my face against the headboard, and moaned as Amy started to lick again.##I lost myself in pleasure as sweet sounds and images replayed in my head. I remembered Amy s red, spanked ass and the drip from her pussy. The sound of her lips saying, Mistress, echoed in my ears.##It was driving me crazy, and I knew I wasn t going to last very long before cumming. I started to grind my pussy into Amy s face. I had just enough consciousness left to make sure I kept my grinds gentle, so she had plenty of room to breathe. My impending orgasm grew rapidly and unstoppably. I was going to explode.## I m gonna cum, I m gonna cum, I m gonna cum… I squealed.##I went rigid. Held my breath. Then it hit me. Heavy waves of pleasure juddered through me. My muscles trembled and shook as I rode it out. My juices leaking down all over Amy s face.## Good girl! I moaned as the pleasure throbbed through me. Good little slut! ##I did all that I could to stop my body from slumping. Playtime wasn t over yet.##I pulled back and looked at her. Her face was coated with wetness: a mixture of her saliva, juices, and her tears. She looked bedraggled, desperate, and wanton.##I looked down her body and saw a big wet patch on the covers between her legs. Her pussy must have gone into fucking overdrive.## Katie, please! she squealed at me.## Please, what? I teased.## PLEASE LICK ME! she cried.## Pretty please? I teased again.## PRETTY PLEASE! PLEASE WITH BELLS ON! PLEASE! ## I ll think about it, I said.##She roared in agony.##Then I shifted down and licked along her bikini line again. Then I started sucking her pussy lips into her my mouth. Her tortured begging continued. I actually thought she was going to have a genuine full-on crying session, so I let up.##I angled my head and licked her clit. Her body spasmed, she roared in ecstasy, and I delighted in the feeling of my tongue flicking over her firm little bud.##Then I slipped my middle finger inside her sopping little slit. It made a little squelching sound as it went in, and it felt like I was pressing into a warm, wet heaven. She was so slick, but so tight. I hooked the pad of my finger up and felt for the little rough spot inside. Then I started pulsing my fingers up in time with my licks.##As I pulsed and licked, I felt her leg muscles clench and unclench around my head. It got me horny all over again, feeling the soft, smooth skin of her thighs press against my face. All the time, incoherent wails left her lips. I so wanted to talk dirty to her, but my mouth was already engaged.##As I went continued, I looked up her body and could see her arms pulling against the restraints. I could see the tension in her little biceps, and her fists were bunched up tightly. I knew she was getting very close. I kept on going, pulsing quickly and rhythmically. She inhaled loudly. Then again. Then again.##Then she held her breath. Her thighs pressed against my cheeks. I felt her back arch, and her hips push up towards me.##Suddenly, her hips dropped, and her body started shuddering. Waves of orgasm rippled through her stomach muscles. Her body thrashed, and juices squirted from her pussy, coating my face.##I raised my head up while continuing to pulse with my finger.## Cum for me! I said. ##I rode her out while she continued to thrash and shake. It was like she was having a fit. It was so hot to watch it… to feel it… to experience her wrecked little body twitching against my own.##When I felt she d had as much as she could take, I lifted myself up and untied her restraints. I laid next to her and told her to Come here, and she shifted over and we cuddled.##Well, I say we cuddled, she snapped her arms around my body and gripped me like she was holding on for dear life. I could still feel her naked, sweaty body trembling, and I could see tears were leaking from her eyes all over again — or maybe they just hadn t stopped.##I stroked her hair and absorbed her warmth. I could feel her tits and nipples pressing against my chest, and our legs snaked around each other. I felt like I d ruined her in the best possible way! I tried to reassure her.## I ve got you, I said.##She didn t say anything. I don t think she even could.##The cuddle seemed to last forever. I didn t look at my clock. It might have been ten minutes, it might have been an hour. I was just lost in horny euphoria.##Finally, she opened her eyes, and a huge grin spread across her face. She looked at me with a look of sparkling awe.## Did you like that? I said.##She just giggled and started kissing my cheek, still maintaining her vice-like grip. As I looked at her, she kept opening her mouth as if to say something, then stopping and giggling again.## You re wonderful! she finally managed.##I could still feel little pulses and shifts in her body. We giggled together and had a little conversation about I don t know what. At one point, I whispered in her ear, Submissive. Little. Slut. which she loved.##She told me that she loved how I d just taken charge, and that she d never felt that horny before, and she couldn t stop thinking about what we d just done.##We started kissing and stroking each other s bodies all over again.##My arousal was reignited very quickly. Amy s skin was so silky I couldn t take my hands away. I wanted to press every inch of myself against her. And the best thing was… I could! I had her naked and all to myself, at least for that night.##I couldn t help myself from reliving everything in my head. The images of her dripping pussy. Her red ass. Her gripping me while she trembled. My pussy was getting so hot and slick I could barely stand it. Then a thought struck me… I realized I didn t have to wait for satisfaction, I was in charge.##The Domme in me surfaced once more. I ordered her to get down and lick me.##For a second, Amy was a bad girl. She started trying to tease me, kissing around my crotch and avoiding my pussy. Bad move! I grabbed her hair and sternly said, It s not your job to fucking tease me. Just lick. Now. ##The wide-eyed look she gave me was priceless. Then I roughly pushed her face into my crotch, and she started licking.## That s it, lick me like a good little slut! I squealed.##Amy obeyed. I wrapped my legs around her head and hugged her in close... Just tight enough that she knew I was the boss. Just loose enough to give her space to lick and breathe. My boots rested gently on her back. Her little laps and grunts drove me wild, and my legs started to rhythmically squeeze around her face.##Very quickly, I started to feel another orgasm building inside me. I closed my eyes and watched the images that flashed through my mind. I focused on a picture of Amy s desperate, horny, tear-streaked face, with her bedraggled blonde hair framing her features. I knew it was going to send me over the edge.##I wailed as I started to cum all over her face. As my orgasm hit me, I gripped her head tightly with my thigh muscles and rode the waves until I had milked every last drop of my pleasure out of myself. It felt so bad, but so good!##When I finally released her, she looked up at me, and her face was glistening with my juices. It was such a beautiful sight.##She crawled up the bed, and I gave her a big kiss to thank her. I stroked her body as I basked in a beautiful post-orgasmic glow. My face beamed with a smile of utter jubilation.##I took the time to drink Amy in with all of my senses...##The cute, wide-eyed look on her face. The feel of her body. The taste of her skin. The sound of her little yelps and gasps as I touch her. And her smell. Fuck, yes, her smell! I don t think it was perfume, it was just her natural scent. It seemed like it was coming from her neck and her shoulders. Sweet, musky, and girly.##I started running my nose along that whole area, taking deep, greedy breaths. I moaned as I smelled her. She seemed to like my reactions, and I absolutely adored hers. Every time I ran my nose tickled over the tendons where her neck met her shoulder, she jumped and mewled. And as I went on, the mewling got louder. I could feel by the way that she was tightly rubbing her thighs together that she was getting horny again.##I ran my hand along her thigh, bringing my fingertips just short of her crotch and resting them there. I could feel the heat coming off her, and I knew she d be wet… but I wasn t going to venture closer. I wanted to keep my hand right there… right NEXT to where she wanted it, teasing her with what she wasn t getting. As I kept on smelling her, I could feel her legs shifting, trying to get me to move my hand to her pussy.##I could feel the tension rising in her body. Her desperation was exquisite. She started rubbing her own thighs and rolling back and forth. Then she tried to grab my hand and push it towards her wet little lips.## Nah-ah! I goaded.## Katie…! she squealed.## I invited you up here for a tease! I replied, it s only polite that I deliver! ## KATIE..! ##It was too much fun feeling her squirming little body for me to stop.##Although I wasn t even touching her pussy, I started to feel her wetness again on my hand. Her thighs were getting slick with her juices. Wow, this girl produced a lot of liquid. I wasn t sure whether she was always like that, or whether it was just what I was doing to her, but it was a hell of a lot of fun. My mind buzzed with possibilities. What would happen if I aroused her in public? Would she soak through her jeans? Would she be able to hide it? My toes curled in excitement.##Then Amy s whimpering and pleading dragged my thoughts back to the present.## Mistress, please! she begged over and over.## Is my poor girl getting horny, I teased.## Yes! she screamed. I can t take it. Finger me, lick me! Just fucking do SOMETHING! ##She looked like she was going to cry. I thought I d give her one little mindfuck before letting up.## I m too tired, I said.##Her mouth dropped. Now she really looked like she was going to cry! Oh dear… maybe I d pushed things a little bit too far.## But… I added, I d love to see you play with yourself. ## What? she squealed.## Play with yourself for me! I said.##Her face went crimson. I for a second, I felt a pang of guilt. I wondered whether this was an embarrassment too far for her. But I hoped her horniness and desire for dominance would win out… and it did.##With radiation burning from her cheeks, she slipped her hand between her legs and started to swirl her fingers around her clit in frenzied little circles. I got up on my knees and watched her as she greedily fingered and gasped. Her thigh muscles tensed and un-tensed and her feet twisted first inwards, then outwards.##Her eyes were closed, but I told her to open them and look at me. I gave her my most teasing, most evil expression. She groaned.## Mmm, naughty girl! I moaned and started stroking my own body as sexily as I could. I wanted to give her an image she d remember. Look at you, Amy! Your hand between your legs… masturbating in another girl s bed… what… a little… slut ## Katie! she whimpered.## What are you thinking about? I said.##She was silent for a second, but I wasn t going to let her get away with disobeying orders.##I shifted down to her ear and whispered, You ve got to tell me, little slave girl… or I m just going to tie your hands up so you can t touch yourself… ##I guess that made her crack.## Everything! she blurted, you… here… now… dominating me… you re driving me crazy… oh God… ##She opened her mouth and inhaled deeply as if she was on the verge of cumming.## Slow down, I said.##She moaned. Her fingers slowed, but her hips started bucking up and down. She closed her eyes.## And what are you thinking about now? I leaned closer.##The redness had slightly faded from her cheeks, but now it came back with full force.## When you… she started, then it faded out.## Tell me, I said and kissed her cheek. Good things happen when you tell me stuff, Amy. ##What she said surprised me.## Okay… when you told me the other day that I d look good in a spreader bar… then you winked… and walked off… and… you just left me… and you didn t look round… and you looked so nice… well…umm … you always look nice…. but that made me… her voice trailed off.## Masturbate? I giggled.##She didn t answer, but if it was possible for her to go redder, she managed it. I swear her face was radiating enough heat to power a small town.## Here… let me take over, I said, and crawled next to her. I kissed her and slipped my hand down between her legs. She was as soaked as ever, and her slick pussy felt wonderful beneath my fingers.##I began to swirl my fingers, approximating her own movements as best I could… little quick circles. She groaned loudly.##I pulled back, supporting myself with my free arm and looked down at her. I realized the advantage that fingering has… you can dirty talk at the same time. I love dirty talk, I absolutely love it. It always gets me off. It s so hot.## Open your eyes again, I said.##She complied. I smiled and looked straight down at her.## Do you like submitting to me? I said.## Yeah, she nodded.## Do you like being my little slut? ## Yeah, she nodded again.## Do you like getting spanked and teased? ## Yeah! she nodded more fiercely.## Do you like me putting you in a spreader bar and swatting your helpless little ass? ## YEAH! ##Her hips were thrusting up to meet my hand now. All the time, our eyes were completely locked.## Do you like yelping and moaning when I punish you for being a filthy little slave girl? ## YES... YES... YES… ##Her neck pulled backward, but her eyes stayed fixed on mine. Her hips bucked up hard off the bed, her spine arched, and her mouth gaped wide open.##Then her hips slumped back down in a thud, and violent tremors pummeled through her little body. There was a rush of wetness over my fingers.## Cum for me! I said, as the ecstasy ravaged through her from head to toe. I looked closely to see whether her clit was getting too sensitive, but she was still lost in the throes of orgasm. I kept on swirling my fingers and extracting more convulsions and spasms from her.##Then I pressed my finger on the hood of her clit, held it for a while, lifted it up, and pressed down again. Whenever I do this to myself, it prolongs the aftershocks of my orgasm. I hoped it would have the same effect on Amy - and it did.##Finally, I took her in my arms and just held her. She gripped me back.## You don t know what you re doing to me! she sighed as her sweaty little body quivered against mine. I could see little tears form in the corner of her eyes again.##I kissed her cheek.## I like making you feel good! I said.##She giggled and sniffled.## You ve succeeded! and wiped her eyes.##We hugged tightly for a long time. I don t know precisely how long… because we fell asleep in each other s arms.##Sometime later, I woke up. I noticed I was still wearing my boots and skirt. I carefully untangled myself from Amy and took them both off. There was a slight chill in the air, but I was too tired to put anything else on.##I gently woke Amy up.## Hey, I whispered, let s get under the covers. ##She half woke.## Heyyy, she murmured.##I made her shift to the top of the bed for a second, then opened up the covers. She crawled down inside, and I did too. She cuddled me… and we fell asleep together again.##In the morning, I woke at about 8:30 am. Amy was still asleep. I gently extracted myself from her arms and slipped out of bed. I was thirsty, so I ran myself a glass of water from my sink and another for her.##I think the noise woke her up. She shifted under the sheets and cutely rubbed her eyes.## Morning lovely, I said, handing her the glass.## Morning, she said happily, ah… thanks… you re so sweet! ##As we sipped, we discussed the night before. Eventually, the topic of a repeat session came up.## So… do you want to do this again? Amy asked, with a hint of expectancy in her voice.##She looked at me shyly, waiting for my response. I paused for a while, thinking about what to say. I wanted to choose my words very, very carefully. I don t think I managed it properly and ended up sounding a bit silly.## Yes… I smiled, I loved it! But just so you know… I m really not looking for anything serious. I love being your friend… but it would be great if we could play from time to time. ##She nodded. I really didn t know how to read her expression. Maybe I d said something stupid, maybe I hadn t.## Okay… that s fine… I think, she said, Does that mean we can see other people… or… ## Yep, I said, you can do what you like, so long as you stay safe. ## Okay, she said. Again, I couldn t read whether she was disappointed or relieved or just accepting.## Are we going to tell anyone? she asked.## Hmmm… let s not tell anyone around college, I said, if you want to tell your best friend back home or something I don t mind… but let s not get the gossip machine going here .## Okay, she said.## What if people see me leaving your room? ## Just say we spent all night talking, then we were so tired we fell asleep. ## Yeah! she said.##We got dressed. Then I led her towards the door. Before I opened it up, we leaned in and kissed. Her lips felt so lovely, and her little sighs of delight brought out the a****l in me. I couldn t resist pushing her up against the wall. She inhaled sharply. Then I raised my thigh up between her legs, all the way to her crotch, forcing a little pant from her lips. I could feel the heat and dampness of her panties.##Instantly, she started grabbing her dress and pulling it up her waist and over her shoulders. She seemed like she wanted to start playing all over again.## No! I said, I ve got lectures to go to! ##It was a slight embellishment, my lectures weren t for hours, but I felt like this was the right time to end things.## Urgh! she moaned, Okay… God… I m not going to get any work done today! ##I dragged my nose along her shoulder, breathing in her scent, then nibbled the sweet spot on her neck. Her knees buckled.## No, you are not, I said.## KATIE! she gasped, Oh God… you… just… said… ## I know! I said, then kissed her gently on the cheek, I m just finding it hard to resist. ## I know what you mean, Amy replied, breathlessly.##I held her around her little waist, and we shared another lingering kiss. As our lips continued to brush and caress against each other, I could feel her body start to quiver. She strained in to kiss me harder.##I pulled my lips away.## I ve really got to ready, I said.##She panted in disappointment. Her cheeks were lightly flushed pink, and her eyes were wide. I looked her up and down with an evil grin on my face. She swallowed, then started to fan her face with one of her hands.## Oh, Katie… if only you knew what you are doing to me! she said.##I opened the door and stood back.## Okay, she sighed, I guess I ll have to go. ## Bye, gorgeous, I said.## Bye, Mistress… thank you, she said, looking up and down the corridor, before giving me a final sneaky little kiss on my lips, then another one.##We grinned at each other, then she awkwardly headed away down the corridor.#
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