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"The Evening Awaits"

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"The Evening Awaits"Tim sat reclined in a chair, one of many in a long row at the airportreading a magazine waiting for Ted's flight to arrive. "Excuse me?Would you have the time?" Asked an older lady as she arrived at the rowof seats and spoke juggling a suitcase as a large purse and another bagdangled over her right shoulder. "Sure." Tim said as he pulled up theleft sleeve of his leather coat and brushed aside the cuff of the flannelshirt and looked at his wristwatch, a gift from Ted, and replied: "7:41(pm).""Thank you. Is the plane going to be on time? I've just been so busytoday!" The lady said in a breathless hurried tone."I haven't heard, but I suppose it is." Tim replied cordially.Ladies notice jewelry, even wristwatches and even though she was glad toget the time from Tim she noticed the watch seemed small even delicate onhis wrist. It looked like a ladies wristwatch! The lady noticed Tim'ssmall stature and delicate features that seemed to match the watch as shemoved past him and took her seat. And as she passed she noticed a faintscent of what she thought was ladies perfume! She glanced back quicklyand looked him over once again but passed the notion off as she went onher way down the row to take her seat.When the jets began pulling in a while later the hustle and bustle of thelatest arrivals began and people began meeting up. No one paid muchattention as Ted with a twinkle in his eye smiled and waved as he sawTim. Ted a tall big man in his 50's greying at the temples hugged thenpatted Tim on the back. Tim, a short slightly built man looked to be atleast 20 years younger. The older lady still waiting for the plane toempty so she could board watched Ted and Tim moving away. She couldstill smell the slight floral scent then noticed the magazine Tim hadbeen reading sitting in the chair. It said: "Ladies Home Journal!" Shethen remembered the delicate watch he was wearing when she asked thetime. She paused in thought then shook her head thinking herself stupidfor even thinking such a thing.As Ted buttoned his heavy pile lined coat he gathered his bags at thecarousel. As the two walked along it looked as if a son was picking hisfather up at the airport. A few might have noticed the small diamondearring in Tim's pierced left ear but they didn't know that the earringwas part of a matched set, the right lobe pierced in similar fashion satempty. With the crowds of men and women now nearby and moving about theydidn't pick up on the slightly floral fragrance that floated around Timand in his sturdy cowboy boots with the crowd and all they didn't noticethe mincing step or the slight sway in his walk as he accompanied Tedfrom the building. The practiced sway that was reduced by the cowboyboots could only have come from much practice in wearing in wearing muchhigher heels!Under the baseball cap that hid the thinned, trimmed and sculptedeyebrows, izmir escort past the light brown hair that curled slightly at the shouldersand framed the fine smooth hairless features of Tim's face there was morethat even a careful observer of human nature would have missed withoutcloser inspection. He was just as smooth from his sculpted eyebrows tohis toes. Under the flannel shirt the satin straps of a black lacetrimmed nylon camisole caressed his slender shoulders made even moresmooth by depilatory and the scented powder that had been carefullyapplied earlier.The smooth nylon fabric caressed his skin, the delicate lace trimmedbodice brushing his upper chest leaving no doubt as to what he waswearing. No one could know that under the sturdy new blue jeans, blacksatin tap panties had been smoothed and pulled tightly to his waist, thetiny matching black satin bow at the front of the lace edged garment nowhidden by the jeans and a sturdy belt and buckle. Beneath the tappanties was a woman's panty, a vintage full brief, white nylon lacetrimmed with pink satin bows at the waist and at the front of the legopenings and with an adornment at the front with a floral applique. Thesmooth black fabric over them hugged his bottom sliding effortlesslyunder the heavy jeans, with frictionless ease as he moved along, thelavish black lace trim adorning each of the flared legs tickling the topof his smooth shapely nylon encased thighs!The usually smooth front of his lingerie betrayed a bulge now but itcouldn't be helped in such circumstance, but he rest assured that lateron a tightly paneled white panty girdle would be back in place tuckingand cinching his small little bulge into a much more appropriate andfeminine mound, the center seam of the sturdy girdle cinched tight onceagain providing the soothing sensation as well as the appearance of awoman's vaginal slit!Under the boots and the heavy white sweat socks a delicate gold anklechain with a feminine bow shaped charm was pressed against the smoothnylon stockinged ankle. The gloss red pedicure of his toenails hidden bythe boots and socks waited yet again to be seen and admired under thesheer filmy toes of the vintage beige reinforced heel and toe stockings.Tim could feel the lingerie caressing him, protecting him from thescratchy male outer clothes that felt so foreign to him now since he'dmoved in with Ted. The smoothness of the nylon moving against his skin,how he could feel the garters straining at the dark beige welts of theseamed opera length hose holding the stockings taut as he walked alongbeside Ted forced him into a feminine state of mind.They exited the terminal and after another few minutes had walked to thesecluded edge of the large parking lot to see the large new LincolnContinental waiting. While Ted carefully loaded his matched luggage intothe carpeted trunk Tim was izmir escort bayan entering the car on the passenger side. Alight snow was beginning to fall, the cold winter breeze picking up nowas Ted pulled his coat collar up and looked over his ticket stub and somepapers he had found in his pocket while standing in the florescent lightof the parking lot.With practiced ease Tim quickly tossed his baseball cap into the backseat. After taking off his coat he tossed it in back as well. The sturdycowboy boots were removed and a white sweat sock quickly placed into eachone before the boots were back on the floor joining the cap and coat inthe back.He undid the sturdy buckle at the front of the new blue jeans and undidthe button and zipper then quickly unbuttoned the cuffs of the heavyflannel shirt. He pulled the heavy shirt off and tossed it in the backthen removed the stiff blue jeans, the sheer nylon stockings underneathissued a whispering zip as the heavy denim was pulled away to revealstunningly smooth, shapely ladylike legs, the tight sheer nylon gleamingeven in the faint light from the parking lot.The fabric of the black nylon lace trimmed camisole shined in the lighttoo even through the well tinted windows as Tim put the jeans in the backand quickly retrieved a ladies overnight satchel and brought it to thefront. Ted closed the trunk then made his way to the driver's side ofthe car.The cool wintery breeze swirled in as Tim continued. Ted took off hiscoat and set it behind him in the back seat before getting in and closingthe door rubbing his hands from the cold. He started the car but waitedfor Tim, marveling with an easy satisfied smile at the transformationtaking place.The zipper of the satchel rasped loudly as it was opened and Tim beganrummaging. The black satin camisole straps were dropped from hisshoulders as he leaned forward. He produced a white lace trimmedbrassiere and quickly hooked himself into it then spun it around andslipped the straps over his shoulders. The ample silicone forms thenfilled the cups and the black satin camisole straps were replaced. Timsmoothed the shiny black fabric over his "breasts" centering the cups ofthe camisole over the now amply filled bra cups. Returning to thesatchel he swished a black lace trimmed nylon half slip from the bag andquickly slipped into it.The long back zipper of the royal blue cocktail dress whirred as Timpulled it down. With a little effort he fluffed it open slid his smoothshiny nylon clad legs inside then quickly wriggled into it, smoothing thecamisole and half slip underneath. He quickly smoothed the delicatefabric of the layered knee length royal blue nylon chiffon cocktaildress. Without a word Tim offered his back to Ted who zipped the dressup. Tim did the clasp at the back.The matching blue satin pumps were next and were removed from the satchelalong with escort izmir a makeup case in one smooth motion. The six inch blue satinstiletto heeled shoes soon adorned Tim's feet, his gloss red toenailsshining from the tips of the peep-toe pumps and the gold ankle chair withthe gleaming bow charm now quite evident.Ted turned on the heater and adjusted the setting to warm the car as thezipper on the makeup case was heard. The interior lit up slightly as Timpulled down the lighted visor and quickly went to work. It wasn't muchmakeup but dressed as he was now it was essential. In practiced hand thelight foundation was quickly applied, as was the mascara the eyeliner andthe eyeshadow. A dash of blusher was dusted on followed by theapplication of a lip pencil that quickly lined his lips. Tim found thelipstick tube and was soon applying the gloss red lipstick to his lips inbroad heavy strokes. After dabbing his lips with a tissue he dusted hisnose and face with a powder puff from a compact.The diamond stud earring missing from his right earlobe was quicklyreplaced and a three strand pearl necklace affixed in place around hissmooth feminine neck. After parting his hair in the middle Tim combedand feathered it out on the sides to frame his face. He finished hiswith a spritz of perfume on his hairless forearms and on his smoothhairless chest. He zipped the makeup case and put it back into thesatchel then zipped that too before tossing it in the back along with thejacket, the baseball cap, the blue jeans the flannel shirt and the sturdycowboy boots. A small suitcase sitting on a complete male outfit lookeda bit strange, as if someone was there and then now gone. Tim primped amoment longer in the mirror then turned the visor up as Ted pulled out ofthe parking lot. Tim wriggled over and sidled close to Ted. Ted couldsmell the floral scented perfume in the air. Tim smoothed his dress thenlooked to Ted with a smile. "Sorry I couldn't paint the nails.""Don't worry, you'll soon be able to!" Ted replied with assurance as hereached into his pocket and produced a small box. Tim opened the box andgasped to see a ladies diamond engagement ring! He was speechless butput it on at Ted's urging. A quiet moment passed as Tim's head spun. Hethen composed himself and continued."Did you miss me?" Tim asked as he cuddled close now playing the part ofa perfect and attentive lady. At having watched the transformation andnow in smelling the perfume and hearing the zip of the shiny nylons andthe whispering rustle of the feminine dress and with Tim's acceptance ofthe ring and all Ted felt the excitement of having finally found avintage lady that could be the proper feminine housewife he'd beenlooking for for so long!Other boots and jeans and baseball caps and such sat in Tim's room athome and after all Tim was still a man too Ted thought. But not forlong, not for long! Ted could feel the excitement of his thoughts andfelt the sensation as the front of his pants began to tighten. Tedlooked at the feminine figure now sitting beside him, he smiled as heshook his head. "Amazing."
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